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  1. * that was me. Shame that you experienced that however I know what you mean. hen I lived in Horsham in West Sussex I found a niche at the Bluebell where I worked Saturdays at Kingscote when it was the northern terminus. The 'Stationmaster' was a lovely chap. Nobody seemed to want to work at Kingscote, probably because it was a bit remote and nothing really happened there. Many enjoyed the busy Sheffield Park and HK and many enjoyed dressing up for the part as you suggest but were generally good people but not so great at dealing with the general public who wanted ice cream and clean toilets. I enjoyed Kingscote for that very reason of bursts of activity followed by long periods of calm and quiet in a beautiful setting. In the summer there was a small ice cream stall and a picnic field. Some people stayed over and they were grateful for someone to chat with some of the time. I got to do Mince Pie specials at the Bluebell (rostered days) during the week when staff were thin on the ground and I was able to take time off work (mainly TOIL as I worked quite a few evenings doing exhibitions and meetings). Suited me these jobs as I like to potter about without a lot of responsibility but feeling as if I am contributing and the few colleagues were generally lovely to work with. The specials also got loads of kids groups and special needs visitors that many regular staff found a bit challenging; I loved that as they were excited and loved Hoathly Tunnel and seeing the steam loco's. At the MId Hants I started just doing a few chores with I think the Wednesday 'Gang'. That was mainly clearing up, cutting grass around Ropley and cleaning up the Station areas. I only used to do that in the summer and when there was a big event coming up. I then used to do whole days during the big events litter-picking and general wandering around making sure folk were happy and knew what was going on the big field adjoining the station. Most colleagues were excellent but tended to be localish and dedicated regular people with their pet roles; fine with me. Sadly most of these outfits require regular dedication from volunteers so that the admins can allocate tasks but almost every railway I have visited seemed happy to welcome people to just 'lend a hand' around the site. If I were fit and well I'd be off to the Nene Valley as it is only just over an hour away or (as I mentioned earlier) the GC at Loughborough but I wouldn't want to work at Loughborough as it was a bit 'overstaffed by uniforms' if I can put it that way. I'd be happy to travel up and down on the trains, keeping them fairly tidy and chatting to folk. One thing about these places that is important. The company that people can get if (say) they become single or have retired and have lost the company of colleagues at work. It can also get blokes out of their partner's way as when both are retired things can sometimes get a bit 'niggly'! My attitude is, if you have some time then see if there is somewhere locally, even if it is only a small outfit. Give it a try and if it is fun and the place is willing to take the time you can give, then give it a go. Their loss if they can't be arsed to use your offer. Phil
  2. XLNT thank you. I find with many of the newer coaches that, when I keep the existing coupling and use the Modellers Mecca* Gangway Connectors, you lose sight of the couplings and the coaches 'look connected'. I think the gangway connectors are less expensive than the KDs? Also I am a lazy ###### and want to try and keep a simple standard inner coupling for coaches wherever possible. *The strange wings on the connectors get trimmed a bit as they look weird IMO. Phil
  3. John, are KD18s good for other Hornby SR coaches produced recently (e.g Maunsells) ? Thanks. P
  4. That's a bit blunt but at least it is polite. Surely some asides that are relevant are worthwhile especially from those such as Dunsignalling that actually worked on the railway and saw these coaches in service? Take a chill pill and enjoy the discussion. P
  5. Been there some years ago when I was fit and lived 30 minutes from the Bluebell and 90 minutes from the Mid Hants. Both Railways got my help as a Porter and general dog's body as well as interacting with the public that many of the dedicated Volunteers did not really enjoy doing. I did consider helping at the GC at Loughborough when I moved from Sussex when I retired from FT work, but found the journey and commitment too much from where I am at my stage in life. Did a bit of time at Barrow Hill when they had big events but found it very exhausting and there wasn't a lot to do there except Stewarding if you were not into heavy work. Offered my services to the A1 Steam Trust in 2008 and was able to travel on the first public trip it made from York to Newcastle and back as a Coach Steward. Didn't find them particularly interested in other offers I made so I left it at that. I am a Covenantor though so I sort of help keep Tornado running. Drove and Fired Steam Loco's in Poland and Ukraine 15/16 years ago when I was still reasonably fit. Don't want to do that any more as it was bloody hard work but most enjoyable at the time. I still fancy doing something at the Railway Museum but have not done anything about it and it would only be something lightweight and easy. Phil
  6. Blimey, the world is going down the pan and this is what annoys someone? God help us all. P
  7. My friends (and others), I have some good news about the LNER 800s. I saw one yesterday, it was working and it was very shiny as it raced up towards wherever, non stop through 36E. CBA to see if it was service or ECS. I did not get the number as I was half asleep. Ar$£
  8. Mayday mayday. Duck has had fuel flap failure and can't take off.....so sorry. P
  9. Chill Clive. Mr Manufacturer is not worth getting in discussions with if he/she can't accept constructive criticism. What is ER by the way? (Not her majesticness I suspect). Now then, will trains run tomorrow or is there bad news? Mad Duck
  10. Sadly the passenger that wants to use the railway for other than business purposes or just light luggage leisure trips has actually almost been factored out on the Inter City services by the look of it. Sadly JJ Graphics' post is probably reflecting the attitude of a hell of a lot of what were regular train users. There are loads of folk from Scotland and Newcastle that are saying that it is now getting cheaper to fly and also less hassle even if it includes the airport queues and associated transfers at each end if the trip. Let's face it, Newcastle to (say) Norwich and even Doncaster to Cornwall (Newquay) is probably becoming a better choice and the airline(s) know this. I know there are certain choices that people can make for taking the train, including being able to 'work', however the 'railway industry' as a whole really needs to get its' act together or it s going to suffer the consequences on the money making routes. Some time ago I used Retford to Sheffield, then Sheffield to Manchester Airport on a Saturday to catch a Sunday flight and return on a Sunday use trains on the Monday, staying at one of the Airport Hotels each time. That risked train cancellations and quite a protracted journey each way and the cost of the Hotel deal was, we discovered twice the cost of a two way luxury meet and greet posh taxi service. We never used the trains again, not because of bad experiences but simply because it was less expensive and a damn site easier. The slight risk was with traffic problems, however our flight times were OK for early morning to Manchester and late at night back to Retford meant that was unlikely as was a breakdown as the car was a Merc! Not really relevant here but the railway really needs to do what it can be good at, better and at a cost that attracts passengers to use the train travel option when the car option is just a 'similar' choice and not a more convenient one. Same with air travel. An hour from Donny to Newquay by plane! I know which transport I'd use and plan around the slightly weird days on which the service runs. P
  11. Strange that the dedicated Gatwick Express sets (now redundant?) were very loads of luggage friendly. Maybe they could be converted and used to and Manchester Airport? T.O.O. Cleverfortheplanners.
  12. Where have you been my little status darling?

    1. Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      I've been in Hong Kong, thanks for asking.

    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Oh dear, dear darling Duckie, how we have missed you!

  13. I am sure I read somewhere about good practice public/private partnerships to run quite excellent railway services. Was it that big country over the North Sea/English Channel where they have beer festivals and like pickled cabbage? Only saying Mr. Williams, but I am sure you looked at all those systems didn't you. P
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