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  1. Tower models have information and prices listed on their page for these coaches. For some reason I can't link directly to the page as just comes up as tower-models.com on my phone Also, for those who may not have seen Dapol showed a bit of a uk production update with in for on new injection moulding machines and a bit about what is produced the uk. It also featured a small section on the Stroudleys. https://www.Dapol.co.uk/Dapol-Continue-To-Invest-In-UK-Production
  2. The email newsletter I received tonight mentioned seated painted passengers, and close coupling. If that and 2 motor bogies is all done within the quoted price I think it might be in line for the best value RTR 4 car EMU?
  3. The Hornby magazine article now works, price is £350 per 4 car unit with 2 motorised coaches and interior lighting. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/kr-models-reveals-4-dd-emu-oo?utm_campaign=kmw social&utm_content=181763455&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&hss_channel=fbp-129246407114953
  4. I found the glazing simple to remove, just slide a knife or other thin object between the body and glazing inside and it should release the glue joints holding the mouldings in.
  5. From todays newsletter it appears BR lined green and BR Blue with yellow ends has been added to the production run as a 200 piece per livery limited edtion.
  6. It maybe only a running plate retool, and afaik they were getting firebox glow when announced. The chassis block or boiler moulding may may have had minor modifications to suit a metal running plate.
  7. Agree the yellow vents and cab doors are unnecessary. It looks an exact copy of the BR blue livery Victory works made for their Train Simulator version of GT3. But it's a fictitious livery so can't really blame them for copying it.
  8. Latest from the collectors club works report was the decorated samples are awaited. Sometime next year would be my guess.
  9. There was a myth that was dispelled by hattons a long while back now.
  10. For Hornby Winter 2022 is the start of the year. This last page has info on delivery. Seems like you got affected by the new Hornby retailer Tier system by having your order cancelled
  11. Absolutely nothing on faceache either. Last time there was any comment was from Chris on here saying it was on hold.
  12. Yes the O gauge Class 121 and oo gauge modern hopper which the TOPS code I cant remember.
  13. Nothing more announced other than the 3 EFE and IoW Ltd edition. Always future possibilities
  14. Most DCC chips are able to run on DC like any other DC loco would.
  15. Was that just a preservation thing with a later smokebox door handle though? Preserved loco's especially the early preservation era photos aren't the best for comparing as built liveries as as you can imagine they changed over the years of service.
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