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    A volunteer on the Severn Valley and a railway photographer. Mainly dealing in photographs of rolling stock.

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  1. Yes the unique LNER Restaurant Car 7960.
  2. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8. For the future if you wish to do a poll like this for the GWR Modellers page I admin on Facebook, I'm sure the other admins wouldn't mind. A new GWR Dean Clerestory is especially on the top of my list and especially after having seen GWR 1941 several times during my trips to Didcot over the years...
  3. Thank you. Money saved!!
  4. I'm most interested in a Malachite version but I've only seen images of IOW examples in the livery. Anyone ever seen a photo of Mainland one in the livery please?
  5. GWR 1450 has begun the first steps to her next overhaul. Was able to catch a snap of 1450 at Kidderminster on Wednesday night loaded up before she left on Thursday for the Flour Mill.
  6. Got a challenge for you all... has anyone ever heard of a GWR 1366 Pannier of having gone into Warblack livery at all?
  7. A pre-grouping Iron Mink due to it having it having handles on the ends, possibly of the Barry Railway but cannot saying for certain without looking in the books.
  8. I did infact open a thread on GWR Iron Mink Vans and the BR era back in November of last year and after much searching @watfordtmc found me a perfect image of GWR W69121 photographed in 1951 still bearing it's post 1936 livery bar the fact GW had been removed and W had put infront of the number. The image is dated 1951 and is in British Railways Illustrated June 2019.
  9. Whilst I am interested in Harburn's Briggs Dundee 23, was there actually a 23 built or not? I cannot find any information about it bar the preserved No.20 example at Bo'ness.
  10. Thanks for the replies wessy and Jason. Looking at the photo if you have a copy of the book, would you say it is has got the 14" LMS and 12" numbers or both 14"?
  11. I'm looking at getting LMS Coal Tank 7796 represented in OO as per the photo on P.144 of Bashers, Gadgets and Mourners by Peter Skellon during her heavy service repair of February 1936. However I'm unsure as to what colour lettering she has on the tanks. Is it the gold lettering or cream? Any help please?
  12. Hopefully not be long now til we see some LSWR lettered examples
  13. These are definately 'Wow' wagons. Livery, lettering, under detail is just excellent!!
  14. One is very happy right now... Will do photos later
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