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  1. 50/50 chance? He's very optimistic! Alan
  2. The name was originally 3 Gaelic words - the pool of the Son of God - so, logically each syllable has equal prominence. In practice, the "ma" has slightly less emphasis. Alan
  3. This is a Falcon Brass Wee Ben. Not too difficult as I recall.
  4. There was a Stephen Poole kit but the dimensions were not quite right. Maybe a Roche drawing was used. Alan
  5. In real life, curved viaducts are actually constructed as a sequence of straight segments which makes life easier as the arches don't taper. Alan
  6. Mine runs very well with a Laisdcc 8 pin. Alan
  7. Mike, what's the current position on the Gresley V4? Alan
  8. Well, it's the software that's changed so I'm just expressing a wish. Alan P.S. Got it sorted now - thanks, Andy.
  9. Yes, I realise the browser was doing it - because it could. I am not clear that that it can do the same so cleanly now. I'll keep exploring. Alan
  10. Yes, I know, but I said "simple". I used to be able to click "chrome", type "R" (for RMweb/new content) and I was there. This is so laborious. Alan
  11. Might it be argued that the LNER had a much greater diversity of locomotive classes than the other 3? Alan
  12. I just wish they would do the early Inverness version - no headlights. Alan
  13. Read the small print - presumably why they're going cheap! "Please note that this item has a minor manufacturing fault resulting in potential decoder damage when fitted with a Digital decoder. This can be resolved by affixing electrical tape to the underside of the PCB board, however due to this modification being required we offer this model as DCC Incompatible and we do not offer our usual Digital fitting services on this item. This item will function correctly on an analogue layout without any modification. " Alan
  14. I emailed them about that version last April and the reply was "I have registered you as interested in this variation and we will be in touch with any future developments." Alan
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