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  1. Hi everybody, The following link was posted in a thread on here and I thought it was surprising that nobody commented on it! He is/was making a German Engine shed/machine shop with turntable and associated works including all the machinery inside, as well as things like pallet trucks, all produced on his 3d printer. I have spent a couple of days on the forum and am only at page 23 of 59! https://www.stummiforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=180&t=171433 The stuff he has produced with an FDM printer is totally mind blowing. Yes you do need Google Translate to get th
  2. Can you make them available to us mere mortals now from Chris at CWR please?
  3. I realize mentioning someone who model's post 1920's is a little 'infradig' on this thread and especially as he models foreign railways as well but here goes. I am not sure if any one is familiar with Emmanuel Nouaillier, (link here:- ) but he does extremely finely detailed buildings. They look superb in small groups but in my humble opinion I think they don't work when incorporated into a larger layout. Being an artist perhaps I prefer the impressionist approach.
  4. Have you seen some of the characters in the Pre-grouping docks thread? They look very well nourished, in fact I think they "ate all the pies" and some more! Shades of Mr Bumble from Dickens. Simon
  5. Living in Cornwall I have been, back in the 90's, for a guided tour of the Clay Dries. One memory from that trip was of track embedded in concrete that 'disappeared' into a building but not through a doorway. It seems they just built a new building right on top of the old track, might be an interesting feature to include.
  6. That track plan reminds me of ZOB by The Baron aka Brian Harrap. A nightmare to shunt in the case of ZOB as it was three separate gauges and not every siding had all the gauges, also see Quai87 for more quayside inspiration.
  7. Looking good to me, just need the triangular, most likely cast iron, braces under the main jib. Fantastic work on the rest of the goods shed as well.
  8. Okay, so my experience of hand built track is zero but I have laid more yards of Peco for club layouts and and a 10ft X 12ft 4 track two station multi level layout with about 60 points. Wouldn't just painting the ends of the rail and the cast crossing solve any shorting problems? Of course you could always set out to try and make a reliable electrical connection, that usually ensures that it never works in my experience. Wayne, the Points are looking really good and I for one will be ordering some when the initial rush has died down. As you say you have a lot of experie
  9. As far as I know, before Brexit it would have been the Originating Countries VAT rate that was charged to all other EU countries. Whether Shapeways always got it right is debatable. HMRC's VAT notices are a bit heavy reading and don't always make much sense.
  10. And believe me it takes more than one read through to understand any VAT Notice. I use them as bedtime reading, guaranteed to put me to sleep. As a bookkeeper I have to know how it works and I do for inter company or business to business (it is something called reverse charge) but even then I don't know exactly how it will work for retail customers and I suspect a lot of businesses will make mistakes and charge the wrong amounts at the wrong point in the transactions. The one thing to look out for is double charging of VAT. One thing I did pick up from the guidance is that it is the destinatio
  11. Textures create huge files, best to use the spray from just too far away so that the paint creates some texture. Having said that I looked closely at the Wills injection moulded sheets of stone (I know I lead an exciting life) and they just seemed to have a few low poly shapes for the front of the stones and not as much detail as I expected. So it may be able to get away with less detail than we think. I did find a free texture of stone and load it into Tinkercad and it printed out okay on an FDM printer, although it was for a small footbridge abutment, about 40mm X 20mm, so not a huge wall.
  12. The problem with trying to do 'random' stone is that when a stone mason, or whoever is laying out the stones, does so, they carefully choose which stone to go where. This means it's very difficult to actually do really random, as per a computer, which could decide that twelve of the same size of stone in a row is random, you need some kind of fuzzy logic in the algorithm as well. And there's ensuring that there are no vertical mortar courses through more than one row unless it's next to a really big stone. My very dormant code writing part of my brain is starting to try and kick in but as I am
  13. As Blender's code is Open Source it should be possible to generate a plug-in to make any brick bond. I failed the programers aptitude test so I don't think I'm your man to write it. Although I presume reverse engineering open source code may be allowed, if so it could be possible to adapt the other plugin code. Doing the queen closers might prove interesting though.
  14. Oddly enough we haven't had "I did it My Way" at a funeral (I work at a funeral directors) probably since before the first lockdown and it used to be the most popular song at a funeral. I still think "Bat out of Hell" was the most inappropriate one we have had. Although saying that I do like Glorious Day which includes the line "I ran out of the Grave" https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DLfzpfqrPUDo&ved=2ahUKEwjv-KLOspfuAhUChlwKHW5PAYwQyCkwAnoECAMQAw&usg=AOvVaw2qDILf_o5r8aJoCMxGPgh7
  15. If you are only going to use it occasionally I would get one where the head is included with the ink cartridge, HP definitely are and some Cannon ones. I know the cartridges are dearer but I had two Epson printers dry out and clog the print head, totally useless, unless you want to try putting brake fluid through to clear them.
  16. It's the 'Ski jumps' that are the problem you remember Eddie the eagle Edwards.
  17. For those not in the know, the 'Penson' method is to use high quality card, hand emboss the mortar courses and paint with watercolours. Very time consuming but worth it. A very beautiful model Gedward.
  18. Personally I wouldn't start my first scratchbuilding project using Wills sheets, they are great because of the amount of relief or detail but that's also what makes them more tricky to get right. I spent over a month doing a small wall and steps for the surround of a terrace outside a small chapel during lockdown. I started with kits (not made to your superb standards though) and then progressed to a kit that was more of a scratch aid, this was in the late 70's, which was thin walled. I seem to vaguely recall that it didn't pass my critical eye even back then, but it did serve as a
  19. I think @Ralf mentioned on page 2 that he used the "flip horizontal" function of 'Preview' on his Apple Mac. I know PDF Pro let's you flip or mirror as well. There may be a website that lets you do it as well(can't find the link at the moment).
  20. Oh I don't know, my late mother (no my parents didn't die because of the cars) was once lent a Renault Fuego, in the late 70's, for a whole weekend 'test drive'. That thing was like a Tardis - it seemed twice the size inside than out.
  21. I knew a Renault salesman who said where he worked they wouldn't take a Renault, even one they sold new, in for part exchange for a new one. My late dad once bought a Vauxhall Viva on a Friday, we had it for the weekend and on Monday it went to the scrapyard.
  22. I can make out CAMBRIAN in the top arc and RAILWAY (?) in the bottom arc so wondering what the extra character/letter is after RAILWAY.
  23. An 'Old Etonian' once told me that they are taught that they are superior to the rest of humanity. I go with the Bible - we are all created equal. It's what you do with your talents that count not who your parents were.
  24. Happens a lot on that well known auction site. They claim that the goods are in the same country as you, but as you say the three month delivery is a bit of a giveaway.
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