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  1. Agreed. The only type that looks better (or should do) is a replacement Brass sided job from Southern Pride or Comet. However, the fine detail fittings (Grab and Door Handles) may look worse than having to tolerate the deep window frames, especially if I do it and there is, of course, the question of painting the damn thing. P
  2. All had Commonwealths initially but 1720 had Mk2 BR Bogies (BR2s?) by 1962. Just seen that on another thread.
  3. Another thing I find is that certain Decoders (Hornby?) don't 'like' these items and if there are (say) 6 loco's around the layout, with two big uns running on heavy trains and using up about 80 parts of the 1.5 Amps (18 V) available through the NCE Cab, the first moves can be sticky; not a complete stop but a stop and then go. Then the things seem to work after a first use! No idea why this happens. It also doesn't always happen! They will be almost all replaced eventually by the Point Motors but that is for the future. Think I've got about 6 left in service? Such fun. P
  4. Yup; makes it look hump-backed and rather too 'chunky' for a Manor; however who am I to comment on a WR Loco? Phil
  5. Here we go from my friend: 63' 10" over Vestibules. This is where the misunderstanding was; the actual comparment part was 57' and a bit.
  6. I wonder if they are still there? They had a running list of everything that passed. Years ago they had seen every existing Class 66 at the time pass the place. That was pre the allsorts and renumbering. Lovely people. P
  7. Gilbert might be able to do that if Brian hasn't got the info Andy? Phil
  8. The little shop is called Osborns; in Bideford. https://www.osbornsmodels.com/ https://www.osbornsmodels.com/bm-176-scale-oo-fresh-meat-container-kit-49742-p.asp Now I have to point out that 2 of the three I bought I had to soak the plywood and dry under weight as they were warped. Also the little Lift/Hoist Rings are often broken. Nevertheless, it is as Brian said and quite a fun thing to glue together. Cheers, Phil
  9. The Good people of the area's comments seems........ I think not!!!!! However a P & R from south of the River would maybe help the traffic situation. Hilarious. The layout at the top is far too plastic looking Ed! Good Station Building though: scratch or kid adaptation? Incidentally I nearly got a job with some sort of Government Education Dept in the Caymans in the 80s. Didn't have a clue what I was going to teach out there! Calculus? Interesting Finance? The Joy of Tax? Phil
  10. Thanks B. It is produced by a little shop near to the Exeter Barnstaple Line, possibly because of the Abattoir at Barnstaple and memories down there of those Cont's? About a Fiver I think it was; I got two or three and they were OK; not fantastic but passable. Not painted mine yet. Are they available RTR? Phil
  11. I meant to post tis but have only just found it. Lazer cut thingy; don't know the Diagram. 4mm and not bad looking. I did the Canvas Roof from Masking Tape. I think it is a hung/cold meat one for the Stuff from Barnstaple? P
  12. See my post above Chris. Very satisfactory and I would think a little misconception over actual length as the years have gone by. There are preserved ones so we could go and measure the damn things! Phil
  13. OK friends. Through the hard work of a good pal of mine we have the 'short' answer to this 'lengthy' discussion about these Cars. After a good deal of searching and peering with a Spy Glass this is the verdict: the Hastings Car, as someone has already said, is 57' 1.5" at the end Pillars (so 63' from the faces of the Vestibules?). So you could say the Coaches are both lengths!! I don't know, without looking, how coach lengths are usually calculated but I would say over connectors/buffer surface/Rubbing Plate distance (when Buffers retracted/removed). Surely trains need to
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