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  1. Interesting, I felt it was some time around then, could just be a coincidence I suppose....
  2. Hi David I have certainly not said Farish has abandoned N Gauge, what I have said is that priorities seem to be elsewhere at the moment. I have already acknowledged that at TINGS we were shown where various projects were at, but that is not the whole story is it? Even those at deco sample stage are mostly many months away, and much of what was shown was diesel/electric which is also all you have spoken of above. The 69 is a niche model, a small class and not relevant to any but modellers of the most recent era, I hope it does well for them but it doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. If you are a steam/diesel transition modeller like me, then take a look at what re-runs of steam locos are listed . For a start of Fairsh's huge steam model portfolio there are just 20 models shown in total, that's not different classes that is the whole lot, and of those: - Fowler 4F, 3 x livery variants "Awaiting" J39, 3 x livery variants "Awaiting". Fairburn Tank, 2 x livery variants "Awaiting" Standard 5MT (Partial retool), 3x livery variants "Awaiting" ( I was told probably 18 months away). So of the 20, only 9 in stock (some the slower sellers like LNER 8F) and eleven as yet do not even have a delivery date. The above may explain why I take a different view to you, and I would really love to know on what authority you are saying "until that is caught up no there won’t be anything else announced" you do not know that for a fact any more than I do, the Class 69 being a case in point. I have already acknowledged that info on newly tooled plans is unlikely to break from the quarterly announcements, but it just might.. Regards Roy
  3. There certainly are big issues worldwide with containers, a colleague at work was saying recently that a container previously costing £2k can currently cost £18k, just a supply and demand thing with ships being laid up due to Covid, also leading to less predicable delivery. I also heard the "Boss" from Rails say that the Sonic 56xx locos were air-freighted in, and because N shipments are smaller in volume terms it was more viable to do this for N which was interesting. There may well still be manufacturing issues at Bachmann, it may be that OO is being prioritised for production slots (I personally think this may be the case - a commercial decision) however I very much doubt the reason will ever get into the public domain. What saddens me most though, is that having built the Farish "brand" up since the takeover to make it the pre-eminent one in British N, they are now slipping backwards. I really think that in these circumstances if (big if) there are brand new models that are closer to arrival they should break with the rigid quarterly announcements and say something more substantive to keep their loyal customers on board. Roy
  4. Plenty of updates on existing projects, deco samples and the like but no, nothing new. I took the opportunity to speak to a very pleasant and helpful young lady on the stand, and it is very clear that Bachmann UK are only too aware of the unhappy feedback/comments from N modellers. Problems with Chinese manufacturing/covid was mentioned, I was assured that there are "new" products in the pipeline, but no indication of course as to when there will be news. Personally as there was nothing at TINGS I do not expect anything on the 26th September either, rightly or wrongly (a matter of opinion) they appear to be sticking to the policy of quarterly announcements. What concerned me more was the pace at which the things we do know about will apparently be coming through. I asked if there was any ETA for the sound upgraded 5MT, and the reply was that if at EP stage now, probably 18 months, so that would be Q1 2023, I must stress this was an estimate and I may have put her on the spot in asking, I am hopeful as it is only a partial retool it may be sooner, but N releases are already scheduled into the first I think 6 months of 2022 so reasonable to think none of the 4 "awaited" steam re-runs will be until after that. I did ask why new tool OO models were in that case coming through quarterly, but didn't really expect an answer and it wouldn't have been fair to push, after all she was just the messenger! Last point, as a Collectors' Club member myself, I haven't seen that much benefit for my membership apart from an annual PO wagon which is very pretty but not my chosen era, so I am happy that there is an exclusive opportunity for me to hopefully find a bargain or two - I guess I see this from a different perspective. Roy
  5. Brilliant choice, there is nothing like the London Underground network and this is bound to inspire some great choices of layout, even something like Epping-Ongar possibly? Roy
