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  1. I assume you've used a Farish OAA/VAA chassis for the VCA? I've been wondering if the Chivers/Five79 OCA/OTA would be a useful chassis donor for the exTPM VCA, VDA and coaltainer kits. It's easier to get hold of than a Farish OAA/VAA and probably costs less. Steven B.
  2. Given the value of the wagon, I'd opt for one of these: If you're set on a home-brew option then have a look to see if any of the electric/network cable Trunking/Conduit sizes would fit the wagon. Steven B.
  3. The Rail Express Modeller feature on Motorail trains listed a couple of formations that included carflats and GUV running in the same train. It looks like a 3 wheeler is an unlikely load so Vyvyan and Harry Potter's Anglia and Mr Bean's Mini will have to be joined by a Del Boy Capri instead! Anyone know where I can get a 1:148/1:160 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am or GMC Vandura? Steven B.
  4. Were three wheeled vehicles allowed on the Carflats used for Motorail services? I'm thinking Reliant Robin/Regal in particular. Steven B.
  5. Sometimes 1:1 colours and textures don't scale well and can look like a caricature. I didn't feel the real coal scaled well to 1:148. From "normal viewing distances" the coal load in the model caught the light in a way I'd never seen on passing coal trains and looked fake. A coat of matt varnish might have been better than black paint, but the effect afterwards was much closer to what I'd seen. Steven B.
  6. If this doesn't come from AS I'll be very surprised. It fits perfectly within their "Power Britain" series. I'd guess the RNA runner wagon would follow it. I'd also be surprised if AS's attention doesn't turn to the humble 16t minerals at some point. Steven B.
  7. 9710 did: The driving end is different to that Farish have done so far (following the conversion in the late 1980s involving the removal of the gangway and addition of TDM equipment for working with the AC electrics). I'd guess they're allowed for this version with their tooling as it opens up the possibility of doing the Intercity, Anglia, Railtrack and DRS versions too. Steven B.
  8. Are those lumps of coal to scale? They look much larger than anything you'd see today on a preserved railway (I'm too young to remember mainline steam). I'm not sure I'm convinced by using real coal - certainly in N I feel it doesn't look right. I loaded some coal wagons with real coal I'd sieved to size and whilst the shape was good it looked a lot better once I'd painted over it with Humbrol 33. Steven B
  9. I suspect the wording "inspired by" will be Hornby's get out of jail free card. There's no other branding relating to the film on the packaging - unlike the Rapido artwork which borrows heavily from the film. I wonder if there will be an "inspired by James Bond" limited edition of the ex-Lima class 20 painted black with a glued on shart nose and couple of Russian looking Mk1s... Steven B.
  10. According to the caption on this Flickr image (https://flic.kr/p/2hWAo3p) they were regular visitors to Bevois Park Sidings. There are plenty of photos of them on Flickr in regular Speedlink trains in ones and twos. Steven B.
  11. How old are your pre-orders? Pre-orders made on the old website didn't get transferred to the new one. They still exist in RoS HQ though. Steven B.
  12. Cinderford, 1964: R1598. 1658 at Cinderford. by Ron Fisher, on Flickr And again three years later:
  13. You'll find some of the Virgin Cross country (XC) sets listed here: http://www.1s76.com/1S76 2000.htm (and other pages for earlier & later years). The standard Virgin XC formation around your time were Mk2f - RLF TSO TSO TSO TSO TSO BSO; All types have been produced by Bachmann/Farish. Voyagers started operating in 2001 with a corresponding drop in loco hauled trains. Virgin's Mk3 WCML formations were usually: DVT FO FO FO RFM TSO TSO TSO TSO TSO (all Mk3) In late BR/Early Privatisation, you could also find mixed Mk2/Mk3 rakes: 5 x Mk2 TSOs, a Mk 3 RFM vehicle, and 3x Mk 2 FOs and then Mk3 DVT. Steven B
  14. As you've posted in the DCC section, I'm assuming you use DCC. In which case, Hornby's ventilated van (R6888TTS & R6925TTS) might be of interest. Steven B
  15. I'd be very surprised if the Sleeper at Kidderminster hadn't been repainted in preservation. As I said, it's the only one I've found with no hyphen in Inter-City. If you've bought these and you're not happy, then send them back to the shop for a refund. Shops getting hit with refunds and re-stocking will have a bigger impact than simply not buying them. I'm planing on taking side-by-side images with my previous Dapol Mk3s in both Intercity and Blue/Grey liveries. It'll be interesting to see what their response is. When comparing vehicles side by side, as per the above pictures, they need to be on track otherwise the flange height becomes an issue. Steven B.
