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  1. * There were three Don Townsley Hunslet Quarry Locomotive articles as follows. "0-4-0ST Jerry M", MRN, September 1966 p.416. "0-4-0ST VELINHELI", MRN, November 1966, p.504. "0-4-0ST No 2", MRN, March 1967, pp.138-140. I think I am correct in saying that "Michael" was like No 2. CP
  2. * If some sort of visual uniformity and compatibility is desired I would offer the following advice. You might be inclined to think that RTR items from Peco will look "right" together. As you have specifically mentioned the GVT you might be considering the carriages. They are delightful models whether in prototype or freelance liveries. The same might be said of the L&B 4 wheel vans. However, put the two together and in my opinion they look odd. The reason is simple. The prototype L&B vans are physically quite small as are the models. The result is
  3. * I very much agree about Sculptamold. It is three years ago that I first used it. Not only is it lightweight, but is very clean in the mixing with minimal dust given off. It does take a few days to fully dry, at which time I found it could be drilled for the "planting" of trees. CP
  4. * The idea of this alternative form of uncoupling ramp for tension locks has been around for more than half a century. CP
  5. * I am afraid this is incorrect. 1:35 scale is 8.71mm/ft. 16.5mm track therefore scales 22.73ins. Translation: it is not far off being reasonably accurate for modelling nominal 2ft gauge (inc 1ft 11.5 ins and 600mm). [Figures above to 2 places of decimals.] CP
  6. * As I understand it, sadly the KATO Unitrack very sharp radius points are not live frog. Larger radius are. CP
  7. * "Sutton Wharf" - 1:25 scale on 16.5mm track representing (inaccurately) 18ins gauge. See here 12.50- 15.20. CP
  8. * May I please ask what the chassis is under the right hand van in the above shot? CP
  9. * Apply to Peco Publications and Publicity. If the issue in question is not available they may well be willing to supply a copy of the desired article. CP
  10. * Thank you - this is an excellent idea and I hope it proves a success. And to state the obvious the brass strips could be chemically darkened whilst remaining electrically conductive. CP
  11. * Agreed. I have done the same, did not see it May 1961, but could not find my copy of Nov 1961. CP
  12. * There has been a thread here (scroll down this section) entitled - Chiltern Model Railway Exhibition - Stevenage 11/12 Jan 2020 - for some weeks. It details layouts attending, parking advice, etc. CP
  13. * Excellent and most welcome news. CP
  14. * Thank you for this most interesting and informative photograph. May I please ask if the servo mount is a commercial item? And if so what is its origin? Thank you. CP
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