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  1. To get an array of circles on a curved line in Fusion 360 try using 'Circular Pattern' or 'Pattern on Path' under the Create menu. Make one Circle and extrude it first before trying to pattern. Example of both: Al
  2. The Ice Cream van brands I remember from the Havant area in the late 60's were Verrecchia and Tonibell. Bedford Dormobiles were commonly used. Are you going to have a sound file that plays the 'music'? Al
  3. Al51

    New OO gauge Class 73

    Thanks, E6002 in BR plain green ordered! Al
  4. TBH I just fitted it and ran it on my rolling road for while to run the Terrier in. It seemed to respond well and I got a good crawling speed, but I'm no expert in these things. I was impressed about how quiet the Terrier is though. Al
  5. Hornby's R7150 6 pin decoder is available, I've got one fitted to my 32636. The wires are shorter than other 6 pin decoders I've fitted, which makes it an easy and snug fit. Derails have it here . Al
  6. Adrian, Extrudes are always at 90 degrees to the sketch plane. Have a play with 'Plane at Angle' and 'Plane along Path' in the construct menu. If you can't get rid of the unwanted post you can always sketch a rectangle around it and extrude through it with the Operation set to 'cut'. Al
  7. Adrian, while walking the dog I thought that there must be a better way, turns out there is: Create your fence post, then draw a sketch with the 12 degree line. On the Create menu select pattern>pattern on path, a menu will appear. On the menu for Pattern Type select Bodies and then click on the fence post you created. Select Path on the menu and click on the line in the sketch you drew. Drag the blue arrow to space it out a bit. Play around with the Distance Types to see what works best for you. The really cool bit is you can draw a path with lines and arcs and the pattern will follow it! Al
  8. Adrian, there are probably several ways to do this but the way I would do it is: Create a post and save it. Make an assembly by starting a new design and saving it (I called it fence). Drag a post from the file browser on the let into the fence design and click ok. Drag another post into the fence design, this time move it to one side a bit before clicking ok. In the Assemble menu select 'joint', click on a face on the new post and then double click on a face on the first post. This will 'mate' the two faces together. You can now move the new post around to where you need it then click ok. If you need to move it again you can edit the joint in from the timeline at the bottom. Al
  9. Duty is only payable if the value of the package is over £15. If you keep your order well under £15 you should be ok, I've not yet had a package from China that had to duty to pay on it. Al
  10. Rails have the Festival of Britain 'U' type pullman coaches slit from the Golden Arrow Last Steam Run set. https://railsofsheffield.com/set-of-3-festival-of-britain-u-type-pullman-car-coaches-r3400coaches-Hornby-JJJA33156.aspx?utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=0f39b2c572-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_04_04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-0f39b2c572-5471609 Al
  11. I have a TCS EU621 decoder fitted to my E5004, the only lighting anomaly I had was that F1 worked the reverse direction cab light and F2 the forward one, easily sorted by reversing the decoder direction in CV29. Both headcode lights come on with F3, but I think that is how it's wired. Movement is very smooth although I've only tried it on the rolling road and a very short piece of track. Al
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