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Severn Valley Railway

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6 hours ago, woodenhead said:

The train with the coaches that let light in at the top is currently Hall hauled

 - but those are not the Toplights!

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Lovely couple of days at the SVR.  Walking yesterday, Bewdley to Highley with lunch by Victoria Bridge.   Timed well so as two trains passed including one hauled by 2999.  Reserved compartment today, a bit chilly at 830am but a glorious day in Worcestershire and Shropshire!  Well done SVR on a great event.







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I've only been dipping in and kept missing 2999.


But had a look earlier and there was a post on the sidebar/comments thing saying it was broke. Then there was a load of comments so the important comment disappeared.


Not a biggie, but I only caught it twice. Once at the buffers at Kiddie and leaving with the LNER teaks. Both posted above.




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For the sake of clarity it is a pin in the rocker bar. There is not much room behind it for the nut and certainly not enough room for a cotter. The nut came loose and meant it could move around which damaged the pin. This was removed on Saturday evening, unfortunately one from Hagley Hall was found to be a different size so a new one is being made and fitted this week. The engine went onto the wheel drop yesterday afternoon and should be running again by the end of the week. 

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Here is the loco on Friday, with motion pin still in place. I had sprinted from the train onto the bridge, as the northbound train was still some way off. Very odd seeing all the intermediate stations closed up and deserted.

I wonder how many people would have noticed if on Sunday they'd just swapped the Lady Of Legend nameplates to 6960? All GWR 4-6-0s look much the same, don't they?!


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