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Penmouth Harbour Diagram

I've knocked this up today. Took a while to get that subtle curve in, AnyRail doesn't provide any tools for quickly doing curved shapes so shape control points have to be added and aligned by hand:     Note that, in the fiction, the 'goods yard' is a late addition to allow reworking the demonstration freights away from the main station of Tynworth. In the fiction's original idea there would have been no freight sidings for the railway as the station was for boat trains only,

Ian J.

Ian J. in General

Boxfile part 1

So after a lot of procrastination (oh yes...), here's a first look at my upcoming boxfile layout.   The setting is deliberately vague (or just inaccurate), somewhere in NE France between the late 1970's and mid 1990's. When finished there will be two boxfiles joined end-to-end, with a road overbridge to cover the join. There will be a sector plate or fiddle yard at one end (accessed through a tunnel portal), representing the rest of the SNCF system. In the photos 70001 is arriving ligh


D6150 in Across the channel

Restoring an Oxford Rail Dean Goods pt2

The first job for this project was to completely strip the existing awful paint finish from the model, it was stripped down to its component parts.  This included the removal of the chimney, splashers, smokebox door, fall plate, whistles, handrails and buffers.   The removed parts were stuck to a length of masking tape to keep safe, somehow it has disappeared in the garage.  Thankfully this only contains the whistles, pipes along the footplate and buffers, so nothing irreplaceable.   W

The Fatadder

The Fatadder in Locos

iTrain - It's not that hard

Having deleted RailMaster, put my Hornby Elite in the electronics recycling bin and swapped in a Roco Z21 controller with iTrain I wanted to see how they worked with my layout before getting into the detection side of things.    Here's my layout in Hornby RailMaster Pro I have enabled displaying the point's ID numbers as I want to refer to them when setting up the same points in iTrain. The old Railmaster  diagram does resemble my layout ..   Comparing that to a pr

Delph visitors.

Not much active modelling recently, but i took advantage of the good weather to take a section of the layout into the back garden and pose a couple of trains. First up, we see the part completed Rebuilt Royal Scot, 46109, having arrived with a returning Wakes Week holiday excursion. Then a more prototypical push-pull train, hauled/propelled by BR Standard Class 2 tank, 84012. Dave.

Dave Holt

Dave Holt in 4 mm, P4

Restoring an Oxford Rail Dean Goods

Another new restoration project sourced from eBay for the bargain price of just under £30 will add an Oxford Rail Dean Goods to the loco fleet. The source model is the later release (with single flywheel and coreless motor), has had a very bad respray (along with some damaged detail parts) and was sold as a non runner because the seller was confused about the loco - tender coupling and DCC.  In fact it is just a standard DCC ready release and once loco and tender are connected runs nicely.

The Fatadder

The Fatadder in Locos

Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - painted backscene and fiddle yard access track

6th September 2021   Whilst I was chasing Cans and Dysons, my eager beaver @amertonman was pulling my backscene and cracking on at pace to get my layout finished off.   The idea is that a long enough fiddle yard siding will be sufficient to rotate the loco movements to depict their movements in and out of Johnson Street IEMD.   This is all good progress ... i am actually pinching myself :-)   OLE's coming soon .... Wooooooooooooooo !!!!!!   Then

The 'New' Peco Parkside BR 13 Ton Coal Hoppers

Because I grew up in the days of King Coal and was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne it's not surprising that I fancied a few of these new coal hoppers. They didn't last too long in the required sector, but were used for many other products, even sugar beet ? In my opinion a super little kit, very little to complain about and I'm currently running 2 without any decals. Must road test before finishing, partially while trying to decide what loads to add, be it sand, coal, iron ore,


Dad-1 in Blog Entry

Diagram Alley

A couple of diagrams. First Cold Holt and then Penmouth Waterside. Both featured in a thread on RMweb for signalling advice. Apologies for image quality, the files get compressed by RMweb's upload process and there's nothing I can do about it (it seems to be something to do with their pixel width, not their actual file size).   Cold Holt is an interchange station between the S&P and the National Network. None of it exists in model form at present so it would be entirely new.  

Ian J.

Ian J. in General

Composing a layout with a photo editor

This evening I took some smartphone photos of my current layout project, something that I quite often do as it progresses to get a sort of scale eye view of things. I think of the layout, in scenic terms, as a set of cameos shaped by images and recollections. In the case of this layout, although I can contribute to the scenic setting from my own memories and photos, the details of the railway must all come from photos in books and online.   Because I have been thinking about backscenes


readingtype in Wasserbach

Time to show some activity to prove I'm still alive !

