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  1. Bow, bow, ye lower middle classes! Bow, bow, ye tradesmen! Bow, ye masses! Blow the trumpets, bang the brasses! Tantantara tzing boom! CK has his mush in't August Toddler. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=The+Peers+Chorus+UTube&&view=detail&mid=7BF592665C4B280C3A327BF592665C4B280C3A32&&FORM=VDRVSR I include this as many years ago I actually did this part of Iolanthe. Yup a whole 4 performances. Still in Therapy.

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    2. truffy


      No, I didn’t think it was. 

    3. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      Only on RMweb gauge wars topics...


      (sorry, "gage" if we're following the vernacular).

    4. woodenhead


      Yes and I was rather surprised as he himself was an immigrant yet was supporting far right bigotry.


      And then there was a lady I worked with, she seemed a sensible middle of the road kind of person, then I became aware of some of her views from what she followed and shared online.


      Sadly not all bigots and hatemongers come with a tattoo on their forehead to warn you.

  3. One I did a few years back ...the valve gear was way over drilled for the hole sizes. Flopped about like a drunken snake. Had to use very small washers soldered over all the Coupling nd Connecting Rod holes (rears) and the Crank and Eccentric Rod. Other bits seemed OK IIRC. Not sure if the bunker is correct either with the 'inset' step on each side at the top? can't remember now. P
  4. 104477072_288167482554986_5198752447038688583_n.jpg.a364e5de17430bb826db3ecb542dae2c.jpg

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    2. Mallard60022


      I don't rate our new MP in Bassetlaw as he is a BNP member in a Tory suit, anyway he did one of these for himself and he looks quite 'hot' so I am going to have to have Counselling.:bad:

    3. Mallard60022


      Sadly, Raab is actually quite a looker.

    4. Mallard60022



      MP for Bassetlaw. Brendan (Brenda) Clarke-Smith 

  5. Did I ever post this? Apologies that the discs have fallen off Arthur.
  6. This is me after 14 weeks imprisonment and scraping around for some lost scrambled egg that I lost down the back of the Cooker
  7. I like the word 'Bracket'. I also like word 'Quadrant'. Then there is Doll I suppose but that's a bit pink in my mind. For the time being I am just liking Scrumpy. Lockdone has turned me. Ar$£
  8. Bad news at 'The Plant'. Devastating for Donny.

    1. 30368


      This is the Wabtec announcement ? Yes very, very sad day for Doncaster and its people. I was hoping that the current Covid-19 crisis would convince the UK that we really need to start making things again instead of selling houses and cutting hair. But perhaps not.

      Our lack of national resilience during the crises is the "pay-off" for years of running down manufacturing and public services.

      Spent many happy times in the plant during the 1970 and 80s. Hope Donny can come back stronger!


      Kind regards,


      Richard B



    2. doktorstamp


      I wholeheartedly agree with you, however the bean-counters don't want this, as maximum profit can be gained from having things made abroad, where labour-rates are much cheaper than here, secondly the pool of skilled artisans is dwindling, thirdly we appear to have an education system, which is apparently hostile towards manufacturing skills, and manual labour. Remember that cry of "Excellence for everyone", which by dint of said statement no one is, Universities stuffed with people, many of whom, would in years gone by, have never even gotten their feet through the door, let alone left with a degree in "Wayne Rooney Media Studies" or a BA in Graphic Design, to wit they spent three years redesigning the toilet seat. A sad state of affairs, nevertheless I wish Doncaster all the very best.



    3. 30368


      Yes agree Nigel, one understands why capital seeks the advantage of cheap labour and the UK is on a path that will result in cheap labour rates here too. A daunting prospect - not sure I want my children and their children to experience a "Victorian" renactment.


      Its is a simplification but the rest of Europe has a different approach, they still make things, encourage and value engineering at all levels. They plan a little longer than the next results/share price and seek to invest in the future. I would not be on this site if I did not respect the past and all its achivements but the UK cannot keep looking backward and pretending medeocrity is "world beating", whatever that means. Our performance dealing with Covid-19 is certainly almost world beating for all the wrong reasons. Time is running out for the UK we have known since WW2.


      Other than that all is great! Sorry to be a misery guts, I really am optimistic else I would have left years ago!


      Kind regards,


      Richard B

  9. image.png.c67d84b062396c95bed93a71fcb766d2.png

    Protect our heritage.

    1. bgman


      George Orwell ?

    2. Hroth


      Some are more equal than others!


  10. So, after 12 weeks or so are those that mocked and said it wasn't as bad as ordinary flu, still thinking that now?

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    2. Hroth


      Or put it this way, thanks to the precautions that much of the world has taken over this novel coronavirus, Covid-19 wasn't given the opportunity to kill more than the influenza virus (for which there are working vaccines) does.  If we didn't have those yearly flu vaccines, we'd have been still cowering in our homes, hoping for the killer illness to pass by.


      Its gone quiet on the Covid-19 vaccine front, methinks expectations of a breakthrough are being depressed.


    3. Mallard60022


      I'm depressed let alone the Vaccine!


    4. Allegheny1600


      Hopefully, they are a lot less vociferous now than previously. Well except the fart in the White house and his Brazilian counterpart.

  11. 20180906_120104.jpg.3209b1771a9fcad031232c47d3ba038e.jpg

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    2. bgman


      Finally NHY 581 gets serious about a larger scale layout !

    3. Hroth


      Is the "Right Luggage" office out of shot on the other side of the wriggly tin roof?


    4. NHY 581

      NHY 581


  12. Post Mod, however many Crews, as you know, preferred the originals. Why? Who knows; devil you know? P
  13. Think that backscene is actually really vague and very lifelike. So there! A. Tinkwinky.
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