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  1. To me those look liek stock images from the previous batch. This is the engine shed I was referring to where they show the approval sample near the top. The brown is definitely imprived but previous comments here suggest the solebars should be body colour as well and not black. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/news/the-engine-shed/east-coast-line-bumper-edition
  2. One of the recent engine shed blogs showed either an LSWR or SR liveried van and i think they had corrected the colour.
  3. You can just about see a slider mechanism for the centre wheelset, granted its hard to see being an all white CAD model. Clues are cutouts in the centre part of the stepboards probably show the extent of the how far the centre axle slides. Ive just takes a quick look at the CAD's which look great. And I've noticed the footboard are screwed to the chassis rather than glued tabs. Pretty neat and should allow easy changing if one were to get broken in future.
  4. Isn't gaugemaster now Heljans UK distributor? So in theory it should be easier than how rembrow describes it now?
  5. Bachmann own EFE and EFE Rail is a part of the EFE brand as far as I can make out. Bit like Oxford Diecast and Oxford Rail I suppose
  6. I thought they bought them a few years ago?
  7. This is the allocations of this type of crane courtesy of Kernow's webpage for the crane.
  8. As a Dapol product I would think it comes under the standard Dapol warranty.
  9. Ive seen it mentioned a few times before in the thread but where have the rumours about a new Bachmann retooled 66 come from?
  10. I think that relates to public trains only? but I'm not 100%. That's probably a CG image for marketing because its not been repainted yet as far as I'm aware. Edit: The Statesman Rail Pullmans have brown coloured doors so I guess it doesn't apply to private train operators?
  11. Well it is bachmanns autumn announcement on Tuesday...
  12. Just posted this in a new topic just before you. However my youtube says 10am?
  13. This just popped up on my youtube homepage. A special signal box episode at 10am tomorrow (31st July) with a product announcement.
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