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    A volunteer on the Severn Valley and a railway photographer. Mainly dealing in photographs of rolling stock.

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  1. The last engine I recall using GWR 92 was ex-Port Talbot 813 when she was there during April 2017 but I've seen photos of Captain Baxter using 92 when she was there last year. Besides 813 and Baxter, I have seen photos of GWR 1450 and Met 1 using the autocoach too. GWR 93's overhaul will be something I watch with great interest too...
  2. I cannot wait to see the LNER example now...
  3. Does anyone recall the running number of the upcoming GWR example?
  4. Sadly not but when it comes, it comes. That is how I am looking at it.
  5. When it comes, it comes. In the meantime, visiting Didcot now and again seeing 93 before she bows out for eventual overhaul in 2021 is good enough for me
  6. Email has just come through from Rails of Sheffield... 1361s and 1366 on offer for £99.50
  7. The sample on display at Warley looked good...
  8. An unexpected sight tbh... made my day. Just now need a Wartime Black one
  9. Best I could do today Miss Prism.
  10. Just had an update on the Gunpowder Vans... "We have no news on the vans as we've paused our UK expansion plans, unfortunately. We imagine another manufacturer will pick them up soon."
  11. Would you be able to take some more photos of Rhmney Railway 293 at all please? Would be interested in getting one of my O18's converted to a Rhmney example
  12. Just waiting on Rails to get the other SR example and then they'll be on their way...
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