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  1. Personally I am just happy to see these sales rep editions reachinbg N Gauge at last, 502 and 025 will be on my list. Presumbly we will see a 47 follow when they bring out the new version.
  2. Great news another run is being done as the first batch go for crazy prices online. However one small thought 156508 was previously done by Dapol in Strathclyde PTE livery, is it too late to change the proposed unit number?
  3. I completely agree, if you know it’s coming you can budget for it, also if you announce it early enough you can avoid duplication, I would love a class 90 to modern standards in N gauge but as Farish have again not announced it I am still waiting. Will Revolution pick it up as it would be a sensible follow on to the 92 in my eyes, but there is always that risk of Farish bringing theres out suddenly that can put someone else off attempting to make it, so we are sat here with no 90 and the risk of duplication if someone else starts one
  4. The only reference I ever saw was form Osborn models on another site saying “n gauge won’t be forgotten this time round”, not sure how reliable that source is to be fair. but I do agree it is a let down, this was the one quarter with TINGS coming up you would want to push N gauge, you could grab people’s attention and wallets with a new model that would be on sale there. Sadly for Bachmann my money will probably get put towards whatever Revolution are going to bring out
  5. no it’s all existing toolings with a new coat of paint, In some cases 2nd versions of models. Still amazed there is no MK2F rerun
  6. you mean is the only highlight. Sorry Bachmann but it is a let down here, I don’t normally like to moan about manufacturer’s but I do feel Bachmann are letting Farish drop. I don’t have a single pre-order with Farish but I have plenty with Revolution and a few with Dapol.
  7. wasn’t it just a rumour that Osborn models said this quarter would be good for N gauge? Can’t recall Bachmann actually saying anything to that fact
  8. given that they have announced a brand new tooling for OO class 47 ahead of tomorrow, my feeling is we are in for another disappointing list for N gauge
  9. I was on a similar trip on the NYMR with Hartland back in the late 90's at a Thomas Weekend which stalled on the bank, it managed to restart the train and reach Goathland after setting back slightly to pick up the coahces slowly. It was at Bridge 30 at Thommason Foss, which years later when this bridge was repaired it was discovered the gradiant was avtually 1 in 19 there, so no wonder with a full train and the hill it stalled
  10. This is not confirmed but I did hear about 15 years ago that Network Rail charged £1,000 every time you uncouple or recouple to the train which was another reason to attach a diesel to the back to avoid uncoupling as the diesel can tow back to turn the stock
  11. I was using the electrification as a point that perhaps KWVR does things differently owing to the postiion of its track in relation to the national network. A quick look online shows most BR engiens carrying the flashes after the wires would have gone up - 47279, 41241, 43924 and 80002
  12. I think this is the answer here, if you look at most photos of KWVR engines now - look at Ben B's of 78022 a few posts up and most if not all engines carry BR overhead live wire signs. M ust be linked to the closeness of the main line and its wires
  13. Did other railways pay way over the top for these coaches? Unless they paid a silly amount compared to the value of a mark 1 in the appropriate condition I cannot see a problem, to some railways buying coaches ready to go will be easier than repairing what needs repairing in the short term
  14. Gien he mentions Combe Martin I am guessing he means the West Country on the viaduct. I would be maazed if anyone has that given the time since it was filmed and how brief its on screen
  15. Interesting how kr models said originally "retailers take too much profit" when asked about sellign the N gauge kings to shops, wonder if they changed their policy now
  16. I would say the one hoipe is that after 2 low quarters for models the August announcent will cover Septemebr and October as well and as TINGS is in September surely this is the quarter they would want stuff out there for N gauge. Just think a brand new model on sale at the show that wasnt know about just a matter of months ago
  17. I have to agree with that, I honestly thought when they started the video with a look at the GBRf 60002 and marking Graham Farish 50th anniversary there was going to be something major in N gauge coming, but I cannot see anything other than a few buildings. Perhaps the tribute should have been left till next quarter to tie in with (hopefully) something new for N gauge. Would be nice to see a newly tooled model sneak out. To all OO gaugers moaning at the prices, come down to N gauge and you can't moan at prices if there is no price to moan at
  18. Durham Trains of Stanley will reopen at 9:30 on Monday http://durhamtrainsofstanley.co.uk/
  19. This has always been my theory, if you look at the 1970's and 80's and the predomiant force in the movement were the likes of John Bellwood who clesrly remembered the Big 4 days, so these guys would have the say on colours, move forward 10-20 years and it was the guys who grew up in the 1950's who came forward so their preference for what they remember took hold. I still believe that in the next 15 years or so it will be the kids of the 70's 80's who remember the big 4 colours that will take hold again and we may see things reverting back to those days
  20. Yes but they will be at knee height not noraml height owing to the shorter trains
  21. Given Bachmann/Farish business model of not announcing stuff till its on the way I am fully expecting a 3 car set in a diffrent livery to join the range - complete with sound when they finally land.
  22. Dapol is planned but no one is saying when it will arrive, Revolution is about to open the order book on the plates as we speak Apparently this 47 is going to be named Heljan in honour of the mazak rot models
  23. And Thunderbird one is almost N scale 1:144 so I can see that appearing on a few N gauge Layouts (mine included)
  24. The International N gauge show is planning to happen in September so that might well be one of the first bigger shows - fingers crossed it does
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