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  1. Add to that the fact that the Sea Trout Inn in Staverton appears to be open again, then you are heading towards the status of Acceptable Satisfaction.
  2. 'Thanks. Feedback improves Google ads'. No it doesn't, you lying baaastards!


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    2. teaky


      An ad blocker improves them immeasurably.

    3. bgman
    4. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      But they're right! Feedback improves their ability to irritate us more easily and more often.

  3. If you were loitering in the yard at Capel Bethesda in the 1950s and early 1960s, you would probably see two types of goods workings. The first would be the normal BR goods services, worked as far as Bethesda Sidings from Leominster Yard, via Kington and New Radnor. Such workings usually included the Presteign services as well. Apart from a relatively small amount of local goods traffic by the early 1960s, most of the traffic to and from Bethesda Sidings was that which was exchanged with the Vale of Radnor Light Railway, which ran from Capel Bethesda up to Llanddewi, where a military depot was to be found. The Vale of Radnor Light Railway was still nominally independent, but was heavily reliant on the military traffic for it's survival. It was also a member of the Association of Independent Light Railways. Membership of this body resulted in the various railway organisations that belonged to it, being able to help each other out in the event of a motive power shortage. Whilst the VoRLR had it's own resident motive power, in addition to a couple of resident military locos, it did from time to time, resort to borrowing locos from other concerns. Here we see an 'Austerity' tank waiting in the yard at Engine Wood, in Somerset, for a path northwards to Leominster, via Bristol, Gloucester and Hereford. This loco was actually owned by the South Polden Light Railway on the Somerset Levels, but ended up being a bit of a nomad, being hired out to the local NCB collieries for much of it's life:
  4. Indeed. In the meantime, someone has either attached a camera to his balsa wood glider or has climbed a tree in the style of Ben Ashworth:
  5. So are you saying that the image (above) of the blue and white 48DS is due to Photoshop trickery?
  6. Extremely nice, Stu. Does the body come apart to help spray it and thus reduce the amount of masking off that you'd otherwise have to do?
  7. I can see that a lot of wisdom has been exchanged on this thread this morning. I doubt that I can really add much to that. Chris - I will provisionally and on a temporarily impermanent basis, consider the possible reinstatement of your name of the list of semi-urgent actions accorded to one of the Assistant Deputy Chief Supervisors, with regards to his (or her) next meeting, whereby he (or she) will chair a discussion on the composition of the Christmas Card List.
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