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  1. All but two were at Old Oak according to this list http://www.greatwestern.org.uk/060_9400det.htm
  2. Readers of the Bachmann 94xx thread might be interested in a comment made by @AY Mod that suggests, to me anyway, there's an announcement tomorrow from someone ,that might interest followers of this thread.
  3. What makes you assume it's got wheels.
  4. I know some GWR toads were fitted with them.
  5. Some info on red plates here http://www.gwr.org.uk/liveriesloco1948.html
  6. Not keen on the red cabside plates and I see the Bachmann early crest black model has them fitted too.
  7. Yes I know but I was wondering if the BR versions were arriving then too.
  8. Mouth watering indeed. Now will this make it into the Captain's First Class Pannier Lounge.
  9. Is that for all liveries coming @AY Mod
  10. I like the sound of that.
  11. Talking of 9440 and here she is in a familiar location sometime in the 50s judging by the fashions and vehicle shewn. The level crossing is of course still there although the signal box has long gone from Torbay Road, Paignton.
  12. What a shame you can't pop around for a cuppa as I have the Ivybridge goods waiting for it.
  13. In the Pannier Papers volume that covers this class there's a rather nice photo of an early crest 9440 on the Ivybridge goods.
  14. Yes they're both panniers and being an expert I'd expect you knew that.
  15. Not in the dictionary.. Very nice weathering btw.
  16. His colour photos can be found in several albums dating back to the 90s published by Ian Allan.
  17. A colour photo by the late great Peter Gray of 1608 on a westbound freight skirting the Teign estuary was enough for me.
  18. When Phil the duck @Mallard60022 was Comet's main builder it was something he did on his too.
  19. Looks like the Model Rail/ Rapido 16xx pannier is imminent judging by these boxes posted by Chris Leigh.
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