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  1. And that'll be my Terriers sorted until GWR 5 and a Wartime Black version are done
  2. Please be aware guys my photos are not the best standard. There are people who do better photos of these models. Bar a very tiny nip of metal just under the shirtbutton in my first photo, the model is excellent. I am very pleased with it and I am now looking forward to receiving SR 2644 in the near future.
  3. You're making me spend money lol!! But I must admit I've noticed the ends on the Bachmann LMS and GWR examples and I have wanted to replace them for a while... Is it's my eyes playing tricks @gwrrob or is there a slight height difference between the Bachmann version and Dapol version of the SR van bodies? Do post these on the GWR Modellers group btw, this is quite impressive
  4. I have a friend who does some custom Grotesque lettering. You can see the results on the Hornby 42xx thread below. If you want to know who did me the transfers, please PM me and I will forward him onto you. GWR 57xx Pannier 8700 is another Pannier I'd most likely suspect ended it's carrier in it's GWR Shirtbutton livery. The first photo link shows it in 1958. Unfortunately the second link photo doesn't include a date though. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrt2414.htm https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrt2363.htm
  5. Ah yes! You completely reminded of this book of which I have a copy! I have found the information I required. What I now require is somewhere to that does the Shed Allocation code and the SC lettering that goes underneath the SAC.
  6. Not mine but a favourite. GWR 66XX 6677 in 1962 still in the GWR Grotesque livery applied to locos at Caerphilly Works. https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p330735406/h48A4673D#h48a4673d
  7. The work on converting a BR Ivatt to a LMS example has begun. However we have hit a slight snag. We are unsure as to which sized decals to use on the model. Looking at the DJH model they seem to use the smaller decals. Any help please!
  8. Question guys, would the LMS Ivatts have had polished steel cylinder end covers or all black in their LMS days?
  9. No.10. I cannot find any information which mentions No.10
  10. Does anyone know the background to the Carless Petrol example? I cannot find anything about a number 10 example in my books
  11. Well anything like this is great to see. We have around 1290 members so it will be getting some good attention hopefully on there :)
  12. Very impressive work. I will post the shapeways link on the GWR Modellers page on Facebook and hopefully get you some extra attention from there
  13. Hello Oliver, Have you had any update as towards the last batch of Terriers at all?
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