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  1. To be honest I was wondering what they were and then it clicked, they were Korean chests that I brought back with me when I returned to the UK in 1999 having lived in Asia since 1966. They were awaiting for collection by a friend of mine who worked in the Pilgrims Hospice furniture shop and had found a buyer for them. Keith
  2. Needless to say my sheds are all train related, this is the big one built to fit in between the previously laid track: Trains get their own entrance: The sub-shed is at the other end of the garden where the trains get to enter from the front: and finally somewhere to relax watching the trains: known as Platform 3: Keith
  3. Yes, I've been there a couple of times on my way home after some retail therapy at The Hobby Shop in Faversham. I didn't just drop by but did so with the pre-approval of Hornby. The drive home from Hersden was cross country (the territory of the East Kent Railway) and made a change from using the A2/A260 Keith
  4. Then you must be a Bachmann Collectors Club member..... Keith
  5. Just checked my card account, was charged for two railcars with sound on Saturday. Be interesting to see when they arrive as sound-fitted versions don't normally get sent out until after all the non-sound versions have been sent out. Keith
  6. My driving lessons back in mid-1966 were part of my 21st birthday presents. As Dad was a Driving Test Examiner (ex-Metropolitan Police Traffic Accident driver) he did not think it right that he could be seen giving me driving lessons so he paid for my lessons for which he chose one of the driving instructors who he knew was a first class instructor. My driving lessons however had to be curtailed as The Chartered Bank decided to ship me out to Hong Kong as soon as I was 21 and was able to sign a legal contract. Birthday was on the Friday, on Monday was told that I was being posted to Hong Kong and was to meet the Court of Directors to sign the contract on the Thursday and be told that I would be sailing ten days later. After a few months in Hong Kong I decided to take some driving lessons followed by the driving test which, much to surprise, was in three parts - a written test, a hill climb stopping and starting three times with parallel parking at the top and lastly a road test - quite different to the UK test. Four years later when I came back to the UK on furlough I had to take the UK test but, as I had a valid Hong Kong licence, I did not have to have an L plate on the car..... which, of course, was the car that the examiner asked me to read for the eye test. Dad was still an examiner then and made sure that I didn't do the test at his centre. Keith
  7. Seeing the mention of "Miniskirts" reminds me of my time in Saigon in 1968/1969 when there seemed a be a competition between the youngest expatriate secretaries at the British Embassy as to who could wear the shortest miniskirt. Think the one of them who had some knickers made in the same material as the miniskirt was the winner. Those were the days........ Keith
  8. Many thanks Andy, just noticed it when I posted on the Early Risers thread. Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated. Keith
  9. Andy, Sorry to bother you but I seemed to have lost my Gold status, any chance of me getting it back? Am getting tired of "This Day in History" which seems to be living on the right-hand side of my screen. Please ask somebody in get rid of it. Many thanks. Keith
  10. Good to see that RMwewb is back again, missed all the goings on. Keith
  11. Fantastic, 1741 and 31246 pre-ordered, odds are that in the far distant past both locomotives have passed through the station ten minutes away from where I am sitting at the moment. Fingers crossed that in the meantime hope that Rails and Dapol will take note and act upon the comments that are made regarding these models. Keith
  12. The driver on one of my O-gauge German diesel locomotives does just that, when you change direction he changes direction. It was interesting at one of the shows we did (probably was the Telford O-gauge show) listening to the comments coming from the public when they worked out what was happening....... Keith
  13. Yes, they are. 09:30am for Bachmann Club members. Keith
  14. The same happened to me this afternoon. Got three cars connected but when attempting to join the last car the coupling thing disintegrated. Managed to recover all the bits and pieces, got it together again but it disintegrated again. Am thinking about trying once more over the weekend and maybe try to glue it together. If that does not work back it goes back requesting a replacement package. Over the last few years I've joined together many Bachmann multiple units and never experienced this problem...... Keith
  15. Just see that Piko have recently announced a G-scale sound-fitted version of the BR 798 2-car diesel railbus in mint-green Chiemgau-Bahn livery. Contemplating at the moment...... Keith
  16. Yep, I was also looking forward to catching the train up to Tonbridge. Also disappointing that the Canterbury show scheduled for January 22nd has also been cancelled. Only positive happening was that the Folkestone club managed to put on their show back in October - and that's a show I can walk to. Colin, hope you can put on a show later this year but please try make sure that it is easy to get to from Tonbridge Station. Many thanks, Keith
