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  1. Hopefully the TTS deltic comes soon. The TTS 08 which was announced at the same time came recentlly
  2. If anyones after a sound fitted 150 then trident trains in nantwich has 1 in central trains livery with howes sound in the preowned cabinet for £170. There was also a Regional Railways one with YouChoos sound but that came home with me
  3. Might get a sound fitted MLV. Dissapointed that the 08 shunters are the old version i was hoping for a sound ready retool with lighting
  4. I work in a post office, if you have a local one you can pay cheques into most accounts at the post office :)
  5. So after my last post ive replaced the decoder in a Bachmann pannier with a Gaugemaster DCC22. Whilst it does run better its still not great a low speed and wanted to try turning off the back EMF. The included instructions dont give a full list of what the CVS are. Is it likley to be CV61?
  6. I only went as i was holidaying at Primrose Valley in Filey. Saw it advertised on many lamp posts and thought why not. Wasnt expecting it to be so busy i have to admit.
  7. I only went as i was holidaying at Primrose Valley in Filey. Saw it advertised on many lamp posts and thought why not. Wasnt expecting it to be so busy i have to admit.
  8. I visited yesterday morning. I arrived at atound 10.20am. Had to park round the corner as the car park was full. I was back in my car by 10.35am. FAR to many people in that small hall. Covid aside id be amazed if fire regulations allowed them many to be in at one time. It was heaving. Couldnt get near any layouts and had to fight to get down the narrow aisles. So despite having cash to spend i left empty handed. ( apart from the show guide i got when i paid )
  9. I dont think its got back emf, its that old. I'll pick up a new decoder most likley. Im on hols next week in north yorkshire - good excuse to visit TMC
  10. You need a 6 function decoder which i dont think the Bachmann one is. On mine the bottom shunting lights are on F1 front and F2 back but as im using a prodigy controller i had to remap the rear lights to F4 But it varies depending on what decoder you have.
  11. is it a recent release 73? Seem to recall the first releases had an issue with the dcc socket
  12. Picked up one of these for the bargain price of £50 fully boxed. Its factory fitted with a slim Bachmann decoder fully shrouded in a black shield. I think its one of the first locos they did dcc fitted. Runs a dream on DC, nice slow starts ideal for shunting. On DCC tho its a different story. Ive reset the factory settings ( CV8 to 33 according to the instructions ). On 28 speedsteps it dosent start moving till step 8 then it shoots off, not really slowly. On 128 steps it dosent start moving until something like step 16, again fairly quickly. CV2 according to the instructions is minimum speed setting and has a range of 0-31. Tried most settings to no avail really. Theres no mention of the decoders model number of the decoder in the instructions. Does anyone have any suggestions or is it a case of just get a better newer decoder. Im using a prodigy express
  13. No but theres sweets on the counter so you can keep warm and eat too
  14. Theres a few places that do test before sending - Derails is one i can think of
  15. My local shop still gad it on sale saturday as i got a few tins myself
  16. Just picked up an 8 pin Bachmann 37 in regional railways livery - for £50 i couldnt resist. Thinking of getting a TTS decoder for it. No problem housing the decoder and being 8 pin i wont need an adapter. Will the supplied round speaker fit? If not what will?
  17. Has anyone run these through the peco set track points?
  18. meatloaf

    J94 in O gauge

    Yes the pannier tank had it as well.
  19. Ive had the harry needle 20/3 and both the blue and green 20/0 sound fitted versions. The sound files are the same. Not sure what sound file they use but there on a zimo decoder so unlikley to be SWD. Its a better than some of the earlier soundfiles. I do find the horns a bit of a dissapointment tho.
  20. meatloaf

    J94 in O gauge

    https://www.Dapol.co.uk/New-O-Gauge-J94-Announced-At-The-Guild-O-Gauge-2022-Kettering-Show Can't wait for this one looks great
  21. Theyve had a large delivery of Hornby in the last week but mostly older releases. Some good bargains as well.
  22. I ended trimming a small amount from the ends of them. Runs no issue now. Sound wise im not that taken with it yet. Its much too loud but thats easy to turn down. I had to do same with the recent 24/1 and 20/0 locos. Switching direction it makes a series of clicks which is mildly annoying especially as it does it with the sound switched off as well. And the braking on F2. With the other locos ive got with the active braking quick pressing of F2 brings the loco to a halt and i can pretty much get them to stop where i want. With the 47 the brake button dosent seem to slow it down much. I'll keep playing but i might get it reblown or just sell the sound decoder and replace it with a none sound decoder.
  23. Yep im fairly sure thats the issue. Are they removable? If not ill have to try trimming them slightly
  24. Picked my blue one up today. Runs ok but somethings catching on pretty much every point. Possibly the bit that hangs down on the edges of the bogies. Has anyone else had this issue?
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