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  1. Interesting, when I looked 3 hours ago, they were shown as 'out of stock', which is the current status as I write this!
  2. Some nice photos of the prototype, thanks for those. Does this mean that the model is going to be available soon, please?
  3. I couldn't agree more. In some ways, the 'normal rules of engagement' can be considered as not applying here. I don't know how much money there is in this kind of commercial activity, but it can't be much. Whatever else anyone else might like to say about their experiences of Markits, we'd all very quickly be wailing and gnashing our teeth if their products weren't available any more. The part of the model market where you build your own chassis or re-wheel an RTR one is mostly dependent on the likes of Markits and Gibson (and Ultrascale, in part). That's no
  4. There are some second-hand ones for sale with Hattons themselves, together will all the new ones they still have in stock - https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/1484058/1000588/1000640/0/hattons_originals_oo_gauge_1_76_scale_steam_locos/prodlist.aspx
  5. Just to add that the bringing-into-use of new signals (eg. semaphores with a white cross on them and with no ilumination pending commissioning) is strictly managed and controlled by the issue of appropriate operating notices, which all in receipt of same have to acknowledge receipt of. You cannot simply bring a new signal into use, without the due official notifications having been made to all railway staff who's roles and responsibilities are affected by it.
  6. Signalling Rules & Regulations would absolutely prohibit the presence of any kind of aspect in a signal that is not in use. The unauthorised presence of such an irregular aspect would be considered a potentially serious operational incident, which could bring about confusion on the driver's part and possible consequential issues.
  7. I have had something similar for many years. I get through scalpel blades quite quickly and yet my sharps bin still has a great amount of space left in it.
  8. When attempting to send a letter to an address in Germany yesterday, I now find that instead of an 'EU destination' stamp, I now have to put three separate stamps on the envelope, to the total value of £1.45. Of course, there is no £1.45 stamp. You need one for £1.42, then one for 2p and (incredibly, they still exist) one for 1p.

    Is this some kind of Bre*it-related farce, I wonder?

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      Don't get excited chaps.............104477072_288167482554986_5198752447038688583_n.jpg.a364e5de17430bb826db3ecb542dae2c.jpg.16b4a911d1824da7adca94f99bfad1cc.jpg

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      I can't see the lovely Plant Slaps?

    4. NHY 581
  9. Excellent, Neil and I think the idea of a shelf for mugs of tea is just fantastic!
  10. I have found the Mashima 1024 a useful and powerful motor. Brian Osborne at Branchlines in Westbury still has some in stock.
  11. So effectively Porcy, the Hornby wheelsets are now completely redundant for P4, if you're going to use some of David's wheel centres together with Gibson tyres?
  12. As it happens, they are close to the end of the line, a tumble-down bufferstop in the trees!
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