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  1. Works for me, had a look this morning.
  2. Morning Stewart I've sent you a P.M. cheers Steve
  3. A bit like the coaling tower. Agreed what a waste. Anyone else think that there should be some kind of "duty of care"?
  4. May you be able to get white metal body castings from Dave Alexander?
  5. Try Mr Muscle oven cleaner, spray onto model and place overnight in a plastic sandwich bag to keep it from drying.
  6. I've seen that sequence on one of my B+R videos too, not sure which one though. Edit below. Sorry, made a mistake, it's Vol 6 from the Steam World Archive series, highlights a 9F hauled oil train on the Lickey banked by 4 Pannier tanks.
  7. Chris I should have added that I did this but can't link to the pic. Have a look at the last entry in my gallery on here with this 00 gauge Cometmodels kit as a commission for a rebuilt Scot. Finished with a coat of satin varnish. Fixed link now, pic below. Cheers Steve https://imgur.com/I77m7FZ
  8. What about spraying it over black etch primer like Clostermanns rather than the grey it recommends, which, of course is for colour matching to a vehicle? Just a thought. See my next post.
  9. Morning. Is the black 5 in J5492 not 45407? Has plain coupling rods. 44781 had fluted. cheers
  10. Afternoon Please may I also express interest in a purchase if, as and when, this becomes available? Cheers
  11. Hold on! What about this set of sheets from Fox. Red/grey with no visible spacing, curves and corners with red on inside and outside and lots of straights. The two sheets come as a set. Top sheet may be available seperately as it has it's own number, which is: FRH 4075/1. HTH Cheers
  12. Tadah! Any good? Pic shows around 1/3rd of sheet. Remainder is straight lining. HTH
  13. Pressfix sheet 22 may help you. Ok, it's red/grey with a gap but the sheet carries corners, curves with red on outside as well as inside.Plenty of straights for you to make your own panels with red on the outside. HTH cheers
  14. Used to watch D400's on the WCML double heading expresses in the 70's @ Hestbank
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