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Titfield Thunderbolt in OO - "Wisbech" Carriage modified out of a Bachmann "Henrietta"

I wanted a quick, easy and cheap coach for my "Titfield" stock so I thought I'd use the Bachmann Thomas the tank "Henrietta" which depicts a 4 wheel Wisbech coach   I am well aware the one in the movie is a bogey coach, so I may make a new one accordingly in the future, but I'm happy with this for now as it fills the void, I could also try fitting rather small (HO perhaps?) bogeys over axle boxes but again we'll see   Rapido have announced a possible Titfield range but I quit

SNCF 70001

So 70001 is progressing. Cutting and shutting the cab ends wasn't too bad. Started on the paint, which is proving a bit challenging, but should hopefully tidy up ok (for my fairly low standards..). Picking a shade of blue has been difficult. There aren't all that many colour photos of 70001 and 70002, and they vary wildly in terms of colour.  There isn't all that much on these locos on the web, and a lot needs to be translated from french. They seem to have been a fairly advanced design, wh

Johnson Street IEMD - loco fleet update- Multimodal (90019) lands - Bachmann class 90 number six

19th March - Multimodal arrives   Christmas 2020 for Johnson Street was one which would see the arrival of two more DB Cargo Class 90s. They would both be red and would hopefully add to the variety of DB liveries that will litter Johnson Street.   It was always envisaged that their arrival would be in the early part of 2021, this further delayed by a few decalling issues, availability and then the emergence of the Glider decals for 90037, which ironically was the one loco I d

Creating a 16mm scale posed engine driver

Commercial 16mm scale figures tend to be a bit cartoonish and rather limited in terms of style and pose. My tiny new locomotive requires the driver to tuck his knees in to be able to fit in the tiny foot plate, in a mine he'd probably also be fairly hunched to avoid bang his head. I found myself following the same route as Mike Trice in the 3D Printed Passengers thread.   Makehuman is an impressive bit of free software and is not too difficult to use. It is obviously intended mostly f

AC Electrics announce the closure of their Wednesford factory...

Looking at photos of the layout can sometimes give you a different perspective and show things that just don't quite work. Way back when I started "Wednesford" and had a working Aldi 3d printer, I designed some gable ends in an industrial corrugated concrete or metal style, which were intended to look like a factory wall on top of the retaining wall. They printed out to a scale 43 ft high and 44 feet wide, so were an impressive "ultra low relief" factory gable, about 1 cm deep. They printed


wombatofludham in Blog

A Very Large Build - HMCS Snowberry Part.5

14 Months Later..   In what will hopefully be the penultimate part of HMCS Snowberry's build and in the new 'Works', I make substantial progress on the Very Big Build..   First order of business was to figure out where I'd got to in the instructions and give Snowberry a dust down.   Fortunately that was the bridge..         With the bridge being put in place, I could get the rigging done - EZ Line from now on.    


toboldlygo in General

The motor-car appears.

It is a Summer Monday morning, and the staff and traders arrive at East Yard with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  Mr Hunt the coal merchant is looking forward to the sound of his coal loader, compared to the noise at home of the grand-children all day yester-day which left him with a head-ache and needing an early night.  However, the family lunch had been excellent, and at least the little 'darlings' ("So spirited!") had given his Austin a good clean beforehand.  Not that this has made up for t

5071 Spitfire GW Green

Background The final Castle in the fleet (for now at least) is 5071 Spitfire.  As with 5029 the start point was a Hornby Wellington, although this time there was no convenient other loco with which to swap the Hawksworth tender.  Instead this time I ended up buying parts from eBay to cobble together a new tender from a Hornby body and chassis with scratch built frames (utilizing a set of Finney castings).  This tended then ended up being swapped with the BR tender from my Star and was rebra

Gen 1 Bachmann 37 upgrade

I brought this Gen 1 Bachmann 37 as 37429 in Regional Railways specifically to do up as 37425 in her current state with DRS. Hents why numbers and names are missing. However I'm sure alot of you know the exhausts and fan grill sit too proud on the roof. So I took the body off and the exhaust and roof fan grill pops out via locating pins (unscrew the fan first). From here smoothen out any glue inside the cut outs in the body, then carefully rub down the exhaust panel to a certain point and same w


ZOIDBERG in OO gauge

Stanier Mogul and Private Owner Wagons

I have had a short weathering session today. Having repainted a Bachmann Stanier Mogul  (thanks to @Rowsley17D for selling me the loco) I have now weateherd it - well phase 1 has been done .. a bit more to do when I remember to fit the new Brass Front footsteps.. Doh!     and some POWsides/Slaters Private owners         Baz

Barry O

Barry O in locomotive

Adventures in Code 40 - points and frog switching and a saucy temptress from the Americas.

