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  1. This was a wagon repair trip from the Wabtec workshops at Kilmarnock so yes empty and no requirement for two locos as flask not in use.
  2. PFA(s) tend to feature when the KUAs go to Georgemas to spread the train's weight, as happened on Tuesday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvEMOUu982g&ab_channel=BrandonStone
  3. I know of two multiple unit models from different manufacturers, one with an assembly error that would have prevented correct orientation of the cars and one with a transposed number, that would have made it to market if I hadn't spotted the faults while reviewing the advance samples for Rail Express and informed the companies. The first was corrected in the UK and the other the shipment was halted and returned to the factory.
  4. Range transferring to new proprietor, new website in development.
  5. 37043 had a roof of riveted construction, 37114 was welded. The most obvious difference is the three straps on the boiler compartment panel of 37043 whereas 37114 had a smooth look.
  6. Its mostly due to reliability, the 66 provides traction but has no ability to power the train or couple to the stock so the 73 is coupled inside to do both of these. For those seeking alternative traction options, today saw the first use of a 67 on Mk.5s, 67023 heading the Inverness portion with 73966 inside, 67 still in debranded Colas.
  7. More operating scope for PFAs, limited flow of low level waste resumed from Winfrith (Dorset) last week, top and tail 68s with 10 PFAs booked for each run. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hnDfazuq9k&ab_channel=CallumRadford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H8HyRIeKL8&ab_channel=SpottersUK Different containers though, half-height with canvas sheets and dinky little doors at one end.
  8. A quick mention that volume 5 of my Modelling British Railways rolling stock series is now available, this being a 116-page look at an assortment of departmental coaching stock subjects along with associated track plant and wagons during the diesel era. It's a huge topic so not everything can be covered in one volume but this one includes breakdown cranes, coaches and wagons; overhead electrification and maintenance coaches; staff, tool and dormitory vehicles; stores coaches and wagons including Enparts; tunnel inspection trains; weedkilling trains and viaduct inspection units. All presented in the usual manner with a mix of prototype and modelling content. Contributors include Trevor Mann and David Ratcliffe as ever while models come from Greg Brookes, Tony Buckton, Tom Curtis, Steve Farmer, Mark Lambert, Gary Long, Bob Taylor, Hywel Thomas, Roland Turner and Paul Wade. The special is in stock and available to order from the Key Publishing shop https://shop.keypublishing.com/collections/magazine-specials/products/modelling-british-railways-departmental-coaches and is officially on sale in the shops from tomorrow - Smiths, some supermarkets, etc as usual Some sample pages below.
  9. When you have a small layout and really want to run a PFA with escort coaches http://www.flickr.com/photos/ricardo4eyes/51918712270/
  10. Another epic price for a slide of a Mk.1, a gloomy one at that https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393974470890
  11. BSO is brake force runner 9516, TSO is PLPR test coach 72616.
  12. Best you're looking at is the very earliest years of privatisation, those that were clinging on as support vans for engineers plant at the likes of York and Doncaster Hexthorpe. Don't think any made the 1990s in revenue use, just barriers and departmental.
  13. They've also worked to Immingham a few times.
  14. Those with rails were ex VDA. The ex VIX runners just retained their planked floors. Did one out of the Hornby chassis a while ago and was a bit of a pig!
  15. Yes, some were. Would be good to know what the chassis looks like with the body off for conversion potential.
  16. Headcode disc were D5520-29/35/39/43/47/51/52/55/56/59/62.
  17. There's one with Locomotion and the prototype HST on it https://www.ukrailwayana.com/20120005/imgs/55d_v.jpg This, the Western, Warship and Deltic are common enough on ebay but don't recall seeing the Hymek before.
  18. There was an ebay seller offering a resin kit, although its only good for Railvac 1, which is no longer in the UK.
  19. TPE Mk.5s can now be legitimately used on engineers workings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRom34ypiLs&ab_channel=317Dan
  20. BR had 90 Dolphin and the LNER had over 100 to the same dimensions. BR ones were mostly new to the Eastern with ten to Scotland.
  21. Yes, the whole fleet was new to the LMR, some went on loan to the Southern from the late 1960s. Later spread to the Eastern.
  22. Replica Railways as well, pack RA110 http://www.replicarailways.co.uk/mainsep1/menuaccess
  23. The 08s are an odd choice, two are as preserved - the NRM's 13079 and the Great Western Society's 08604 from Didcot which never ran in blue with cast plates in BR service. Then Loram-liveried 08632, which hasn't been at Derby since last April. You would think that the likes of Railfreight Red Stripe, triple-grey, Provincial or even a Departmental grey re-run would be more useful. Just like the Class 31 situation really.
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