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  1. Many thanks for all the photos! I am a 'big fan' of the layout in steam mode and have appreciated seeing at shows over the years. Brian
  2. Hello Andreas We came to the conclusion it was an LMS Period II Diag.1807 TO and a GER BZ as per the MRC cover attached - there were two similar looking diagrams, distinguished only by their length:- 32' 0" Diag.536E, Nos.E6632-6649E (gaps) 34' 6" Diag.540E, Nos.E6650-6669E (gaps) So, we are confident it's one or the other. I'm sorry if the photo is a little unclear, but the original I had would only load here upside down! So you have a photo of a scan! Brian (also on behalf of Chris)
  3. Hello Andreas I believe my Poll Team colleague, Chris Knowles-Thomas, and I discussed this some time back. Will let you know. I agree that Keith's photo is mid-60s. Brian (Macdermott)
  4. Hello John The authors of The Kingsbridge Branch state (page 90) that 82006, 82009, 82029 and 82033 were noted on branch workings. Brian
  5. Note for Al (Barry Ten ) and jrg Just about to PM you both with a 3-page article - more items will follow in due course. The article has a lovely photo of the train with eight on behind a 7F - a truly 'motley collection' of stock! All the best Brian
  6. Thanks Al - fully understand. The Exmouth occasionally only loaded to eight so you will be 'prototypical' in that respect. The train was certainly 'motley'! Leave it with me for a few days and I will PM some details. Brian
  7. Hello Al (or is it Barry?...sorry, not sure which!) Although the Exmouth-Cleethorpes was 'booked' for alternating ER and SR stock, it seems that - in reality - a motley collection of stock was used, with sometimes ER and SR stock in the same formation. There are some good articles on the subject by a good friend of mine (Jonathan Edwards, one-time editor of the S&D Bulletin) but I am unable to access them for a few days. I have just had a cataract operation and can't lift the heavy boxes the mags are in! Brian
  8. Hello Phil The attached Extract from The 00 Wishlist Poll Guide might help. Brian 00 Wishlist Poll Guide Extract 20.4.22.pdf
  9. Hello Mallard I have R40031 on order (BR Green). Hope you feel better soon. Brian
  10. Hello everyone I and two other members of The 00 Poll Team were at 'the official announcements day' when Bachmann announced the Bulleid coaches. We immediately 'jumped on' the relevant member of staff and fully explained the logic of the Diag.2406 and followed that up with written 'chapter & verse'. I can confidently say that they received the message loud and clear from us on Day 1! Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  11. Hello everyone All the very best to David and Bachmann with this venture! It takes a lot of courage to 'go for something new', so well done you! Brian
  12. Hello Andy A lot has been said over the previous nine pages but I would like to add the appreciation of The 00 Poll Team for all the hard work you have had to endure recently in getting matters back on line. Well done! Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  13. Hello Andy Good to have you back. But thought I had better say that my Gold membership has 'disappeared' too Brian PS: You have clearly 'worked some magic' as I seem to have my membership back with 50 minutes of my above post! Cheers!
  14. Thanks Andy - that certainly looks like a promising answer. Can anyone add to that? Brian
  15. Hello everyone Talking Pictures TV (Freeview) is running a 1950's police crime series called Dial 999, which stars Robert Beatty. Yesterday's episode had some intriguing glimpses of a small industrial type loco (Sentinel?) on what was noted in the film as 'an industrial estate near Gatwick'. My photos show the loco and a 'general location' shot. This is looking from a factory, across the lines that the loco was running on and showing far left an electric train on a high embankment almost 90 degrees to the loco's line. The sign on the gate reads Redhill Surrey, I think. So...loco detectives...what is that loco and where is it? No prizes - just for fun! If the answer proves to be 'interesting' I will drop a note to TPTV as the owner runs a weekly documentary entitled The Footage Detectives. Brian
  16. No problem, Steve. Incidentally, the GE Quads were considered as 'secondary passenger stock'. Quoting from The Guide to (what was) The Annual 00 Wishlist Poll, and according to Railway Observer March 1958, sets 151, 153 and 163 moved to the NER in August 1957 with others following in 1958. Set 147 is shown in a colour photo at Scarborough in 1960 in Backtrack May 2013. I'd love a model set as I probably saw all of them during my early trainspotting days alongside the Liverpool Street-Cambridge main line from January 1957. As far as I know, photos of them are few and far between. Brian
  17. Hello Steve I was referring to the GE section 4-car sets for clarity - some people are unaware of them. Brian
  18. Indeed...but 'editorially' it is a little odd, as is the use of 'consists'. It all enhances my suspicions that the author might be someone other than the name given. Brian
  19. Hello again Another thing that has always concerned me about that article is that the author quotes from guard journals but uses the 24-hour clock. Brian
  20. Thanks Gilbert I have always wondered if 'LA Smith' is a pen name. PM replied to and I'm on the case now for you. Brian
  21. Hello Steve In both the text and the tables, the author specifically refers to 4 cars. The GE section had specific 4-car sets designed to run as fours. Brian
  22. Hello Ben and everyone Congratulations to RevolutioN on these announcements! Within (what was) The Annual 00 Wishlist Poll, Class 180 has been High Polling since 2014 and Class 175 since 2018. We wish the projects every success! Brian (on behalf of the 00 Poll Team)
  23. Hello Gilbert I have just had a look at my copy of the HMRS Journal... It looks like there were some changes to the workings after 1958 and what was the 7.25am from Huntingdon seems to have 'almost become' the 7.00am from Peterborough. One thing has always worried me about the Journal article. The author states that the 4.06pm Hitchin to Sandy was (quote): " ... covered with one of the articulated four-car inner suburban sets ...". I spoke with David Percival about this some years ago and he had heard of only one occasion of a half set being moved, and that was an 'emergency' in a set without passengers. Does anyone know if sets were regularly 'split' as the author suggests? Does anyone know 'LA Smith'? I think I have posed this question before it but it's worth repeating to see if anyone has any new info. Brian
  24. Hello Gilbert and everyone Forgive me if you have discussed the matter before, but may I ask about a couple of trains that I don't recall seeing on your layout? Do you model what was the 7.00am Up from Peterborough and 7.25pm Down from King's Cross? Both were (always?) A3-hauled and were booked for (mainly) Mk1 non-gangwayed stock. My winter 1960/61 CWN shows: 7.00am Up (SX): S CL BS SLO CL CL BS SLO The 7.25pm Down is that train in reverse order but without the CL and S. A Vanfit was booked Tuesdays Only from St Albans to Peterborough North (noted in the CWN as Salvation Army News. No doubt printed at what was their printing works there, which traded as Campfield Press). There is a fleeting shot of the Up train in the 1960s at about 4mins 30secs in the video below. Brian
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