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  1. The Belmond Brighton Belle excursion 30.4.2022. Photos from Brighton on arrival, Lewes en route to Newhaven Town yard ECS, and at Newhaven from my train home. The ECS movement was several minutes early through Lewes and I nearly missed it.
  2. Sand and shingle on the move here and in my resurrected Newhaven aggregates traffic album - but sshh - there are some 59s in there as well.
  3. You might find that you don't need to add to the Colonel's injuries - https://scale3d.co.uk/collections/total-war-1915/products/am002-ww1-soldiers-injured
  4. It worried me a bit initially when we had to wear masks when boarding public transport. But then a pensioner's pass doesn't look much like a flintlock pistol.
  5. Earlier at Newhaven Town - my info only took me as far as Neasden!
  6. I was born in Northampton and one of my five or six times great uncles was Dick Turpin, who also had a rather poor attitude to the transport of the day. Mind you he was from Essex. So that line of thought falls apart a bit.
  7. Does that say anything about the durability of models constructed from Plastikard or other similar polystyrene sheets, I wonder? I haven't noticed any deterioration of wagons I made 50+ years ago. Perhaps the material becomes brittle and it is an issue when one cuts or otherwise stresses it.
  8. Thanks John. Now I have an idea where to point my camera! I might try Lewes and then back there, given it going to be there a while. Might even do Brighton arr as well.
  9. You need to indicate the era you are modelling and a general idea of the part of the country, otherwise people will find it hard to make appropriate suggestions. Huntley and Palmers at Reading might be a possibility if that suits your era.
  10. Where is Newhaven Town yard? Is it the northern (Days) aggregates siding? They refer to the southern aggregates line still as Newhaven Marine. There are no other sidings apart from these two freight terminals. Perhaps the line to Seaford has been down graded to a siding. I am surprised that there isn't adequate space in Brighton or Preston Park.
  11. Now that I have changed the thread's title I can, with a clear conscience, add a few past specials I have snapped. I will also try to round up my departmentals, for a later post. I also have a fair number of shots of movements in and out of the St Leonards depot of Hastings Diesels which could be added.
  12. Although I started this thread to record the increasing freight traffic in and out of Newhaven's two aggregates depots, it has developed into a thread for non-routine traffic - i.e., as the new thread title says, freight, departmental/engineering and also passenger specials. I was alerted to the Ore No More by an initial post with a brief outline and then more details were given. We ended up with a complete timetable. This is one of the links that gave us the info. I don't know how long it will stay active, but it is up now. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:U63918/2022-04-23/detailed The full schedule was posted last Thurday at 9.35, if you go back to page 4 of this thread. It would be good if those that follow the various tour operators schedules shared their information, when they are aware of specials coming into Sussex. I haven't tried to search myself, but one should be able to search for rail tours or specials to spot likely visits to our area. Then use realtimetrains to pin down the details. I guess their information comes out within the weeks immediately before the tours. Happy hunting, William.
  13. One of the problems with threads this long is remembering which photos one has already added. I was compiling an album of Brighton station shots and didn't think that I had offered these previously, but maybe I have, if so - apologies.
  14. Looking at photos of stations in Somerset in the 1920s & 30s, the most frequent siting seems to have been on fences. There are however examples of adverts on station buildings. Prominence was given to railway notices and posters, but signs for national commodities like Van Houtens chocolate sometimes appear above the railways boards. There seems to have been a mixture of local and national companies' adverts. If it helps I can scan a few images and PM them to you. I have only looked in a couple of books so I could find more. Later, looking through a few more books, some stations seem to have had next to no adverts and others quite a lot. There is a photo of Weymouth in 1930 where they seem to have crammed adverts into an amazing number of places on the station buildings' walls.
  15. While waiting for the 50s .... Some roof details, should you be modelling one of these. .. and here's one I snapped earlier .... a lot earlier
  16. Roof details should anyone want to model a 313. Looking at Rail magazine's list of new trains, there don't seem to be replacements for these antiques. While waiting for the Ore No More BLS special I snapped anything that moved - this was all that did move. That's the spotters and snappers turned out for two 50s. Mind you we do get a fair number of 66s and 59s on the aggregates trains now.
  17. A bit late but this trailer was snapped at Amberley. I can't remember if they have more. Then there was one at the Bluebell
  18. Could be the one in the May Model Rail, on building a group of tatty shops near the Old Kent Road gasworks. I have worked around that area and London Bridge and Grahame recreates the look of the streets and buildings brilliantly.
  19. I have established that the arrival time at Newhaven south aggregate terminal (formerly Marine) is 12.40pm. leaving about ten minutes later, assuming everything runs to time. I am aiming to be at Newhaven Harbour for the arrival and at the Town level crossing on the way back.
  20. I seem to remember that there were regional contractors for repairs and maintenance. They may have also acted as the centres for stock-holding the vehicles. They would have had access to the optional parts to customize the Invacars to suit the needs of the users. I think that there were also regional centres for making assessments for prosthetics and mobility aids and they may have been the professionals who authorized the issue of Invacars. I think that the centre that served our area in south London was at Roehampton.
  21. I have changed the title of this thread to reflect its current content, which is recording everything that is not the regular scheduled passenger services.
  22. Thanks for the advanced notice. I have looked at the BLS website and the timings shown only relate to the pick-up and return points at far ends of the tour. Do you have any estimates or WTT details of the times for Lewes, Newhaven or Seaford? Is it actually going into the former Marine sidings? I know the Seaford 150 tours went there, but that was to pick up water. Would that perhaps be to avoid interfering with scheduled trains?
  23. Judging by the size of her suitcase, I think that she is actually Wonderwoman in disguise.
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