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  1. Spent a few hours today at Bewdley. Main priority for today was to get a few shots of last built Manning Wardle 0-6-0 Saddle Tank 2047 'Warwickshire' who has been moved down to Bewdley along with her boiler, smokebox and saddle tank (currently on GWR 'Loriot' N Machinery Wagon 42343) awaiting to swap places with GWR Large Prairie 4150 who will go to Bridgnorth to complete her overhaul. Secondly whilst checking today's stats, I realised I had hit 3 million views!! This target was hit on Monday 8th last week. As always I want to say thank you to everyone who follows and favourites my photos on Flickr. I also want to especially say thank you to railway modellers (who I originally started doing this for) for having used my photos for reference and also linking to my photos in comments on here. Please do keep doing so everyone. Again thanks 15th April 2019 - Bewdley
  2. A few years ago I purchased a Roxey Mouldings 4C7 LSWR/SR 30ft Full Brake. Can anyone tell me if any of the vans lasted til Nationalisation please as I can't find any information on these vans in my books or on the net.
  3. 100% agree. I am just happy that these volumes have been published. It's a fantastic treasure trove of information which is proving very useful so far to me
  4. The others which include LMS Brake Van 730866, Cadbury Van 346, GWR Mink A 93045, GWR Gunpowder Van 58725 and ESSO Tank 2686 have gone up to Arley for the time being. I assume this is because of the Hand Crane coming to Bewdley and there being not enough room at the moment in time in the yard for all the wagons. The Hand Crane has been in that position since my first photo of it back in 2008, although I know it's been there longer than that.
  5. On Friday 22nd last week, Stourport Triangle resident GWR Hand Crane 446 and Match Truck ex-BR Conflat ADB707261 were pulled out. Currently at Bewdley Yard awaiting moving to Arley where GWR 446 will be cosmetically restored. The Conflat will be swapped with GWR 813 Fund owned wagon, GWR 'Rotank' 2501. Headed down to Bewdley this morning to snap a few shots of 446 and it is remarkable to see bar the Caution sign missing, 446 has still got alot of the original plates still attached. 25th March 2019 - Bewdley
  6. Just out of curiosity, how long has the "A replacement machine has come and hoping to start production for the Cooper Craft, Mailcoach & Kirk LNER in the near future." been on the Cooper Craft homepage? I don't recall seeing that on there last time I checked...
  7. I need a replacement tender buffer for my GWR Shirtbutton 47xx. Looking at the pamphlet, I can see several listings for buffers but I cannot tell which one I would need to order. Can anyone help please?
  8. Purchased Stroudley and His Terriers at the SVR Spring Gala on Friday from the GWR 813 Fund stand... a very good read and will certainly help me with these Terriers
  9. These in post-1936 livery as per the examples on P.153 (LMS 279102 and 279103) would look splendid I'll have to order a set soon
  10. Another fine loco from Hornby
  11. And so another spectacular SVR Spring Gala has come to a close. I've enjoyed all three days and everything that has come with it. All four visitors along with our residing locos have done an outstanding job despite the minor hiccups. Lovely to see so many people out and about too and great company too over the Gala. 15th, 16th and 17th March 2019 - Kidderminster - Bridgnorth - Spring Gala 2019
  12. Day 2 done... very good time today. Had to finish photowise early due to 4144's unfortunate mishap at Kidderminster today but then again it wouldn't be a Gala without a few hiccups. 15th and 16th March 2019 - Kidderminster - Bridgnorth - Spring Gala 2019
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