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  1. If you go to the Model Shop Guide thread you'll find that Rails were advertising for staff a couple of months back... Look for the comment that I made at the time...
  2. 0Z54 Crewe to Toton through Tutbury & Hatton 1018 this morning. 67016 (a regular on this trip) leading 66198 & 67013.
  3. Try ModelSign4U https://jackbowley.wixsite.com/modelsigns4u
  4. A bit of a guess - been waiting for the site to get back to 'normal' before posting. Of course it's Colas who use Eastcroft.
  5. 31 March 2022 - Tutbury & Hatton 60056 from Tuebrook Sidings to Longport and coupled up behind 69005 & 69001, then onwards to, I think, Nottingham Eastcroft.
  6. 0Z54 Crewe Electric to Toton Maintenance today at 1024 today through Tutbury & Hatton. 67006 Royal Sovereign. Disappearing in a cloud of dust towards North Staffs Junction!
  7. Just bought the new 800 201 - lights extreamly bright but no noticable light bleed in normal lighting, very obvious when room is dark. The 'drivers' door seems to be painted clear plastic.
  8. More fodder for the ebay madness thread.....
  9. Great show - many layouts not seen before, liked Southgate Park a lot. First retail therapy since Stafford 2020 so turned out enjoyable but expensive!!
  10. Platform 5 1990... BFK Mk2 - 3 Mk2a - 6
  11. I had a similar problem with Bachmann DMUs (running solo). It seemed as though there were phases of "free- wheeling" down the slope and then the motor slowing the unit down (as if in a lower gear). I solved the problem by inserting foam above the non-powered axles - as the 20s are powered on all axles I appreciate that this is not possible. (Running DC using both Morley and Gaugemaster controllers.)
  12. 67020 back on more familiar duties - 0Z54 Crewe Electric TMD to Toton TMD towing 67013 & 66134 through Tutbury & Hatton at 1021 this morning.
  13. 56302 PECO The Railway Modeller 2016 70 Years through Tutbury & Hatton at 1014 this morning with the 6K35 from Stapleford & Sandiacre Chief Civil Engineer's Siding to Longport Pinnox Branch Esso Sidings.
  14. 66134 on its way to Toton from Crewe Electric behind 67020 & 67013 through Tutbury & Hatton at 1011 this morning.
  15. 6Z19 Ravenhead Sidings to Derby Chaddesden Sidings Through Tutbury & Hatton, 60028 in charge running 22 early at 14:26 this afternoon.
  16. Why not? He's undercutting Rails...
  17. Loooking back at P5 books from the 80s the earliest coaches with the orange stripe were the ScotRail Mk3 blue stripe push-pull sets from 1985. No other coaches or locos (apart from a/c electrics) appear to have them in the 1986 book. Seem to start appearing in 1986 dated photos in the 1987 book.
  18. According to RailCam "paint/vinyls". Looks like bogies etc have been sorted. Jack374's photos on AC thread show them better.
  19. Tutbury & Hatton 1024 this morning. 90021 behind 60044 Downlow and 66082 on its way to Toton from Crewe Electric for "paint/vinyls".
  20. 0Z54 Crewe Electric to Toton through Hatton at 1024 this morning. 60044 Downlow towing 66082 and 90021.
  21. It could have... I'm so gobsmacked at prices like these from a supposedly reputable shop that I've lost the plot!!! It must be another work experience intern!!
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