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  1. Tkangs Fhil My euyes aree 100% pufekt nuw amd I kan see tfe kaybooard souperbly weell. Brian PS Seriously, Phil, many thanks for your concern. I can honestly say that I am 100% happy with the result in all respects. I have a pair of very old glasses that are 95% good. I just have to wait for an optician appointment for new prescription glasses in about a month, then I'll be back to where I haven't been for about 18 months. It wasn't 'seriously bad' but needed doing.
  2. Hello Miss P Happy to see you back in action. It couldn't have been an easy time for you. There are two more Mini-Polls to run and the first of those is coming up during this morning. Brian
  3. Hello Clive We weren't planning on doing any further PN Mini-Polls as we were focusing on the 'LNER side of matters'. However, if Gilbert would like one, I'm happy to run it - but I would need 'list suggestions in writing' as the MR/LMS/LMR side of matters is not my area of expertise (and I guess not of Chris but stand for him to correct me there). Over to Gilbert... Brian
  4. Hello Tim One of the other vehicles is marked 'VIP'. Brian
  5. Hello Tim I'm afraid I am unable to answer that one. My son was only there for a short while (and he's not a railfan!). A staff member on site offered assistance but wasn't an English speaker. Perhaps an email to the Museum might get an answer? Brian
  6. Hello everyone My son happens to be in Amman today, so he has kindly taken some photos which readers might like to see. (Photos: copyright I. Macdermott) Brian
  7. Thanks Andy Good point about 60503 and 60504. Somerset & Dorset fans - of which I am one - have a similar problem with the S&D 7F 2-8-0. The 'large boiler' versions haven't been made and neither has 53807. This loco had a unique smokebox saddle when rebuilt. I discussed the matter with Merl Evans (as I helped on the project) but his view was that tooling costs precluded it. Brian
  8. Hello Stewart Chris and I 'make a judgement call' as to what to list based on a number of unwritten but valid criteria, the primary one being to keep lists to a maximum load of 12. (Hence, you will have seen the B16s in the Freight Poll - with reasons given.) Although Hornby has produced the B12/3, neither of the two variants on our list have yet seen the light of day. The same with the D16. In respect of the A1 and K3, we listed these as the models initially came to market prior to 2005 - the date which we used as 'the cut-off date' in The 00 Wishlist Poll. The D2 and D3 went in fairly late as they had come up as suggestions. Brian
  9. Thanks Gilbert Note to All: We are happy to accept suggestions of locos not listed (as long as they have a 'PN connection'). Please be very clear as to which class and 'incarnation' you are referring to, though, as there is potential for confusion. Perhaps give me a 'link' to a relevant page on the LNER Encyclopaedia? Brian
  10. Hello 2750Papyrus I'm sorry to say that the B2 is the later version, so I have repeated the listing below. Brian LNER B2 (in range 61603-61671, but many are B17)
  11. Hello everyone Another easy Mini-Poll for me! My votes go to: 7 – the B2 11 – the A1/1 When I was a short-trousered schoolboy trainspotter alongside the Liverpool Street to Cambridge main line in the late 1950s, I was literally fed up with seeing the B2s on a daily basis…but how I would love a model now! A pal of mine lived just north of Waltham Cross station in the aptly named Eastern Avenue and his garden backed onto the line. The trains were so close we felt we could touch them! The class has never fared very well in the 00 Wishlist Polls and I have never heard a valid explanation as to why that might be. They are a ‘justified’ GE main line loco at the very least. The A1/1 is the ‘missing link’ in ECML pacifics. Another loco that has never fared well in the Polls without any real explanation. Brian
  12. PN 00 Loco Mini-Poll No.3: Passenger – Tender Hello everyone Welcome to the third and final Mini-Poll concerning locos with a connection to Peterborough North. The title is Passenger - Tender, but we appreciate that some were used on freight or parcels etc. It is simply to differentiate from the other two Mini-Polls (Freight Types and Passenger – Tank). I am running the Mini-Polls on behalf of Gilbert, but with the kind assistance of Chris Knowles-Thomas. It is often impossible to be ‘deadly precise’ with a 1-line descriptor as many classes were altered over the years. We take the view that ‘if it looks like a K3, it probably is a K3’. Recent past experience is showing that makers are ‘tooling up’ to make as many variants as they can for any new model. You can submit your wishes here, on the thread, as usual, or PM me direct if you prefer the ‘secret ballot’ method. If you vote on the thread, please feel free to explain why you have chosen your selection – hopefully, that will promote some interesting debates – but please do not take it as an excuse to start up the old chestnut of ‘kits vs RTR’! Here’s what to do: 1. You may vote for any or all of the 12 items listed plus a response to item 13 (if you so wish) 2. They must be items with a ‘PN connection’ and which you would realistically wish to buy if made RTR at ‘affordable prices’. 3. Submit your entries on this thread simply as (for example): 2, 4, 5 – with comments and explanations following. 4. If you vote by PM, please only list your selection of numbers without explanations. 4-4-0 & 4-4-2 1 GNR C2 Atlantic 2 GNR D2 3 GNR D3 4 GER/LNER D16/3 Claud Hamilton – Decorative valance (in range 62501-62620) 2-6-0 5 GNR K2 (61720-61794) 6 LNER K3 (61800-61992) 4-6-0 7 LNER B2 (in range 61603-61671, but many are B17) 8 GER/LNER B12 (in range 61501-61563, but some are B12/4 and most are B12/3) 9 GER/LNER B12/4 (in range 61500-61532 but some are B12 and most are B12/3) 4-6-2 10 LNER A1 (60114-60162) 11 LNER A1/1 (60113) 2-8-2 12 LNER P2 Streamlined Style Nos.2003-2006 & Rebuilt Nos.2001/2 13 Your suggestions of locos not listed above. (They must have a ‘PN Connection’) Please give the company, wheel arrangement and class number (as per the list above). Get your thinking caps on and get voting! I will acknowledge receipt of your vote via the ‘Thx’ tick box. You have until 17.00 on Thursday 29 July to vote. However, I will stop earlier and advise if votes reach 50. I will present the results during the day on Friday 30 July. Following on a separate posting soon after will be a combined summary of the three Mini-Polls in the usual High, Middle and Low Polling format. We look forward to your selections and comments! Brian & Chris (Note: These are ‘informal Polls for fun’ on Gilbert’s thread only and neither The 00 Wishlist Poll Team nor RMweb are specifically involved, apart from Chris and me in a ‘personal capacity’.)
