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  1. I’ve just been trying to find some examples to help explain it better. I’m assuming your layout is something like this (maybe without the extra siding), when the points are are set for each loop they are independent of each other and can have a train on each controlled by separate controllers. When the points are set to allow the loco to cross to the other loop either controller can power the loco but you cannot have both controller providing power at the same time. It must be one or the other. This only works if you’re using regular fishplates between the points. Hope that helps
  2. You don’t need the insulated rail joiners between the points, that’ll be causing the problem. Once the loco passes over them it’s no longer getting power from the track.
  3. I’d like to see an APT on Accurascales test track… https://fb.watch/amZTjJxCrA/
  4. I think I’m going to need a bigger room! How long will the complete train be?
  5. StuAllen

    New hst

    I would agree - what you’ve suggested is no different to how they are selling the APT, hopefully they’ll learn from it and adapt the sales model going forwards
  6. Hi @Accurascale Fran What are the stock levels like for the GBRf branded HYA’s? Keen to get some but hoping Santa will be bringing some Accurascale gift vouchers
  7. It is an impressive sight, wasn’t hanging around either, quite impressed with my iPhone camera to get a sharp image - was expecting it to be blurred.
  8. Saw it go through Christs Hospital (I know it’s not strictly freight but is isn’t the normal EMU)
  9. These 2 trains coincide with my lunchtime walk - so rude not to get photo's of them... 66144 on 634P to Newhaven again, and 59206 on 642P from Newhaven. I'm on the bridge near Keymer Junction today
  10. Acton T. C. To Newhaven at lunchtime today, just north of Wivelsfield.
  11. Just placed my order for the Stobart one, on the Kernow website it does say payment will be taken straight away but refunded in 3 days if the order will take more than 28 days and goes onto back order. Just adding some suitable wagons to my Christmas list… Updated to this - just checking my emails and I’ve got the receipt for the refund come through as well as the original order confirmation
  12. Got a few from just north of Wivelsfield this morning
  13. Thanks Mike, you’re right not quite what I’m looking for but good to see someone has done it. Should have said I’m looking for OO concrete sleepers.
  14. Are there any manufacturers that produce pre/weathered track? Not sure I have the patience or skill to paint the rails and sleeper before ballasting.
  15. Congratulations for getting "Best OO Carriage or Wagon of The Year" for these, and for getting Manufacturer of the year as well.
  16. Was good to get back to an exhibition again, lot of inspiration for my layout now. - really need to empty the garage. Highlights for me were New Kensal Green, Dragonby, Oak Road, ‘Making Track WCML’ and seeing the Accurascale samples.
  17. Hi @Accurascale Fran Looking forward to getting these, are they still on track for q4? Thanks Stuart
  18. Has anyone got any tips for troubleshooting a dead power car? I haven’t run my APT-e since originally receiving it when it worked fine. I haven’t had space to build my layout after moving home causing the lack of running - I’ve finally made room and am at the planning stage so wanted to try the ATP-E through potential point work I had mocked up, but one of the power cars didn’t have power, I checked the connection with the coach and it seemed fine, so wasn’t sure what to try next.
  19. No had a cream tea at Pecorama, Frydays did smell good when we were walking to the beach though
  20. Went there last week, booked the day before and it didn’t feel busy. The site is over 2 levels with a very steep footpath between them, the lower level has blue badge parking, is flat and where the exhibition and shop are. The shop seemed well stocked but I wasn’t looking for anything specific. BHLR and gardens are on the upper level, BHLR is flat and near the entrance so would expect it to be easy to get to, the parking could be an issue as there is a bit of a steep hill to the top car park as well. The gardens are over different levels but the paths aren’t overly steep or tricky to navigate. Had a really good day there, also went into Seaton for a trip on the trams as well.
  21. The model does look good (as does the whole layout, well worth a visit), had to go via Crewe to see the real thing as well. Just waiting patiently for my 7-car to arrive now.
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