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DMU's in Cornwall.


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Hi, stupid question alert!!


I know that the HST's and voyagers go to Long Rock to stable the night when working trains UP in the morning, but where do the local DMU's stable over night....do the branch DMU's stable in the terminus platforms of that paticular branch....e.g: Falmouth Docks?? Or do they travel to to Exeter to get fuel? or somewhere.



Just something i have always wanted to know LOL!


Jack. :)

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They go to depots where they can receive fuel and servicing, such as Laira or Long Rock, the latter generally back out to stable in the platforms at Penzance station once serviced. They certainly never stable overnight at any branch termini.

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Hi Jack


Not a stupid question at all as there is not enough storage at long Rock.


I have only been at Penzance station once late,to catch the sleeper back being hauled by John Peel replacing a failed 57;but that's another story!!

In the main platforms was stabled an ex Central 158,shut down for the night ( the sleeper was the last up train then)




Apologies for the quality of the picture.

I also used to go to Long Rock on a Sunday morning with my son & grandson & although we never were there to see the first departures we watched the HST's & Voyagers being moved from Long Rock to Penzance station prior to their next duties.

At that time the S W Trains 159 was parked behind a Wessex Trains 150 in the old Mail train loading platform( where the sleeper left from,I assume it still does).

I would therefore assume that when the rest of the 'local' DMU's return they would also be stabled in the main platforms






Hope this is of help


Cheers Bill

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I believe that penzance has a booking on point for drivers/guards, so would guess the trains are stabled here to avoid staff having to travel too far from start point to train in the morning/evening. (The lazyman inside me would also suggest that the dmu's are stabled in the bay closest to the car park so even less walking)

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Hi all,

thanks for the replies! i guess that Long rock wouldnt have too much space left over after all the HST's taking up the sidings,

I see Captain Kernow that makes alot of sence, they fuel, they get cleaned then, back out to Penzance to rest.


All is now clear thanks so much :) ( Bill, they're great pics of 158/159's rare sight in SW now-a-days ).



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Penzance come alive at night with the various moves around the station & Long Rock. The late evening arrivals usually run into plat 3 or 4, depending on their order next morning. The shunt man usually makes the formation before running out to Long Rock as 5C98 01.30 dep. The cavalcade is drawn out to Long Rock and runs back as 5C99 (not be confused with the sleeper working). The units may then be shunted if not already done so. The unit contingent is usually Falmouth units 2, St Ives (winter 1, summer 2) 2U12 departure in the morning 1 unit. This is normally in plat 3 / 4.


The Looe unit does stable for part of the night in the branch platform at Liskeard and sometimes leaves Plymouth at an ungodly hour. The Newquay uint comes down as 2C41 to Par where it forms the 09.17 2N02.

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Here's a 158 getting a 'scrub' on St Blazey depot, the servicing was done by EWS under contract by Wessex Trains in the latter days, this ended when FGW took over the franchise, units from the humble DMU to 150, 153, 158 were regulary serviced at St Blazey and on odd occasion's a 159 has found its way to St Blazey during engineering works on the mainline!



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