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  1. More work today…. After taking the loop lines across the board join on to board 3 I Discovered I needed to fit another 10 power feeds on board 2. Oh heck don’t tell Clive!!! Brilliant teamwork from @Pierre Le Brunagain today…. Cheers Pete! Build is currently out on the front drive which attracts comments from passers by and local gossip… where the hedgehogs have been seen and from one precocious 5 year old girl who insists on telling us what she has been doing at school today! Under the watchful gaze of her mum of course….
  2. As I no longer work for the NHS I am now free to express views on it! What a wonderful achievement Bachmann…. Congratulations all round
  3. Nothing concrete but Toddington diesel gala 2022 May be a good shakedown if they will have us
  4. Yes from what I hear it’s the smell from all those off shore wind farms that is the problem…
  5. Better not show this to the Lincolnshire branch of the model railway wiring police then! In my defence m’lud there are only 3 wires…. Blue brown and red. And preprogramming the cobalts was a great success too …. Each board is electrically independent and only connected by the bus…. When I plugged this one in no shorts, every point motor worked and the stalwart D5401 test ran on all tracks. Happy bunny!
  6. Being retired I have had the chance to read back through this thread and have been humbled again by the engagement and helpful advice offered - thanks everyone. The lack of a detailed track plan does imply the truth - I am making up the fiddle yard as we go along! Keep watching for further developments but on a layout of this size I can chose exactly where I site a point and which point to use for greatest ease when I actually get to that point. Planning has taken place elsewhere however. The layout is planned to accomodate both the size and variety of trains we like to run. Attached is a starting set up for a show where we are not running a timetable.... information has come from many sources, not least those already on this thread and on RMweb in general but also from the South Wales Brians - Rolley and Tucker - @The Stationmaster, @TheSignalEngineer, @Rivercider, @Downendian and many facebook groups .... and thanks to @robertcwpfor making the carriage working notices available. All has gone in to forming this attached starting plan but there are a lot of trains we will run that dont appear on this starting list..... Phil Train sequence.xlsx
  7. Today’s first job is to suss this little beastie out. If I have it correct it’s two separate 1amp switches controlled by separate addresses …. Aber alles papier ist Deutsch! Intention is to use for dead sections so each fiddle yard loop will have two routes…. One with dead section just in front of exit points to stop a train which is doing a single run past once the relevant main line reset route is selected …. The other with dead section live for running through the loop when we are not operating seriously. Other possibilities include triggering sound decoders as part of routes as some will pass no signals and hence will not give operators an indication that a route is set eg in to goods loops which begin behind the back scene and do not have entry signals. Likely sounds are bird song! Pheasants and woodpeckers come to mind ….
  8. Cheers Bob retirement has it’s benefits! I do like track laying too … and wiring. A good job I think… there’s lots to do! Much more scenic work too once we get to track competition, looking forwards to those challenges especially as we hope to integrate Magnorail circuits. Great to have you along for the ride….
  9. Certainly is! One of many recent additions to the fleet need to take more loco photos….
  10. Today’s job is programming the cobalt digitals. Easy to do on the bench (or dining table!) directly from ECoS. Hopefully by giving them logical names (well to me any way!) and accessory codes life will be easier when it comes to grouping them in to routes
  11. For sure Mike And that is the simplest board….. will send him another one when completed!
  12. Good evening Clive. Always had a soft spot for Luton it’s the only league football ground where I have actually scored in a game !!! Luton vans designed to carry hats….. And here you go….
  13. A Luton will take the load Bob …. Checked that one out…..
  14. So further progress! Realised it is vital to clearly identify @Tim Horns excellent boards for ease of assembly and storage …. This should do the trick! S for scenic F for fiddle. Track laying started on board F1 … as you look at layout from front that is rear left board … with the low level tracks for the north end of the B&G fiddle yard, including the south end reversing loop. Track laying Now progressed and completed on board F2 , needs wiring up before @Pierre Le Brun comes up to help on Wednesday when hopefully we can get track laid on to board F3 …. Only 3 points on the low level on that board then it’s plain track for all the loops till board F8 ….. 15ft loops should hopefully hold two trains each, loop 1 will be nearer 25ft specifically for northbound motorails which load up to 16 vehicles …. Assuming a Bachmann Peak or Brush 4 will take that over 1/60 gradients. We will see…. Also impressed with cobalt Digitals …. Far less wiring. Have also grouped track feeds to local hubs which then connects to the bus rather than taking every one back to the main bus …. Saves on wiring and connectors! Hope this makes sense …. More to follow
  15. A nice build of a characterful and late surviving loco …. Even if she had been swindonised in to a pannier tank by then! Thanks for sharing
  16. When you say No warranty….. I have returned failed chips for which I have no provenance to ESU and they have been replaced at a very reasonable cost. Might be worth exploring….
  17. Just bought SWMBO a Cricut Maker 3 for her birthday. Buildings required for the new layout… although nowt as fancy as yours! Will let you know how I get on although layout has to be built first….
  18. Was it a case of the LNER Garratt no longer being needed at Worsborough following electrification and trying to find other work?
  19. And still got two Mk1 underframes on my work bench for your 304! Cheltenham Show? 

  20. Phil Bullock

    Dapol Class 22

    Always worth watching what DCC supplies are selling as imperfects Tim
  21. There was a pile of them on the counter there when I visited yesterday….
  22. Oh give me a home Where the Accurascales roam… And I’ll show you a house with a messy carpet!
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