  13. Results GWR 00 Rolling Stock Mini-Poll No.6: Freight Vehicles (excl Vehicle Carriers & ‘Heavy Duty’) Hello everyone Many thanks to the 20 voters who took part. The number of votes to each item is shown in the left hand column and Comments Received are appended on a PDF as usual. Please note that the results reflect the views of those who voted here and may not necessarily reflect those of the wider modelling community. High Polling 17 Brake Van – 4-wheel Vacuum Braked (Diag.AA21 of 1939) 16 Open Wagons – 17ft 6in, 10ft w/b, with/without Sheet Support (Diags. between O31 and O42, 1932-BR days) 15 Cattle Wagon – 11ft wheelbase (eg Diag.W1) 15 Conflat A Wagon (Diag.H10 of 1944, inc BR Diag.1/061 etc of 1950 on) Middle Polling 13 Open Shock Wagon (Diag.O44 of 1939) 12 Open Wagons – 16ft, 9ft w/b, with/without Sheet Support (Diags. between O3 and O25, 1904-1926) 11 Bogie Bolster A Wagon – Macaw H 20-ton (1927) 11 Mineral Wagon – ‘Felix Pole’ (eg Diag.N32 of 1933) 10 Bogie Bolster C Wagon – Macaw B 30-ton (1907) Low Polling 6 Grain Wagon – Grano (Diag.V25 of 1935) Containers (summarised from Comments Received) 1. Any Containers that aren't already available. 2. I'd buy any GWR Container at an affordable price but I'd be particularly keen on any of the meat carrying varieties. 3. BM, FM1, FM2 or G1 Containers. 4. AF1 insulated. BS1 as it could be liveried GWR and a separate model for the LMS. Plus, how about a nice GWR Thorneycroft lorry for them to sit on (page 516 in my book); BK2/BP1 with opening doors? Suggestions for Wagons not Listed 5 China Clay Diag.O13 or BR Diag.1/051 3 Crocodile 2 Coral A Glass Wagon 1 Aero Wagon 1 Gane A. 62ft Bogie Bolster to carry 60ft sections of rail We will be back on Wednesday 28 July with GWR 00 Rolling Stock Mini-Poll No.7: Vehicle Carriers & ‘Heavy Duty’. Brian (Note: These are ‘informal Polls for fun’ on Rob’s thread only and neither RMweb nor The 00 Wishlist Poll Team are specifically involved, apart from me, John, Chris and Ian in our ‘personal capacities’.) GWR Mini-Poll No.6 Freight Comments Received.pdf
  14. Hello David Major manufacturers will take more than just a wishlist poll into account when deciding which models to produce. They have social media, websites, forums, exhibitions (in normal times), feedback from reps and their own market and 'gut feeling' experience. However, it is interesting to note the following items which have been announced from the lists of The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019... From The Top 50 (6 items) GWR 15xx GWR Manor SR Bulleid Leader LNER W1 Hush Hush BR Std Class 2 2-6-0 18000 Gas Turbine High Polling (13 items) SECR D Class LNWR Hardwicke LNER W1 4-6-4 LNER A2/3 Class 20 Class 104 Class 370 APT BR Mk1 RB SR Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van GER Van GER Banana Van GWR 'Iron Mink' Containers - 'Binliner' Middle Polling (5 items) LNER A2/2 LMS Coronation Scot Coaches BR Mineral Wagon - Double Doors (The 'halfway point' of the 800+ items was here) Hopper Wagon - 'Merry-go-Round' MoD Warflat Low Polling (9 items) D2850-D2869 Super BG BR Borail China Clay CDA Aggregates Hopper Wagon HYA Ecofret Container Twin Flats Covered Steel Wagon JSA Hopper Wagon HYA Ballast Wagon 'Coalfish' You will notice that - proportionally - most come from the 'upper 50%' of the 800+ items listed. Most of the Low Pollers are 'very modern vehicles' and that bears out with previous Polls. We are, however, certain that Accurascale, Heljan and Revolution know exactly what they are making for their fans! Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  15. Hello Tony My layout has an approximate gradient of 1 in 100 on one side (as it is a 'looped eight' and has to climb over itself). I have just hooked 14 mixed Hornby and Bachmann Mk1s, Colletts and Hawksworths onto a Hornby A3 - and she pulled them away on the uphill from a standing start. I had to really 'drive the loco' to avoid excessive slip, though I don't think Hornby can take the can for not being able to haul 13 metal kit-built coaches. You wouldn't buy a VW Up if you were wanting to tow a caravan. Horses for courses! Brian
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