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Dapol 08


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Thanks for sharing that...looks lovely! I wish Dapol did an un-painted version.

A un-painted version is even my wish. I would like to create this version:




Here in Germany we have a small, but steadly growing community of British 7 mm modellers. At least three Terriers are now in Germany, and we hope the best for the future. 


Best greetings



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Any news on any other stuff from Dapol?

Dunno, but we can start taking bets on how long...

A ) this particular "Dapol 08 Thread" lasts before getting locked....

B ) how long before the sample pictured is ripped to shreds by the Experts....


The buffer housings look a tad short for starters.... :P :D (I'm kidding, ok? Let's go wild & assume it's a pre-production sample, not final tooling ;))

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Seems they hope to have the painted preproduction examples in time for Warley.


All the best



That sounds like very positive news and real progress. Best of luck to Dapol and I am sure it will be worth the wait.

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there's to be a members edition of 13308 at £140 plus p&p!




Thanks to MRE for the following information from Dapol after their 'Open Day' (Includes a photo of the 08)




O Gauge 08 – Tooling completed, 1st shots on display. First Engineering prototype (EP) is due to arrive mid October.


O HEA/HAA – In tooling shortly


O 10ft chassis (17ft-6 wagon) in tooling


Club exclusives for 2016: O Gauge – Class 08 13308 ‘Charlie’ £140 plus P&P (as already mentioned above)




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Received an email from Liverpool today:




We thought you may like to know that an item you have on order with us, on order id 1611291, has had some information about its release date added or updated.


Dapol 7D-008-001 Class 08 diesel shunter 13115 in BR green with early crest and no yellow warning panels £169.00


Our latest information from the supplier suggests this item will arrive with us between April 2016 & June 2016


Whilst we are hopeful this information is accurate, manufacturer lead times are frequently prone to be delayed. This information is to be used as a guide only.


We hope that this email has been useful.




Retail Team

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Received an email from Liverpool today:...

I also pre-ordered with them way back when, & prompted to check by your post have indeed had the same email.


However as my local model shop has matched 'discount' O scale prices from both the Liverpool and Blackpool Emporia, I would much rather support my local shop instead.

In a dillema.... :O

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Apologies if i've missed this somewhere, but does anyone know what decoder Dapol are planning to use in their '08' ... or what they use in other locos?  I'm after a second example (have the Bachmann one already) and debating whether to order one with sound, or just a standard and add my normal Zimo sound decoder to it?


Any thoughts?

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