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  1. Mike, Just checked the /3's for ex WR boxes, and Droitwich, Lostwithiel, Malvern Wells, St. Erth and Worcester Tunnel Junction still have MSL with sprung nibs. Its very prevelant in mechanical form on ex LMS type frames, but relatively rate on Eastern frames that I now have. Hope that helps, Martin
  2. Does anyone know if there are ever likely to be any more issues of BRJ or is it now a defunct publication? Or is it going to be like GWRJ and be on a special basis from now on if enough articles are submitted Didcot?
  3. Is there any update on when these will be available. I've expressed interest but all i got was a subscription email so wasn't sure if they already sold out on pre order!
  4. Morning fellow RMWebbers despite my quite extensive picture library of all things S&D, I’ve drawn a blank so far! I’m trying to find a picture of bath junction signal box taken from the gas works side or failing that to ascertain the window and locking room window layout at that side. I am presuming it was fully windowed on this side too given it was in the V of the junction. Does anyone know if these windows were also the 2x2 panes same as the oldfield park side and bath end or 3x2 as on the warmly end? Does anyone know why these two ends as a minimum had this unusual window arrangement (same height as a 3x2 pane but in a 2x2 and wider so that there was 3 sashes per half of the box rather then the more usual 4.) I would guess maybe wartime bomb damage but have not seen a pre war photo of the box to confirm this. any info you have would be great fully received. Martin
  5. Hi Wellyboots, I had completely forgotten about the way back machine despite my better half mentioning it numerous times! shall definitely be doing some eploring of it tonight, and lets hope that it gets preserved in its entirety for the future. Martin
  6. Very sad news on David's passing. It appears that the original website is not working at the moment. Does anyone know if this temporary or if it has migrated to the british library. Id hate to see it go as it was an amazing resource of outstanding photos.
  7. Evening Drew, If there are still places available I'd like one for each day please! Thanks, Martin
  8. Thanks a lot. It was what I thought but that's for confirming. Must say I didn't know about the different tenders but will get my books out this evening and have a look!
  9. Afternoon everyone, I think know the answer to this one already, but as usual on here someone will know something that disproves what you think you already know! Has anyone ever seen a photo of a SR U class or N class 2-6-0 with one of the 8 wheel bogie tenders as used by the N15 or S15 classes. I know the GWR used to swap tender types at overhaul between collet and Hawksworth types, and LMS to a lesser extent with fowler and stainier types with jubilees, 8F's etc, but wondered if any of the 2-6-0s ever pulled the 8 wheel tenders? All the pics I have seen show the normal 6 wheel tender, so I think the answer is they didn't but I hope to be disproved!
  10. if this is still available then yes please!!!!!
  11. Oxford North Junction, 15 signal (i am pretty sure it is 15) has a feather with a draw ahead.I am sure there are still others lurking about the former Western power boxes too. I know its a little off region, but there are still existing examples about. I had a wee look at Inverness locking sketch in more detail and i can only find 2 signals that contain feather and draw ahead, and none use the feather for routing on the draw ahead. There are however, plenty of theatre boxes with draw aheads.
  12. If its a new signal, where there are multiple draw ahead routes from the same signal then a stencil indicator must be provided, it can't use the feather or theatre indicator associated with the main aspect to provide routing information. If its a theatre on the main aspect, and the draw ahead reads to the same destination, then the same letter shall be displayed in the stencil. If it is works on an existing signal, then generally a new stencil will be provided for routing information. There are still examples of main aspect routing being used with draw ahead aspects, but these will gradually get less as more and more boxes get swallowed up in the ROC's.
  13. It was certainly a case with the BW(W) RRI interlockings as originally installed that when a subsiduary draw ahead'aspect was located under a main aspect and they read to the same place, that the route indication was the same for the draw ahead as it was for the main aspect - be it feather or theatre box. This is a historic practice and definately not one we are allowed to install on a 'new works' job now. Looking at the current inverness locking sketch, then it certianly the case that both main and draw ahead aspects on the same post utilise the same theatre box indication. There are only a couple of feathers and and subs at Inverness, and from what i can find, these do not use the feather for route information, or the signalling is set up in such a way that the draw ahead reads only to a running shunt which then provides routing information. Hope that helps a little and doesn't muddy the waters or confuse at all.
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