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  1. Further research to your post @John Besley has found the date of the @Tim Dubyaphoto to be July 1955. Newton had 82001/5/9/33/34 on shed. https://shedbashuk.blogspot.com/2016/10/newton-abbot-1945-1961.html
  2. They also do the frame as a separate item although not magnetic. http://precisionlabels.com/k17.html?
  3. Weathered, crew and front detail now added although the 150 head code is pure fiction on my part. The numbers supplied are magnetic and very easy to chop and change if needed. Hopefully this item will be available as a separate item from Rail's in due course.
  4. Another weathering job by his lordship , 18000 heads to Plymouth in the summer of '57. Although this is a Rail's collector model it was always my plan to get her weathered and add the detail parts in the box. This has probably knocked half off it's resale value when I pop my clogs. Enjoy your models, don't leave them in the box, run them. @The Stationmaster Mike assures me 18000 got to Plymouth but the head code 150 is pure fiction on my part. The numbers are magnetic and easily changed around. I would be great if this item was available separate. 18000 was used on the Merchant Venturer with the code 142.
  5. It's the summer of '57 as Western Region gas turbine 18000 heads west to Plymouth.
  6. The real one is to be seen in steam this weekend. Photo courtesy of Ian Jackson.
  7. Not my photo but the 'purple one' was seen in steam at Bewdley. Taken from the footbridge. It might inspire @toboldlygoto have a go with one of his.
  8. That’ll help someone not make the same mistake then.
  9. The seven plank has had a tarpaulin fitted.
  10. Well I'm either very brave or foolish to tackle the brand new £30 wagon from Rapido by adding a tarpaulin to the support bar. A Smiths product was used with roping added using 0.25 rigging thread. The later comes in a natural colour which I gave a dirty wash over. The ends of the tarp take some time to get to sit right but they look ok to a blind man from three feet when running in my freight. For some reason you can't get the SR tarps in packs of five and have to buy a mixture of other regions in the pack.
  11. The milk tanks were shunted and Hall class 5998 Trevor Hall is on hand to take them up country. The wartime brown K40 has been seen before, a rtr version would be magnificent and I've now converted it to take Hunt couplings. They work superbly. A lot of these pbv's had brandings for specific workings but I didn't want mine to be restricted.
  12. Four. Ultra close, close, intermediate and standard.
  13. I usually run them on a Penzance turn but in this case possibly as wasn't there a creamery there.
  14. Reading @Graham_Muz review of the new Hornby Maunsell diner , these new Hunt style couplings caught my eye as a progressive step in the hobby. https://southern-railway.com/2022/05/08/Hornby-maunsell-diagram-2652-3rd-class-dining-saloons-arrive/
  15. I see Hornby are providing a 'Hunt' style magnetic coupling with these couples which I see as a progressive step for having closer coupling and a representation of vacuum pipework in operation.
  16. Newton based 48xx class 4870 is seen returning home with an added horsebox that could being left for a race meeting. I recently commented on Little Muddle about liking the shirt button on brown stock and these Hornby models, their best GWR non passenger stock model , are no exception.
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