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  1. I already feel 2 days is not enough to see everything properly! I tend to find myself missing a number of layouts and or traders each year. Admittedly some of this is down to doing the demu stand most years recently, but most of the years I have been doing it I tend to do the one day and then have Sunday to look around (did both days last year so saw less as a result, but that is the trade off for 'working' at the show). It is already the biggest show in the country, and I can't see it currently working to grow in size. If anything I suspect some shows will start to shrink over the coming years, for a number of reasons.
  2. The NEC charge by the square meter. So there'd be a big price rise if they took that extra space, it is only used on the build up/break down as a means to speed that up, and I expect they get charged for that use too. There are already enormous costs with hosting the show at the NEC as it is. I don't think many would like a further price hike on what are already premium ticket prices for a model railway show (but rather low comparatively for the NEC in general!)
  3. Bachmann suburban coaches are 57ft, you need 64ft versions, which you can get as parts from replica railways. Iirc, thinking off top of my head you would need two of the coaches with luggage compartments each end with a pair of 64ft suburban coaches in the middle. But you will need to remove the buffers and fit centre buffing plates and a few other things.
  4. I can't speak for the previous 6 years prior to my joining the site, but it has been a mine of useful information, friendly support and some of the RMWeb meetings in the past have been very good (I wish there were more tbh, as I much prefer smaller more social things these days). Well done Andy and the rest of your team for your hard work and massive amount of patience at times on this forum!
  5. Not an easy decision to make with such a big show. But likely the only option in the end. I wasn't intending to attend (not for any reasons other than personal finances). Good luck with future show options, but if rearranging is liable to cause a lot of extra work, might be best to just leave it to next year by which time hopefully things will have settled down a bit more. However, whatever decision is made, best of luck and take care.
  6. Nice work. The grille on the side behind the cab should also be plated over. I've a plan to do one at some point in the future.
  7. How about a new build Leader With modern technologies and oil firing it ... might work...
  8. DEMU stand set up and ready for the weekend. Looking forward to a good show.
  9. Another option that might be easier to fit inside the body is this. Other manufacturers/versions exist. IMO this is much better than hardwiring the loco, as blown decoders don't mean needing to get the soldering iron out, etc. and conversion for DC is simple too.
  10. Get a socket harness, and replace the board, and retain the pluggable chip option that way. You could even get a 21pin one if you wanted to add extra functions that the original pcb won't offer with an 8pin socket.
  11. It shouldn't be too difficult to make a 3D representation to go over the top of them to represent those and hide the roundness of them. Trouble with UK stock, most was 3link/screw well past the 60s still. I've not seen a reliable 3link/screw that is automatic without needing the shunters pole to be employed.
  12. I'd like to add to Natalie's post, by giving my own thanks. Though I take exception to her exaggeration of the destructive power of my scooter! thankfully this year I didn't have a repeat of last years snapped key (forcing the need to abandon the scooter and walk around the show), this year the scooter behaved itself and the show was very enjoyable. The 3mm layouts, especially the LU/LT layouts were very good and otherwise a good selection of layouts in the rest of the show. We'll be back next year.
  13. In some respects, the Harton No.2/No.10 is even smaller than a 48DS! It is lower and has small bonnets either side of a small cab.
  14. That is looking rather good. Though with the support structure it looks a little reminiscent of the Luggage from Discworld.
  15. On a tangent, I'm building a Harton No.2 at present and the thought of DCC sound has occured to me. Fitting sound to the 0-4-0 is likely not going to be possible I expect though and not so keen on a attached wagon really. The bo-bo No. 13-15 however...
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