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  1. Railmatch or Precision for GWR Coach Brown & Cream?

  2. Playing >>>>>: Simply Red - Picture Book 30 yrs on - Holding Back the Years.

  3. Cambrian Models' OO GWR/BR ballast hoppers ordered :) PW train construction starts this week.

  4. Matty told Hatty, About the thing she saw. Had two big horns, and a wooly jaw

  5. Really proud of my brother. Recently got second place in the queens silver medal for shipwrights and today got apprentice of the year where he works.

  6. would anyone be willing to make me a 3-way left hand curved code 100 point?

  7. There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder, Thought I heard you mention my name

  8. Under 50 degrees in the railway shed this morning and 90 degrees by noon. Longest summer by a mile surely?

  9. Man-Flu has struck......and it's 35C outside!!!

  10. A dark quiet night in North Afghanistan. I can see every star in the sky.

  11. Hacked off today, someone has vandalised my car outside the house, wonder if its anything to do with the guy who broke into it the other week being in court in a couple of weeks!! He's stupid enough to do something like that

  12. The first trainspotter was a Fan*y and she spotted at Paddington in 1861.

  13. Dithering on my part cost me a decent price on buying an ebay item.I'll never learn to strike whilst the iron is hot.

  14. Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet, treu ihr sein f

    1. M.I.B


      Try Peter Sellers' "Sie Liebt Mich".... but not while drinking tea.

    2. (See 9 other replies to this status update)

  15. Sherlock Holmes alone preferred a little toke of love

  16. Sherlock Holmes alone preferred a little toke of love

  17. First boot sale of the season tomorrow!

  18. ebay just messed up which meant I missed out on some nice carriages. Drat!

  19. Lode Star ordered. Still waiting for Dukedog and 72XX

  20. I passed two tanks on the A30 today I hope they were ours!

  21. Same old boring Sunday morning old mans out washing the car, Mums in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner her best meal moaning while it lasts.

  22. Itchy right hand...does that mean recieve or give money? lol

  23. In the tradition of corny newspaper puns, I have settled on Marcway, ordered the goods and so I hope this signals that I’m on the right track and don’t intend hitting the buffers before I’ve started.

  24. was overtaken on the M25 in the pouring rain by a 1920's Bentley. Respect

  25. Just about to leave for the RMWeb show, see you tomorrow :)

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