  6. Not for me to say possibly, but I doubt RevolutioN's approach to any new projects would change in that assuming crowdfunded as everything has been up to now, there would be a dependency on meeting a minimum order quantity (possibly encouraged by an "early bird" price then a batch to meet that demand produced with some on top (at a higher retail price) for retailers. Then once that demand is satisfied, the tooling is rested for a few years as with Class B tanks and Pendos. I don't think we will ever get back to having constant availability in the way we once did. On the subject of wish lists, I don't think much will top the already mentioned first gen suburban DMU especially a 117, simply on the basis of the eras it would cover and the range of livery options - truly one to meet a diverse demand from about 1960 to what the mid to late 90s in some areas then preservation? Roy
  7. As far as Sonic go, I wouldn't care to predict what they will do after the J50 which was a big and very pleasant surprise to a lot of people, myself included. A simple 0-6-0 tender loco may make sense, but given Colin Allbright's UK knowledge I feel sure Sonic will know what models Union Mills produce and consequently what to avoid duplicating. I expect thin pickings from Farish going forward personally, their eye seems to be firmly on investment in the OO range and while I may always be proved wrong, I do not expect a new tool steam loco for a while. It is a minefield to negotiate, but I can't help feeling that the third Sonic model will be an equally unexpected but inspired choice - how about a WW1 GC ROD 2-8-0 for example? To be clear, not a prediction but just an example of what there is to choose from. Roy
  8. Apologies for delay, please find picture below, the whole loco cleverly clips together, the clips for the loco body take the form of what looks like steps underneath the cab door and one each end under the "nose". Then the external plastic "chassis" clips on to the metal inner chassis via two tiny metal lugs in the centre, just above the footplate. You will see the plasticard retainer for the motor I had to make when I got a bit gung-ho cutting the top away to allow access for the decoder wires! Hope this helps. Roy
  9. Because Union Mills do the 2P and T9 already already.
  10. Hi Steve I will dig mine out tomorrow and send a few pics. Regards Roy
  11. According to Ben A on another over 1000 have been shipped already with plenty more to go and selling well via Rails too - one livery variant sold out and plenty of others where liveries are 70% or sold last I checked. So, far from few buying them as far as I can tell they have proved to be really popular. It does seem that overall the locos have been relatively free of issues, inevitably some haven't been right, but that is only to be expected with a mass produced model. I am really impressed with my pair, one of which has probably had about 5 hours of running now and and the mechanism, already excellent from the box, has settled down to an incredibly sweet runner. It bodes well for the J50... Roy
  12. Interesting Steven. I am not saying there is any connection but it is curious that 2016 was the year when Graham Hubbard retired.
  13. That's not the way it works as I understand it. The locos I mention above form part of the announcements that pre-date the transition to quarterly, and as items are delivered from this old list, in the end there will eventually be quarterly announcements only and none of these left to do. Now, I will probably have retired by the time the transition is completed (I jest not!). It is Bachmann's business how they do things, but I would simply observe (as others have said) that the lack of knowledge of future products will make it harder: - 1) for retailers to gauge demand or budget themselves. 2) Harder to gauge overall level of demand for a product. 3) Yes, harder for individuals with smaller modelling budgets to put money aside for new models. To be fair it is the way Farish used to do it years ago (no pre-announcement) but in those days the models were designed and made in the UK, and the supply chain was much shorter and models less complex. Anyway, it is what it is, I would be happy if just one of the four "announced" locos arrives sooner, and given it's relative simplicity plus the fact that there has only been one production run so far the 4F would be a solid "all rounder" but it ain't going to happen..... Roy
  14. No sign of the announced and "Awaiting" 5MT, 4F, J39 or Fairburn in that timescale then? I find that far more disappointing that the Autumn "announcement" to be honest. Only the 5MT is having any tooling mods, the rest will come off existing tooling. It means no doubt that each will go through yet another price increase next January time, still without a delivery date even in the six months following. I don't think even Bachmann can put a positive spin on this, it simply does not bode well, in spite of the popular liveries of the 8F (BR late, BR early and LMS) being out of stock very quickly at Barwell following release and there clearly being strong demand for steam locos, it looks like there may be no more steam following the N Class for at least another 12 months. Roy