I had another go at building a point on Monday evening, hoping I'd be able to do one in its entirety from start to finish. I didn't' quite succeed, though, but only a few bits were left to be done on Tuesday.   With two points in place, it was time to sort out the frog switching:     I ordered some small sliding SPDT switches from ebay. I drilled a small hole in the plastic switch and then glued the SPDT down over the wire running to the tiebar. With the

Barry Ten

Barry Ten in GWR

Yeoman SW1001 project

The start of what is likely to be a very slow build.... While tidying up under the layout last night I came across a very old project respraying what I think was an Athern SW1000 in HO into Foster Yeoman livery as 44 Western Yeoman II that I had completed way back in 2000/2001, a year or so later it was fitted with a DCC decoder which most annoyingly has been lost at some point.   The loco was "finished" with the exception of adding the wasp stripes to the ends, and the buffers (which were

Barrier coaches on the final stretch to completion

Having brought my self some Railmatch FGW blue and the barrier coaches awaiting their livery to be applied. I decided it had to be done! So while struggling to sleep one night intended up giving the first coat of blue to the coaches around about 2:35am one night. The other two coats of paint came during the next day. In terms of the BG I just have to make handrails and apply transfers that can be sourced from Railtec. However, the MK2 BSK still requires more work. From chassis details having to


ZOIDBERG in OO gauge

Operation barrier coaches makes a return!

After taking months off the HST barrier coach convertions it was time to get the project is full swing once more. This time the UK being on lockdown due to Covid, this gave me time to make some outstanding progress on the models. In the last blog I left off with 6338 in grey primer. This time I made progress with the MK2 BSK (soon to be 6330). For the window blanks to sit correctly on the body side I did have to rub down the rather thick window frames on the body side. With doing this I also had


ZOIDBERG in OO gauge

FGW barrier coaches continued

Once all the windows was blanked on the BG (soon to be 6338) I have it a coat of Halfords enamel grey primer. After this the project went on hold for a long time due to work and college. However, I did get the mojo back month later and the project continued...


ZOIDBERG in OO gauge

FGW barrier coaches in OO gauge

After seeing HST barrier coaches  6330 and 6338 with a pair of 20s on the GWML, I wanted to model them. So using an old Lima BG and Lima BSK progress had to start! I started off with the BG (6338) as it required less work to convert. I used the clear plastic your get from a kids toy packaging for window blanks. I also had to cut off some of the chassis details to get the prototypical look of the barrier coach. Taking the corridor connection off one end was time consuming but the outcome for a un


ZOIDBERG in OO gauge

We're Getting There...

...as BR were fond of saying at one point.  Wednesford and Wombourne v2.0 is now in the final stages of completion, with ballast laid at Wednesford, and some overdue tidying up of some dodgy modelling.  Longer term I intend to install street and building lighting and passive provision has been made by raising the scenic boards by about a centimetre.  Today was the first chance I had to see all the boards in place alongside the station (I still have a little work to do on the Swan Centre scenic m


wombatofludham in Blog

4923 Eynsham Hall GWR Black

Background: The loco was a purchase from the estate of the late Comet owner, consisting of a Bachmann body / tender on a Comet loco chassis, and is an excellent runner (with a boiler stuffed full of lead).  I immediately rebranded it to G crest W without realising that as far as can be determined only Modified Halls were in lined green.  Eynsham Hall was chosen having recently stayed at the locomotives namesake.  Further research showed that 4923 was painted black in 47.  As well as the reb

Coastguard Creek - The Inspirational New Forest Coast

(With the usual apologies to those that have seen this on my external modelmaking blog) A few weeks ago, I decided to take a break from work-related projects, and dedicate some time to Coastguard Creek. Rather than work on a mock-up (as the studio is still in disarray), what actually ended up happening was that I spent a few days producing an information panel showing off inspirational locations across the New Forest coast! In all honesty, I'm not quite sure why I've drawn this, but if nothing

Railtrack JNA build

A minor distraction between working on my class 37s, while looking for something else in a parts box at the weekend I stumbled across an S Kits set of sides / ends for a Network Rail JNA ballast box (along with a bunch of plasticard sides/ends/floors cut to match).  A little research later to confirm it was of use for 1998 and I have cracked on with the build.   From memory my original plan was to scratch build a set of 6 in plastic (and not worry about the resin one).   First of all f

Fen End Pit goes green - Building a British Electric Vehicle locomotive

Having worked on repairing my Lister thoughts have  turned to building a new locomotive for Fen End Pit. I'd rather taken a fancy to the tiny battery electric locomotives built by the likes of Wingrove and Rogers and I thought that one of these engines might be worth trying to 3D print. A recent video in the 'Lawrie goes Loco'  series on Youtube also rather drove my project along.     There are some superb plans available on Flickr from J. Tilston. I purchased a number o
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