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  1. Hopefully not be long now til we see some LSWR lettered examples
  2. These are definately 'Wow' wagons. Livery, lettering, under detail is just excellent!!
  3. One is very happy right now... Will do photos later
  4. I'll get some photos up when I can lads. Be the Mainland pre-1936 and post-1936 examples.
  5. Just an email to say my LSWR Road Brake Vans have been shipped to me!! Cannot wait to get these!!
  6. Didn't notice til I read the article earlier, that Rapido was doing the Severn Valley Railway's example of SECR 12522. That being the case, I cannot refuse 12522... even if I am a Big Four modeller...!! Always been one of my favourite SVR wagons
  7. My supplier @AGR Model Store has two of 21C7 left in stock.
  8. Whilst I am interested in the 'The Earl', 1456 and Henry models, would these liveries have just been suitable for the Big Four era at all? I suspect the answer would be yes but some clearance would be helpful.
  9. Van samples are on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/oxfordrail/posts/2863349290544036
  10. Banana van samples are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oxfordrail/posts/2863349290544036
  11. Payment for early SR versions took this morning and dispatched
  12. Great news @Oliver Rails. Do you have sample images of the other models besides the two SECR examples yet?
  13. Yes, post-1936 GWR livery. Livery would of lasted into early BR at least until the wagon needed work or an overhaul.
  14. Hey guys, I am asking this query on behalf of a friend is mine. Recently my friend has been looking at purchasing one of the OO shapeways 3D printed kits of the GWR Loriot Y wagons, with the intention of the wagon being in BR livery. However with the exception of GWR photos (preservation and pre-preservation) and photos of last surviving example 41990 in it's last days at Bescot, he cannot find anything of either Loriot Y during their BR days. Does anyone here have any ideas or knowledge as to what liveries either 41989/990 would've beared during the BR era?
  15. Would you happen to have a copy of this issue please? If so could you send me a scan or a good photo of the picture please? You have made my day so much better!!
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