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  1. Could you smell it before you saw it Brian? Bit like Plymouth Breweries down Stonehouse Creek! P
  2. You too buddy. Took me several months to calm down after the initial 'panic' that the end of the world had happened and I hadn't finished the layout! P
  3. Steve, have you noted these? https://www.isinglass-models.co.uk/3D-Model-Shop/3d-model-shop.html#!/~/product/id=39943&prid=0&ctid=13&scid=4&tp=pl
  4. Thanks for that. I am not sure about the patches as I can't remember ever seeing any with that in the early 60s, however was I really looking? Not a Falcon Works one but a MARC Models version. It is quite a good set of etches but a bu##er to get the tiny bits sorted. I will be finishing it soon..............I have some transfer Rivets for the Solebars. At £90 I shoulf have asked for a built one as that is a bargain when the kit is around £40. http://www.marcmodels.co.uk/SR.html
  5. Been wrestling with a 'blubber' of Walruses (40T SR/BR Ballast Wagons for the uninitiated). Every time I open the box of Cambrian kits they seem to have reproduced. I did though acquire 3 nicely built and some more kits from a kind 'member' so I shouldn't complain. All bar one is Cambrian; a good kit but a bit if a faff. I need a 'loaded' train of 9 and some spares. I might do removable loads with enough for an 'empties' and when the wagons were mixed (usually with Dogfish). I have some resin loads and they are really useful and not too heavy; the wagons themselves have lead down low for
  6. Blinking Ada Phil, I now know how you feel about going up the loft!


    fired with enthusiasm, after elevenses,  I decided to go upstairs and have a sort out, but was so knackered with the effort of getting up there, I must have spent best part of an hour just sitting in my chair  before I could summon the energy to actually do anything. 

    I achieved  the square Root of eff all, and thought ‘poor Phil, this is how he’s been feeling for ages, but he still goes on, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a grip’

    anyway, just a thank you for your unintentional inspiration !



    1. Mallard60022


      Yo. Bloody CV19; knackers you I have been told from some people I know that have had the damn thing. You be careful.  If you go up there, spend half an hour recovering and looking at some books, then do half an hour activity or a bit more if you feel fine, then haver a ponder for ten minutes before you come back down, that might be a start?

      Sad thing is that if I had loads of dosh I would have been examined from top to toe and given every test you can think of, 'diagnosed' and maybe sorted years back. As it is, the poor old NHS are super but really only fire fighting, especially GPs!  OK if I had a busted limb or some sort of 'common' condition like (say) Diabetes, then I would have been dealt with. LIke my Arthritic Hip, I had MRI and all the works, then told to wait until I couln't sleep for discomfort and tyhey they would consider a hip op. Fair enough.

      As it is the NHS doesn't seem great at exploring mystery sort of things that could be happening. I am finding out more myself every so often but it is taking years!

      So, what was CV19 like if I may ask? I don't think I've had it but who bloody knows eh?


  7. If you can sleep under them then yes I suspect that would be the way to go. IF Smiffy is canny he could make all his points manual so there is little to go 'wrong' under the board. FY could be surface mounted Peco/Gaugemaster with Micros. Shed could be clever wire in tube jobs? Faffy but far less expensive than Motors? Another way would be to make the whole Depot/Shed part a lift, a liftable Piano Lid style board, if you want point Motors under there? It may never have to be 'lifted up', but coud be if required. P
  8. Are we constrained by 'tradition' or just years of looking at others' layouts, especially at exhibitions? If you have a comfortable seat next to the ops position(s) of the layout, what sort of view are you going to have? If we took the average height layout for an exhibition, which seems to be around belly height, or even the layouts that never leave home, are they a good height for: 1. Operating at sitting height? Probably not! 2. Really good views of everything? Nope! 3. Dealing with adjustments, incidents, stock positioning at the furthest distances without diffic
  9. T2 already, T3 shortly including son just up the road in Donny; his is Friday midnight. Ours will be next week I suspect. Doesn't make any difference to me apart from no outsiders in the house, but like so many I have to 'forget' what happens 'if' etc. really isn't it. Never mind, that's ow it is and trains are fun. P
  10. Yup...I was due to go for varous Cardio tests just before lockdown............I'm still waiting of course. P
  11. Not torrid but horrid....just knackered all the time and sometimes really, really knackered! Great place for the second Cassette IMO. I already have an inflated bag for protection. It is called the CV19 weight gain device; my enlarged girth! Good luck buddy. P
  12. FFS Smiffy. I have just insulted you on yer W.E. thread mate. More like 'orribillus! Makes my feeble issues look like splendid additional challenges to just ignore. Damn glad you are back on form though and have decided to keep going. Also I would deffo buy a Lottery Ticket after all that, as you must be up for a big win on that form. ATB P
  13. Bloody hell Smiffy, WTF you doin'? Fancy them not giving you 'special pants' so as to avoid the Bog roll event. Now then, that looks better and a good and traditional rondy thingy. Looks a bit like P North but with a bloody great shed, or Little Bumtown with a bloody great shed instead of a station. XLNT decision, but not the events that led to the rethink. Thank some Deity that you are OK FFS. Only comment I'd make, as I have failed to do it on SOSJ so it is easy in one direction; cassette for the 'other circuit' (black lines), maybe at the right hand end of the 'Shorties', paral
  14. Some people have started and finished layouts during Lockdown/up/in/out/ shake it all about. Not me though as you can guess. However I built an inordiante number of wagons and a few vans + one 'aged' Peco Wonderful Wagon Milk Tanker! The latter was part of a 'gift set' from a kind 'friend' and I made it for nostalgic reasons. It may well take a place on SOSJ but be covered in moss, mould or some other vegetation. I have also learned a lot about Acrylic Paints; not spray but brushing so far. I like them. They work really well on Modelue Figures and Lamps; not so good on Pewter type l
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