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  1. 4 hours ago, Ian Hargrave said:

          Robin....just a thought entre nous. Ben posted on the GT thread earlier this morning. Why not pm him offering ANTB as a vehicle for promoting both the GT  and the railcar ?  Maybe I’m being too fanciful but your layout and the way you present it online has literally shedloads of followers. It’s the perfect showcase for GW models.Better than Rails aerial track anyway. :rolleyes:  Nothing ventured,nothing gained.



    Thanks for your support but it appears all the testing etc has already been carried out. They are about to go into production.:drink_mini:

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  2. 43 minutes ago, 46444 said:


    Good to see the new van builds as well.


    Out of interest is the Fruit D in the yard your modified Dapol model? ;)


    Well remembered Mark but it's not the one you're thinking of as that's still in the queue for painting. The one by the goods shed is awaiting a pair of screw link couplings.


    Here's the van you're thinking of.




    43 minutes ago, 46444 said:


    With regards to paint it may be worth looking for a suitable Vallejo acrylic colour. Those more knowledgeable may know of a suitable colour ;)



    I think I read that you used panzer grey on one of your GWR vans.;)

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  3. 48 minutes ago, Captain Kernow said:

    Interesting, when I looked 3 hours ago, they were shown as 'out of stock', which is the current status as I write this!



    There was one on eBay last year that sold for £35 when they were currently out of stock everywhere CK but if you're patient I'm sure H & A Models will get them back in stock shortly. An email to Harry would let you know.

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  4. A heads up on a new ,to me anyway,  GWR Bullion Van kit to the diagram M17, being produced by SRMW. Not a cheap build when you add up all the components but maybe a simpler job than the alternative brass kit from Frogmore via Dart Castings. Remember bogies, roof, buffers and underframe are extras to this body.



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