  16. I wonder if Steve at Rail Tec Models and Adam and Electra Graphic eye's light up every time a new Dapol model hits the shops? The font's right, but the text is missing a "-". Most of the Mk3 sleepers I've seen photos of are labelled "Inter-City Sleeper". This is the only image I've found of blue/grey and "InterCity". 10713 Mk3 Sleeper at Kidderminste (28-10-2017) by blackwatch55013, on Flickr "ScotRail Sleeper" versions weren't hyphenated: MK3 Sleeper by Keith Valla, on Flickr The good news is that sleeper's ran mostly at night so the mistakes won't show in the dark. Steven B.
  17. With Bachmann having a folder full of CAD from their OO Gauge models I think Ben and Mike would have to be feeling very brave to commission either the 85 or 90. Perhaps we need to catch them at the end of a night out and get them to phone Sonic with an order. Is there a commercial equivalent of a late night, post pub eBay purchase? Steven B.
  18. They had a small number of very good three step step-ladders for little people on Sunday (<10?). Worth taking one though if you value your back or shudder at the thought of lifting someone for an hour or two. Here are a few snaps I took: Steven.
  19. @Accurascale FranCan you let @Revolution Benand @Revolution Mikecopy your homework please!?! Steven B.
  20. I took my tame six year old on Sunday and we had a very enjoyable time. We parked at Trinity Walk (50p for all day on Sunday!). The layout is stunning. It captures the area amazingly well and we had lots of fun counting sheep and spotting the different cars and buildings. As has been mentioned, I felt the trains were let down by the lack of variety of coach and wagon types. It's already been mentioned that kit built stock doesn't cope with the demands. Hopefully when the likes of the Dapol HEA become available they'll be added to the roster. I was also surprised that many of the trains were running without tail-lamps and that most locos hauling trains still had their red tail lamps lit. I'd have thought both would be easy to do in O Gauge. I shall look forward to seeing it again when the station and yard area gets developed. Based on what has been done so far I won't be disappointed! Steven B.
  21. I've bought four self-healing cutting mats over the years from a number of sources and I've yet to find one that doesn't work as advertised. There is some variation in surface finish - some are glossier than others. If you shop around you can choose your colour as well as size. As well as avoiding contact with solvents, I try not to use mine as a base for soldering. Steven B.
  22. The survey asks: What I'd hope to pay is less than what I'd expect to pay! For example, I'd hope to pay less than £20 for a 4 wheel wagon in N Gauge and I answered as such. The reality is that I'd expect to pay £20-30 and would do so. Although I priced a small tank-engine at less than a larger express one, I'd expect the price difference to be as much down to the complexity rather than just size - I'd imagine a BR std 2MT tank engine would cost as much, if not more than something like the LMS Turbomotive. Steven B
  23. Osborn's have them due early January 2022, Hattons list them as being due Feb or March '22. Before Easter would be my guess! Steven B.
  24. I'm obviously missing something - why can't mass be scaled? The mass of an object is its density multiplied by volume. For a model, the density would remain constant, whilst volume is reduced by the scale cubed. Aren't the limitations more that we don't use the same material as the prototype (e.g. plastic rather than steel) and our boilers aren't filled with water? Or, that scale thicknesses for cab sides etc, would be too thin to be practical. It's not running on a scale model earth (with scale gravity) that causes the problems! Similarly, tolerances can be scaled - however, as has been pointed out, they soon become impractical to work with. Steven B.
  25. The point rodding book is available to everyone (including non 2mm Association members) via their website: 2mm.org.uk/products/nms/index.html £7 including postage to UK addresses. You can also buy the excellent "Track - How it works and how to model it", "Train Lamps & Headcodes" and a track/wagon kit bundle from the same source. All recommended! Steven B.
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