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  1. You must have just read the collectors club magazine as well. That's a really good way to get new models out to an audience. They had quite a few there during filming by the looks of it
  2. I did wonder whether the livery/prototype might not be appropriate. I spotted in Hornby magazines youtube video on the crane they used an LNER bogie full brake and a 20ton brake van. Would this be more suitable rather than 4/6 wheelers?
  3. This maybe a "rule 1, it's your railway etc" answer but would the new Hattons 4 and 6 wheel coaches in the Red BR livery with Gorton markings be suitable for the Gorton/BR early livery Bachmann crane? I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of the prototype in a train somewhere but typically can't find it now. Cheers
  4. Which email address did you use? I was told the [email protected] address used for sending the newsletters out isn't monitored for incoming emails.
  5. I would think hattons would make a generous amount of additional models for stock for sale in House or via their retailer network
  6. According to Antics Online it is No 16. Seems to be the only website with a lot of detail on each individual crane.
  7. Bank account is preparing for a hammering! One question, how are the relieving bogies fixed to the main carriage?
  8. Hornby's latest arrivals page is full of new goodies. Looks like my bill to Kernow will be expensive in the next few weeks with the new Bachmann arrivals too.
  9. Rails of Sheffield have just posted in Facebook that the cranes have arrived at Bachmann and are due in stock with them in the next 7 days.
  10. This is slightly annoying seeing you selling these now. Ive had a pair of the brake/trailer bodies and chassis designed by Bluebell Model Railway on Shapeways which I started to convert to the motor version as it was in the early days of the Bluebell. I'd started the conversion but put it to one side as I couldn't find a way of doing the vents on the sides of the brake. Just looked at your Shapeways page and you've done the trailer as well. I would like to complete the set eventually but the bodies/chassis I have were expensive so would be a bit of a waste to replace them with yours. Suppose I could graft the ends/vents onto the bodys I have already? In theory they should match up. I assume you work from drawings when designing these models? What doesn't make sense is why his bodies are 3 times the price of yours? I admit there's other Southern Region models of yours that's been tempting me
  11. Spent the rest of the day laying out the carriage siding, loop and goods sidings. And pically I'm a few fishplates short for the carriage siding. I also clipped a controller to the mainline and tested the track which a manning Wardle and Narrow Planet Hudswell Clark made a few trips up/down successfully. Edit: The testing was partly to check the jointed track carried power OK over the long distance, I will probably add one or two additional feeds to ensure power down the gradient.
  12. Minor livery details, assembly quality probably are the main 2 things
  13. A long weekend was the perfect opportunity to crack and get some serious work done on the track. All of the mainline has now been cut/shaped leaving just the station area and carriage siding to complete. None of it is fully laid yet just sitting in position ready for any wires to solder on. Next stage is finish the station and once any wires are added I can lay some pernamently. I've yet to decide on the point motors I'm going to use but will drill a hole under each tiebar before laying each point (or I might have a problem in future!) Close up of one of the track joints, so far there's 40 odd fishplates that have been fitted like this. It gets a bit tedious but we'll worth it I think.
  14. I spotted Jennifer Kirk posted somewhere on Facebook about having a 66 review video in the works with an accompanying picture. Assume again it's a review sample
  15. Hornby magazine have just posted a video on YouTube. It also features in the latest magazine on sale today. Things already confirmed by KR Models on Facebook for being looked at is the side waggling, loco pickups (this sample only had tender pickups) I also notice it seems rather tall/buffer height is high on the tender.
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