The Wagon Works has been active since the end of January when I last posted in my Blog thread. I'll have to check through exactly how much as once a project is finished, or nearly finished I just get on with the next thing and forget what's already gone under the bridge.   One I have done half-cock as per usual is a Cambrian 10 ton ballast wagon. I thought I'd add some spoil from a small job, but was too impatient to await weathering first.     I sho


Dad-1 in Blog Entry

A tale of two Blandfords

It must be about twenty years since Hornby released their improved West Country/Battle of Britain pacifics, supplanting the old triang-era model. I've got four of these nice models, mostly acquired with little thought to region/period suitability. It was only when I started work on Stourpayne Marshall that I started taking a closer look at what I had, and how they might fit in with the S&D theme.   Back in October, with the help of some friendly commenters, I came up with this non-

Barry Ten

Barry Ten in S&D

The Evening's are drawing in, more time to run the trains !

Diesel substitution. A 47 heads south at Watford.     A Deltic hauled Special passes Linslade heading north.     Passing trains at the south end of Watford.     A lone 310 trundles through Linslade nearing the end of its journey from Euston to Bletchley.     Vintage Pullman. The Manchester Pullman heads north past the Box at Watford.     A pair of 24s head a Special through Harrow as 47164 wh


anroar53 in Recent photos

Tweedale - New Castleport

I was rather late getting back into the swing of modelling this year. The trouble was indecision over how to proceed, which brought everything to a grinding halt early on. While I was happy with the track design and operation of the layout, the overall appearance was a disappointment. The minimal scenery idea with which I was trying to speed up construction, by ignoring anything outside the boundary fence, hadn't really come up to expectations. I still liked the idea in principle, but I don't th


awoodford in dunno

Johnson Street IEMD - Layout update - 31st August 2021 - Long Term maintenance shed approach gets hard standing BETWEEN the tracks now

31st August 2021   The man in charge of bringing Johnson Street IEMD to life is making tracks on the later parts of the project and having undertaken an exercise in testing all of the points and their respective motors - he's now laid the hard standing between the tracks on the Long Term repair shed before undertaking a similar exercise on what will be the electric depot. Voila !!!    

Back to the LCB

After two weeks of recovering from an operation I finally managed to get back on my feet and able to climb loft ladders.   I have spent the last couple of weeks (reading) and cataloging those old railway modelling magazines that I hung on to for the last 15 years.    Work continued on the Cbus canpan which I managed to build successfully, I then built the experimenters board to go with it. Connected it up and did some programming and got it all working first time with no prob


MattB in General

Stourpayne Marshall one year on.

Incredibly, it's 12 months to the day since I posted the first pictures of Stourpayne Marshall on rmweb. As elaborated on at the time, this isn't a new layout, but an identity-swap for my existing GWR-based layout King's Hintock. Using various dodges, King's Hintock can be swapped over to an S&D station (and back again if needed) in about twenty minutes. In the course of the transformation, the station building moves from one side of the tracks to the other, the goods shed is relocated, and

Barry Ten

Barry Ten in S&D

Lima Class 60 Modern Upgrades

The next project on my workbench is to bring my Lima Class 60, 60016 'RAIL Magazine', to modern standards.     This is similar to what I have done to my Hornby Class 56 which has featured in this blog previously.  I have found it cheaper than replacing the loco with the newer versions which are available - as with the 56, if I didn't already have this model, I would probably buy the newer version rather than buying this especially for upgrades; particularly because of the in


JZjr in Modern Upgrades

An Ugly Duckling

Having been inspired by a recent post by @Annie, I’m having a go at creating a 3D-print of one of those ‘ugly-duckling’ 4-4-0STs, much liked in the West Country as very successful engines.   As usual, I’m applying ‘quick and dirty’ methods, to create as much as possible by extruding ‘bodies’ from existing drawings – in this case those by Ian Beattie, reproduced in the Broad Gauge Society magazine ‘Broadsheet No.73’   I imported the front-elevation drawing as a ‘canvas’ into ‘


MikeOxon in General

GWR 322 Class Tank Engines

I'm not sure how I came to omit a sketch of this class from my book, but I certainly did. I included the tender version. Perhaps I was unsure how many drawings of similar looking pre-group pannier tanks should be included.    They have one of the more complex histories. The 322 class tale started in 1864. They were thirty 0-6-0 tender engines,  entirely of Beyer Peacock design, twenty ordered under the Gooch regime (322-341) and the rest (350-359) by Joseph Armstrong. They had plate (n

"Care for a little trade, sir?"

As a relief from the brick-work, I have been churning out loads for wagons and lorries over the last week.  As a confirmed tea-drinker, I had to have pallets of tea-chests, inspired by @Mikkel 's (if nowhere near as good), so I sawed, trimmed, and edged in silver some wood strip.  A delivery awaits collection and complete unloading from the VBB:         A load of timber planking is put on a wagon for its customer from the lorry, with the unorthodox aid of the Freig
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