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    1. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Let's guess - Corona lager all round.


      Let's face it - its name might remind some people of a defining element of the last year.


      More to the point, it comes from Master Donald Trump's favourite country - Mexico.


      Should go down a treat on Mar-a-Lago - until Cyrus Vance Jr and his colleagues in New York come after him with a tax "rap".*



      (*Other charges are also available.)

  2. In Anticipation.....when we get to Bulleid Light Pacifics, then do we need to decide if they were all West Country Pacifics or some were Battle Of Britain Pacifics and do we split 'originals' and Modified versions? Personally I don't give a toss, other than I could then have 4 choices , however this is a thread about that small railway in the east and north east, so I will do as I am told.
  3. No hesitation: Sir Dodinas le Savage. Spotted at Reading in 1960 on passing en route to Paddington from Plymuff and then at Exeter Central one or twice in 61/62. Loved the name. Saw Arthur and a couple of others at Exeter Central on Salisbury Locals or a couple of times actually heading an up Meldon ballast; I think the last time I saw Arthur was on one of those workings in 1962. Pity so many went early as they had romantic names and were pretty good Engines by all account. P
  4. I just had a vision of the Airfix Scot. OK the VG was a bit shiny, but what a model back then. Mine still works on DC but I probably have not seen it for a few years as it sits in a box of 'old' stuff somewhere in the Loft Dump. 46126 as my late dad served in that Regiment and was involved in the Italian Campaign, picking up the body parts after the US 8th had done their worst. He fell in love with Italy despite the horror. P
  5. Why spend 40p/80p when you can go via Gainsborough? Ar$£
  6. Quite a few folk seem to have been 'off the scene' and possibly poorly? It would be great if anyone that is 'on the mend' and could do, might let us know by posting a Status update. Apologies if this offends anyone at this unpleasant time.

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    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      Similar boat to Huw. My mum passed away yesterday, also Covid positive (hospital acquired), although there was a serious underlying medical condition which was why she was receiving palliative care.

    3. Mallard60022


      So sad Barry. Thank you for sharing that news. However I am glad you are OK buddy.


    4. Mallard60022


      Huw, the Puter has deleted my original 'thank you' response. Again may I just say how sorry I am but very glad that you are well.


  7. Do not forget the Post Brexit Customs charges mate. Makes it at least another £500,001
  8. Did I not read somewhere long ago that the 68s would be replaced by a Bi Mode Driving Unit? Maybe that is what was mentioned above by someone? P
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