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  1. That is a lovely story but I am sorry you lost your dad so soon after the trip. Ol49s are brilliant engines; I have very fond memories of 'driving' and firing those when the 'Experience' was alive and well and it was at least one return trip per day for 5 days (6 if you had spare dosh and booked your own flight home). There is a kit of a 49 available but I think it has to be built for you and the last time I checked (10 years ago?) it cost well over £500
  2. Yes, on line is 30% but postage is free (I think). Think those auctions would be OK if attending and seeing stuff, but even then it is 25% Commission! Perhaps the only saving grace is that one off stuff from Goddard et al seem to be reasonable prices even with the mark up. P P
  3. Don't suppose anyone got anything from the Vectis Auction today? Their commission is a bit steep IMO. Ar$£
  4. Bit like the curve 'line' they use on Motorway exits if a curve is required at the latter part of the exit at, say, a roundabout, Very subtle and you hardly notice until you really look. The early section of the exit is almost straight and then the curve is introduced; bit like a Lawn Bowl's bias line with the tight curve towards the end of the run.
  5. I thought that was just what you get in the meetings? A. Harris Hole
  6. I believe the Retford GC is actually a very welcoming Club dear boy.
  7. Reference Mr. Portfolio, what colour trousers has he worn this week, if I may ask such a sensitive question? Don't suppose he even stopped at Plymuff or noticed Rob's Station as he struggled through on a nasty little bog cart that probably fell of as it was wafted by a light breeze and was crapped on by a seagull at Dawlish. Bet he knows nothing about the Splendid heritage of Spam at Exeter either. He needs a decent researcher (CK is free...…..) Ar$£
  8. I love an old bit of Brass with a Bonnet. Must be the Mr Darcy in me (no sniggereing about that either).
  9. Back to reality, or maybe not. I almost got excited just now and it wasn't to do with thinking about my Doctor. I saw that rails were doing this nice exSECR Van. So I go and have a peek and lo, it is £30....what? I must have missed something. There, I feel slightly less astonished now. S.C. Rooge
  10. Subtle literacy in the Unions. Scabs and Pickits (never pick a Scab?) and as for Drop Shirts/Shorts.....I think we could be on thin ice with that sort of comment? Ian Dustrialdispute
  11. Was he using the facility at that moment do you think? It certainly was in steam days. Now it is just the view that remains pretty good as the transportation is ####### awful. Bronte Sorearse
  12. £100 for a non sound decoder? Blimey, someone is ripping you off buddy. Phil
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