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  1. When I built my Clayton I used two Bachmann CL25 gear towers, Mashima 14/28 with two flywheels on cab floor. Mounted via press studs under the bonnets. Works well.
  2. Pretty sure Mark describes these or something very similar as "de-luxe" crankpins.
  3. Hi RhbSimon I messaged you in April re. Ivatt CL4 with a bit of info. Did you see it? cheers
  4. Here a scan of the cover of my copy from 2006. Ignore the graffiti. Can scan the contents if anyone is interested. I used to ask Adrian regularly if he'd make his Pipe wagon BR D1/461 kit available again. Would be great if the range were to be resurrected. Still have racks of his wagon detailing packs to use. cheers Steve
  5. Afternoon All I don't often post on here but thought I'd share this. Last year I was asked to replicate this for a client. Gone through the usual processes, dismantle, matt varnish, dry brushing, powders, screen wiper sweeps etc with the addition of Brassmasters brake etch, in part at least as it's designed around the Lima model. This is Bachmann. Custom printed headcodes as requested by the owner.
  6. Good morning, 


    I am currently writing a book on behalf of Middleton Press on the lines around Morecambe and Heysham. During my search of the internet, I came across a photo published on the RMWeb credited to Peter Cooper (see attached). I would love to use that photo but obviously can't unless I get permission.


    Does anyone know of or how to contact Peter Cooper? I guess while I'm here, does anyone have any photos of Heysham Moss sidings/Trimpell Refinery Rail Complex etc or anything else perhaps out of the ordinary covering the Midland and LNWR lines to those locations.


    Thanks and regards660E6E1D-8E97-48A9-BF00-334A97ED5D52.jpeg.add3c8809d4864b198eca346d552e2ba.jpeg

    1. Carnforth



      Unfortunately I have no contact details for Peter Cooper. However, I've att. links to Two public facebook groups I'm in that often show good pictures. Just click on the photos tab. The Morecambe and Heysham one has recently shown photos from the old refinery at Heysham HTH







    2. 34092 City of Wells
  7. Built plenty of these. I always make sure that 1st stage is directly under the worm by use of washers but to enable this I fit the top left hand (viewed from top) bearing from the outside in then dress back from the inside. This allows precise placement of 1st stage. Then fit the other bearings as per instructions. Should say that I do this prior to folding for ease of access. HTH
  8. Whenever I used Laminated rods where the leading crankpin runs behind the crosshead my trick is to snip the front boss off the overlay and retain to the the pin with a 14BA brass washer. This makes that area no thicker than the remainder of the rod. That and file as much as I dare from the rear of the crosshead, Much easier than mucking about with cylinders and risking going out of gauge. HTH Steve
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