  15. Hi Kris Yes, I should have added to modern standards, the PECO tooling is way over 30 years old and not accurate, but to be fair they are inexpensive in relative terms. Regards Roy
  16. I too am an N Gauge loyalist but welcome and exciting though Revolutions' releases and future plans are, they cannot possibly fill any void because the range of Farish models is so extensive. By way of just one example Farish has tooled several types of brake van alone, and EFE Shark aside, nobody else manufactures a single RTR N Gauge brake van. For balance I have since had a good look at the Farish range of models on Bachamnn's website, and here to be fair I must retract any thought I may have had about them not being interested in British N. There are a lot of wagons and vans in stock, Brake vans too, plus a good number with delivery dates within the next 6 months too. The announcements we have seen today appear to be additional livery variants "bolted on" to planned production. The same goes for coaches, there are a lot in stock or on the way, the glaring issue is that there is not a range of maroon Mk1s to make up a whole train for example, just odd vehicles, it applies to others too. Thompsons sold through already so clearly went well. Locomotives - there is a huge portfolio of tooling but only 20 steam locos listed in total and of them the 5MT, 4F, J39 and Fairburn (all bread and butter locos) are still "awaiting". Of the diesel loco range, the announced 08, 47, 60, 37, 42, 14 and 24 of various liveries are still "awaiting". I.e. there is a massive backlog (or they are not as big a priority and will be got to when they are got to). Seeing even some of those "awaiting" come through would be reassuring for most people and bolster the range, prioritising the "bread and butter" models like the said 4F, 5MT or Class 37, 24 etc, ones known to sell. It is perhaps telling that of the most recent 31s, only the "niche" liveries remain in stock, the green and blue ones are long gone. So at the end of this long ramble I have revised my initial reaction, Bachmann has plans for a lot of releases but progress is glacial and they need to try to push some of the more reliable sellers through more quickly. The quarterly announcements are not helpful, if anything they only highlight the lack of progress in both scales and as a PR exercise they are badly wanting. Roy
  17. I have known Maurice for about 20 years, I would say that the source is highly reliable. Regards Roy
  18. I fear that the biggest N manufacturer starving the Market will ultimately have the effect of killing demand, it almost feels as if with these latest obscure releases they are producing models that few will buy to justify a withdrawal. They have an amazing portfolio of tooling and no end of options so even without anything new tool they could satisfy growing demand for Mk1s 16T mineral wagons etc. You only have to look (wince?) at the prices models sell for on eBay to know that there is demand. Try to find an 08 at a price south of £100 - you have to be very lucky. I haven't seen any evidence of announcements at TINGS just that Bachmann are going to be there. I may have to order another Sonic J50 to cheer myself up. Roy
  19. Hi Gahame The only thing "new tool" is actually just that a tool - a box spanner for undoing crankpins! Regards Roy
  20. Because the trailing truck is sprung it is pretty sure-footed, just a very occasional issue, but to be fair my old test track has been around a while and isn't treated with much love, one of the points has a bit of a "bump" in the frog area. Roy
  21. To be honest Grahame while I would like to see a steam loco, I would look upon anything newly tooled as a positive. Regards Roy
  22. I have got one of mine apart ready for chipping, the truck just needs a reasonably gentle tug and out it pops. Roy
  23. It was a real stretch for me to justify 56xxs but I wanted to support Sonic so put together a plausible back-story, but in truth they are really more "Rule 1" locos, albeit I am glad I bought them they are lovely models. The J50 especially in the lined LNER liveries is such a pretty little loco that I am sure a good number will find their way onto people's layouts as a "Rule 1" too. Roy
  24. Well my days, who would have believed it, an LNER tank loco at long last I have often thought what an excellent choice a J50 would be, so needless to say I have immediately pre-ordered two, whether I can resist another one or two in due course I wouldn't care to predict. A circa Q2 2022 delivery so not a huge amount of time to wait either. Great news!!! Roy
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