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  1. May be something of interest to RMwebbers here ... particularly the auto trailer books. Support a worthy cause, Go to GWR 813 fund on Facebook.
  2. Nice! Have you flush glazed or are the brass sides thin enough to still look good with glazing behind them?
  3. Daily shower spray is excellent for dampening ballast before adding PVA ....
  4. Likewise.... in for 20 CBAs here, needs an AB Peak for early 70s.....
  5. It’s off to the Valley of the Crows for you then!
  6. I can only echo what has already been said about the poll .... and the Class 120 dmu! A huge vote of thanks to the team.... and I have found supporting information very informative too. Take a well earned rest gentlemen
  7. CBAs in block trains too Paul - the Tunstead - Margam was an early AB block working, from 68 IIRC. Heres hoping they are on the list.... Phil
  8. HO Kato on the patio.... For temporary layouts and a test track it is brilliant
  9. A device designed to produce low frequency vibrations is a bit more subtle and less likely to cause derailments
  10. Having done a cut and shut BFK from Bachmann coach sides am now moving on to replacement etched brass sides.... another BFK, an RF and an RBK all using Bachmann Mk1s as donors. Thanks @billbedford How have others done these please - Complete replacement of existing sides or mounted the etches on to the sides? Got to source other components... the Frogmore door hinges look good, any other recommendations please? Cheers Phil
  11. All done. Irons courtesy of Kernow ... an excellent etch they supply with one of their locos but sell separately. Also Invested in crew from Hardys Hobbies - thank you Richard - and they are perfect! Fireman is having a blow on his added shovel, driver one hand on reverser and the other on regulator. Might have to do more steam....
  12. That’s the one thank you @TheSignalEngineer and @Kier Hardy. Just need to wind that headcode to 3V01.....
  13. 233 has now been through works ... light weathering, replacement of moulded lamp irons with etches and removal of extraneous detail that wasn’t there on this loco ? Headboard brackets .
  14. Remember 14 in green being my first deltic sighting at the Cross April 69 ... happy days! Gone for KOSB in green, happy to wait until all is correct, thanks to the team for all the efforts going in to make this a definitive model!
  15. And listening to sound reproduction on here doesn’t give faithful reproduction ... quality will be influenced by both the recording and playback devices
  16. Oo-er Missus! Start saving....
  17. As a man who grew up with Hymeks have been very happy with Howes files. With a well fitted speaker ..... And the Roads and Rails ones certainly deliver.... you will get the gutteral snarl which is so characteristic of a Hymek pulling away under load. SWMBO complains they are too loud hee hee ... volume isn’t everything, quality is also important and there is no distortion… In true Blue Peter style here’s some we did earlier
  18. Ah thanks Tony - see what you mean Hornby have put the tool box rather close to the tender side but will see if I can squeeze a set in there Kind regards Phil
  19. Morning folks This isn’t my era and I don’t have any reference materials ... photos/info seem short on web too. But am sure the community will know the answer! Converting a Hornby 30792 early crest to 30782 late crest. Transfers and plates all done - see photo - courtesy of Fox transfers. Just got to add real coal, footplate crew In suitably relaxed poses coming from Hardys Hobbies and if appropriate fire irons. But where were the latter stowed on these locos please? It’s the bogie tender but can’t see anywhere obvious. Thanks in advance.... Phil
  20. Speajing from experience with modern non steam models am not at all Sure the drive trains would cope for long. Likely failure points are plastic gears. Cardan shaft pivot puns and the flywheel drive cup, many of which come loose without being exposed to this extreme treatment. Metal geared Hornby Tin plate models are probably a bit more robust!
  21. A fascinating insight Simon - many thanks for sharing!
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