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  1. Hello paulbb Try All Components. I have just had four 00 repaired. Brian
  2. Congratulations to you all on this announcement! It was the second most wanted vehicle in the Freight Stock: 1964 - Current category in The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  3. The Annual 00 Wishlist Poll – A Statement from The 00 Poll Team (7.9.20) Hello everyone We normally run The Annual 00 Wishlist Poll in October. However, during the past year we have been giving deep thought and consideration to its future. Bear in mind that The Poll has an accompanying Guide – not far off 100,000 words and over 1500 links – which takes many months of review and revision by The Poll Team in the background. Voter numbers have generally increased since we first started but – no matter how hard we try with dozens of personal contacts and hundred
  4. Hello again Tony I thought readers might like to see my controller. (I have others, so this is No.1.) I have fitted self-adhesive Velcro around the outside - easier on the hand and less likely to slip out and drop. The 'centre' switch has a plastic cover which - again - is easier on finger as it has a little 'give'. This is needed as I do a lot of shunting. I have made an extender for the throttle from foam board. This is simply a press-fix and is held tight by the groooves. By having a greater circumference, I get finer control. Bria
  5. Hello Tony I use Kent Panel Controls controllers (which are now made by All Components). These have a centre off switch. I always move to centre when not running anything - in essence, I am 'putting it in neutral with parking brake on' and nothing can run accidentally. If you haven't noticed a rogue loco running (perhaps an isolation switch hasn't been operated) then that loco can, for example, run up against another train or stop blocks etc and be 'under force'. Brian
  6. Hello everyone A friend has just informed me that according to the RCTS 'Greenie', Clauds first started running to Oxford in Dec 1950. This ceased in Spring 1957 when they were replaced by B12/3s. I'd still like to see any photos around that time if anyone can point a direction. I know Dick Riley took some in 1954, but that's too early for me. Brian
  7. Hello Nearholmer In his book, Oxford to Cambridge Railway (Part 1 - Oxford-Bletchley), Bill Simpson notes that K3, B12 and D16 were regular visitors to Oxford. He goes onto say (page 134) that when an Ipswich-Cardiff freight (via Cambridge and Bletchley) was introduced in 1956, it was hauled by a K3 or J39 to Yarnton Junction. We can't expect to find many photos, as the train was due Yarnton Junction at 1.30am - and how the loco returned is not detailed. Laurence Waters book, Rail Centres: Oxford, shows B12 No.61546 at Oxford on an Oxford-Cambridge train da
  8. Hello everyone Could anyone give me a specific year - and, hopefully a specific month or date - that any Claud D16 ran into Oxford (from Cambridge)? Or can anyone say for sure that any were seen there in 1959? All I can find at present is the generic term 'late 50s'. Many thanks Brian
  9. Hello Tony and everyone Bachmann has produced in the past a BR Mk1 Restaurant Car RU with Gresley bogies as running number E1926 (code 39-101). The Parkin Mk1 book shows a photo of this coach but - as far as I can see - does not go into any detail of how many were fitted with Gresley bogies nor what duties they were used on. And were they running as such in 1960/61? Can anyone provide details? Thanks Brian
  10. Hello Michael (KR) I know one of the 00 Poll Team has suggested 10800 to 'complete' the line up of prototypes (and that adds to comments from others above). Perhaps the Class 70 Co-Co (20001-20003) might be worth looking at? The class generally comes in towards the high end of the High Polling segment of The 00 Wishlist Poll. Although we have very often considered listing DHP 1 (and many others), it has never got onto our lists. To the best of my knowledge, I don't recall ever having had a request to list it. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  11. Hello Andy & Phil Many congratulations on this show! It will certainly have been a lot of hard work...but it has paid off handsomely! Cheers! Brian
  12. Hello everyone Many congratulations to KR Models! The loco has been in The Top 50 of The 00 Wishlist Poll since 2015. In the 2019 Poll, the loco was in overall equal position 25th. All the best to KR Models with the project. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  13. Hello Peter A 'must have book' is: Scenes from the Past 19: Railways in and around Newton Abbot and Torbay. Brian
  14. OK Gilbert, I will create an 'ordinary' Word document so that you can put the stock into any order or content you see fit. Might take me a day or so, but will PM to you asap. Brian
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