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Andy Y

ModelRail USTC 0-6-0 Tank Loco Project USA

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Does anyone know how easy it would be to swap the buffers (or buffer heads) on one of these locos?


I’m hoping to recreate 30072 in 1990s KWVR malachite green at some point and was thinking of using 30064 as a base. It’s got the larger buffer heads (presumably as it was one of the Southampton docks locos) and the difference is quite obvious. 

If they’re an easy swap it seems a simpler proposition than a full repaint? Although from the scans I have it seems that the green they used was quite a bit more lurid than that featured on the model. 




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Remember 30072 was a somewhat lighter shade of green in preservation than 30064 (in preservation or in service), but not an unreasonable compromise if you're willing.


The buffer heads are seperate from the metal buffer beams. How easy they are to extract I have no idea. Probably glued, and might not come out cleanly, which will be an issue if you are planning on doing a straight swap between two different model. You could probably ream out any remaining plastic with a drill bit in a pin chuck, however will be left with the issue of how to fit replacements if you broke the securing lug on removal.


The advantage of spring buffers is that this isn't a problem, certainly the way Bachmann make them (just crimped on the inner end)!



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The bunker of 30072 is completely different to 30064, and was not modelled by Model Rail so far.


30072 has had at last 2  different variations post 1968, first with an extension in time for the KWVR opening, and later a whole new larger bunker which it has today.


30072 in 1967, in Black..


30072 Guildford MPD 18.6.67


30072 in 1969 with expanded coal bunker to the cab roof


69 132 280669 KWVR Haworth 72


30072 after painting BR Green in preservation with bunker now “squared” off an extended over the bufferbeam, raised curves resulting in a smaller square rear cab window


Class USA 0-6-0T 30072 & Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST 2258 'Tiny'


Note 30064’s dance partner 30073 was also a very different bunker... the two are seen here

RCTS: The Solent Rail Tour 20/3/66. Back-to-back green liveried USA 0-6-0T's nos. 30064 and 30073 at Southampton (Ocean Terminal). [Mike Morant collection]


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