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Scots We Hae: Scottish RMWeb Layouts


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We look after Airthrey Park for Andrew Donnelly who lives in sunnier climes. You may have seen us around Scotland and also at Wigan and DEMU last year. Next year we go to Stafford.

It is code 75 OO, has a vast range of sound fitted blue things. Can run in 1985 or 1993 mode and is available for christenings, barmitzvahs etc etc







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Can I add to this list my Devilla Colliery layout. End to end DCC OO/ A small colliery in West Fife on old Alloa/Dunfermline Upper line. Structures built to order by club members the box will be familiar to anyone who drives along the A907 between the two as it is a copy of Bogside NBR box which stands near the overbridge. Loading screens work, coal leaves the pit on loaded trains before empties return. The winding gear winds, the chimney smokes etcAs before available for engagements, 21sts, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings etc etc





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Grid.. Airthrey Park..love it, never tire of seeing it.


Are we going to see Devilla anywhere on the circuit this year/next year? It looks a wee cracker


Ms Timber P,

your wish is our command! We are booked for Modelrail Scotland.......

See you there or is Dunwoody going out before Xmas? We are at Dundee next weekend with a more modern slice of dieseldom

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Can I add to this list my Devilla Colliery layout. End to end DCC OO/ A small colliery in West Fife on old Alloa/Dunfermline Upper line.


Thanks for that. The old sheds at Dunfermline on the Upper Line were my playground; sneaking out the backdoor of the SCWS factory on Halbeath Road gave direct access to a number of old 0-4-0s and 0-4-2s IIRC. All gone now

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Room for a wee one?


There are clearly some great layouts in here, some of which I have missed altogether and I must go back and click through to some superb stuff.


My own layout thread lives in the Waverley Route sub-forum but I hope its worthy of a nod over here as well.


So its a N gauge layout, based on a fictitious please on the South East area of Edinburgh with rolling stock geared towards the Waverley route but also allowing Edinburgh interlopers in as well.


Please pop over and any feedback, good bad or indifferent most certainly welcome.




Oh yeah.....the link


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Aberdeen Kirkhill T&RSD


4mm scale, OO gauge. Coaching stock depot based on the winter timetable of 1987/88 for all trains requiring servicing at Aberdeen. A few little extras thrown in for interest - a failed HST and the use of an InterCity Charter rake for steam specials.




Currently on the exhibition circuit.











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The Far North Line


My replacement for Kylesku and The Mound, set in the same timescale and place, but with an interpretation of Thurso and Helmsdale as its focus. Currently still under construction but starting to take scenic shape. Click on the link at bottom of post to reach it.







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here is my scottish themes layout. It is called Isle of Skye Railway and it's a modular N scale layout.



The IoS during the Irvine Show 2012


a panoramic view of Uig




Glenbogle Viaduct


Operating session in my model railway room









But in the near future I will relocate my layout theme to the scottish mainland, and my new to built terminus would be located at Ullapool.

My actual termins Uig will be scrapped, but I would try to reuse as much as possible.



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Neale Bank. An upcoming WCML collaboration between myself and Neil Mason of this manor set in the late 80's early 90's between Motherwell and Carstairs. No progress yet but a nice plan!




Link to the thread in my sig!



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