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  1. "All the Stations" are live now on the first day of their journey around Ireland.


    1. eastwestdivide
    2. woodenhead


      I rather like their content, it works for both a railway enthusiast and someone who happens to use the railways a lot and informs them on the trains they commute on.


      The chap once did a video where he was counting the steps in a new underground station entrance, and then they counted the length of the platform at Gloucester in steps too.


      Has his partner got to visit Stone Henge yet?

  2. "Hello, Is this right room for an argument?"


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    2. KDG


      I've told you once.

    3. BobM


      Sometimes, they say silence is the best way to win an argument. So on that basis I've already conceded defeat....!

    4. Hroth


      There's plenty of rooms full of of argument here, take your pick!


  3. "Hornby" with a "Haitch". :wink_mini:

    1. Hroth


      You mean Hh-ornby?    With an Heffort?

  4. “You gotta get in to get out”


    Hooray for 6Music!


    1. beast66606


      Not if you're in the cage

    2. richbrummitt


      Is that an infinite monkey cage by chance?

  5. Ah well. It was nice while it lasted.

    1. bgman


      I hope you washed your hands afterwards ? :lol:

  6. Badges - if you want them:



    1. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Many thanks - some people here might find these very useful.

  7. Battleships confide in me and tell me where you are

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    2. jonny777


      Oi !

      If you are not careful you will be strapped to a chair and played Topographic Oceans in its entirety. 

    3. Harlequin


      "Silly human, Silly human race."


      Says it all, really.

    4. steve22


      "Look out, look out!  You're too Close to the Edge".

  8. Baubles!



    I need more baubles!


    1. Hroth


      Swing 'em! :jester:


      Evidently there's a formula for calculating how many you need for a tree of a given size.  likewise for lights.  I prefer an elegantly chosen and perfectly positioned few...


      Its far easier to take 'em down in the New Year too.


  9. Brilliant programmme on BBC4 right now: "Chasing the Moon". Just contemporary footage and great background info.

    1. Ozexpatriate


      Yes it is very good. PBS in the US broadcast this last week.

  10. Build it and they will come.

    1. Corbs



  11. By mistake usually...


    Click on someone's name or avatar and their profile page will open. At the top of the "Activity" area is an edit box with the legend "Write a public message on <member's> feed..." Type into that and hit "submit". (The word "public" is emphasized...)

    1. Mikkel


      Yes, I think most of the time it's actually intended to be a PM. I await with interest the day when a manufacturer uses the feature to inform Andy about a supersecret forthcoming announcement :D

  12. Ceci n'est pas une Minories


    1. Hroth



    2. truffy


      Zut alors!

    3. Compound2632


      Seironim enu sap tse'n icec

  13. Crikey! Fabergé on Bargain Hunt...

  14. Fine words butter no parsnips...

    1. RJS1977


      Here, Joe. What's he going on about? You can't get butter and parsnips are out of season...

    2. Hroth


      Aldi have loads of the damn things on special offer (45p/500g) at the moment, all the butter to clog your arteries too!



  15. Great to be back! It looks great and I can already see some good feature improvements. Thanks to Andy and team.

  16. Have you noticed that the targeted advertising from Amazon, eBay , etc. is deeply flawed?


    They don't understand the difference between being interested in the GWR (like me for instance) and general interest in railways. So I keep getting offers for books about the Southern or the LMS, or heaven forbid, BR! (Urgh! :wink_mini:


    It's like sending an Arsenal supporter offers for Man City merchandise!


    I think this is a major failing for modern deep-profiled marketing and it should be sorted out!

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    2. mike morley

      mike morley

      I once worked for one of the biggest motorcycle dealerships in Europe.  I wasnt particularly surprised when I was told our service receptionist had been one of Back Street Heroes 'Readers Wives'.  The skirts she wore were so short it was difficult to find a safe place to look when she bent over the photocopier.

    3. Hroth


      Perhaps that should have been Friendly/supportive?


    4. DK123GWR


      Due to the number of adverts for Riley & Son that I have seen, I assume that the algorithms are also unable to distinguish between a desire to repair my 4mm:1ft locomotives and a desire to repair my 12inch:1ft locomotives.

  17. I hope you are watching Channel5 at the moment, not reading this... :wink_mini:

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    2. Captain Kernow
    3. truffy


      Slow telly? It’s either cricket or watching paint dry. But neither could be described as “stunning”.

    4. Hroth


      Must admit I saw the listing and thought "maybe" then forgot to have a look.  Did they go all Potter over the Gelnfinnan Viaduct?


      Cricket is only "stunning" if you get hit by an errant six....


  18. I just dropped a tender handrail and heard it go "ping, ping, ping" on the tiled floor. It's nowhere to be found. What seemed like a great idea last night is now tainted with a sense of loss and disappointment...

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    2. sigtech


      I tend to'find' what i've just lost most times if I go down on hands and knees and carefully feel for the object- slowly and methodically around the area where it was lost, if no luck then widen search area and repeat... you've got more chance of finding it on a tiled floor than if it were on carpet; it's a matter of dogged persistence, methodical searching - and luck!

    3. Harlequin


      I found it! :D


      So now I feel better about the original idea, which is why I was taking a tender apart in the first place. Will post more if it works out...


  19. I will do the brussels...

    But there's a bit of shunting I need to get finished first!


  20. I'm sure the announcer just said, 

    "Michael Gove's Great Australian Railway Journeys"!


    I felt a great disturbance in the force...


  21. I've just found some photos of my old model railway from 40 years ago! :-)

    I will post them here if I can find the right place.

    1. Mikkel


      Yes please. 

    2. Harlequin


      I have started a Layout Topic here: 



  22. Is there any Tea on this spaceship?

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    2. Mark Saunders

      Mark Saunders

      They apparently have a tea party in America!

    3. Metr0Land


      Yes but they throw tea into cold water

    4. ian


      Share and enjoy!

  23. James May, reassembler : Flying Scotsman - on now.

    1. Hroth


      Most enjoyable!



    1. BoD


      Now there's a challenge for the good Captain.

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