  17. Having spent most of my working life in the Far East (Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Singapore, South Korea and Japan) looking back on it I just wish I had taken a greater interest in speaking the local language. As most of my local colleagues spoke English I got lazy and mainly spoke in English. From my short time in Hong Kong I can still count from one to ten and ask for a cup of coffee in Cantonese. Reminds me of my time in Singapore, when after a few months I asked for a cup of coffee (yat boi gafe or something similar) and the office went quiet. It was apparent from the looks on their faces they were scared, he can speak Cantonese, what has he heard when they were speaking about me etc.). Singapore English was great, "what to do la" , what should we do? Can't remember any Vietnamese, Indian or Korean but my brainbox obviously took in and has retained a lot of Japanese. Realised that when I was in Germany a few years ago when trying to speak some German the brainbox was telling me what the equivalent word in Japanese! Written Japanese is interesting - you've got a choice of three - kanji for Chinese characters, hiragana for writing authentically Japanese words and katakana for foreign words. When you are listening to someone and they end with a "ka" it means they are asking a question, when you hear "desu" they are making a statement. There are also some variations of the language depending on who is speaking. Feminine Japanese is slightly different to male Japanese and then you have "keigo" - polite Japanese of which there are many versions of who is talking to who. I used to buy my rice from the local rice store and one day mentioned (in Japanese) to the owner that I was going on home leave but I could not understand his response. He then rephrased what he said and I understood it. He was originally using "keigo" as I was the customer and he was the salesman. When he used standard Japanese I could understand it. Keith (Ki-chan to my friends, Keith-san to others)
  18. Had a pleasant surprise today. Know that I had ordered both a LNWR and a LMS locos when they were first announced and assumed that I had pre-ordered both from RoS paying £60 in deposits. Just before lunch received an email from UPS advising that a package from the National Railway Museum was on its way to me. An hour later the package arrived at the front door containing Hardwicke. I was somewhat confused as I was not expecting anything from the NRM. Panic set in thinking that by mistake I had pre-ordered two LNWR locos, one each from NRM & RoS. A quick rummage through my credit card records (which, being an ex-banker did not take too long!!) and found that I had ordered on the same day LNWR version from NRM and the LMS version from RoS. Further examination showed that I had paid the NRM in full with a £30 deposit being paid to RoS. This means, of course, that having paid the NRM in full in advance now only have to pay RoS for one loco instead of two. December has turned out to be an expensive month with the Ffestiniog Double Fairlies, the Caley 812s (which arrived this morning) and the Improved Precedents arriving in the same month so finding out that Hardwicke had been paid for in advance was a blessing in disguise as there is no need to raid the piggy bank this month. Hardwicke is currently making it's way round the test track, it looks gorgeous! Keith
  19. Don't forget, one thing to remember about building a garden railway you could start with something like this: and a few years later you get something like this: The first picture was taken just in front of the big shed in the top right corner of the second picture. Problem is that it keeps on growing this time down the fence on the left-hand side of the first picture...... All I'm glad is that I won't be around to clear it all up after I've curled up my tootsies.... Keith
  20. Retail therapy day tomorrow. Being collected at 8:45 am and then we head off to Faversham starting with breakfast at Wetherspoons provided by me followed by a wander down to The Hobby Shop (our closest proper model shop) to see whats arrived since our last visit. Next visit we change positions, I drive and and my friend pays for breakfast. We normally go over on the last Friday of the month which, next month, would be December 31st. Will have to decide whether we do the 31st or wait until the festive season is over. Keith
  21. Andy, agree with you regarding the Admiral Nurses. I had had a difficult day with Mum when my Admiral Nurse phoned and she realised that I needed help..... and she got Mum into temporary care within three hours. Hate to think what would have happened if she had not made that call....... Keith
  22. Just tried it, I'm a "roller"........ Keith
  23. I was lucky to travel the full length of the line to Kurot Kipsdorf a couple of days before the rains came in 2002. We were staying in Dresden doing most of the narrow gauge lines around Dresden and started our journey back home early in the morning just before the rains came....... We had to skip breakfast in the hotel and left with a packed breakfast! Keith
  24. Couple of years ago I made a similar suggestion at my local mrc exhibition and was told that they had thought about it but decided it was a no go as such tickets would be passed to somebody else to avoid them paying for a fully priced ticket. Keith
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