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  1. Well I never realised the Fell visited the south coast during its life, would it have been black or green in 1951?
  2. There's 2 different sizes of flycrank, the two outside ones are smaller than the middle ones
  3. Second that, his video is very good and clearly explains body removal .
  4. That particular wagon, being an engineers dept wagon should be in a red oxide or similar colour to the original shade the brake vans were released in! So Hornby didn't do their research again on that wagon. I know it's meant to be an accurate livery on a freelance 3 plank body, same as the SECR livery wagon released a year or so back.
  5. Yep have to agree with the above comment. The drone fottage is particularly good and shows the sheer scale when you follow a tfull length train down the 4 track section.
  6. I think the wagons on the same shelf as the mysterious grey object are 00. Although the heavily cropped image posted by adb968008 clearly shows what it is I think.
  7. Would the bend not be to allow slightly more clearance while running? And all the overscale parts just to keep everything strong?
  8. They look like 8 wheel to me And the brake section of the first carriage is all cream above the waist. AFAIK all the Pullman Hornby have produced have brown on the brake area and on the cant rail above the windows.
  9. Because its not been released yet and has Sold out on their website, and probably sold out at retailers.
  10. For those who didn't watch the Facebook/YouTube live video last night. Keith said the Leader had got healthy numbers so was progressing with the CAD and should have something to show by the end of the year.
  11. Nope only the hope of it being under £200 from Rails/Dapol, sounds like it might be announced when they leave China so the most up to date exchange rate can be used.
  12. The SECR also did similar although slightly more butchery envolved by combining bodies from multiple vehicles on lengthened underframes. This coach has the body from 3 different 6 wheelers and the underframe from another 2 joined together. https://www.bluebell-railway.co.uk/bluebell/pics/1050b.html
  13. The right model looks like a Bachmann model. The idea with the Sutton loco's on the left is you would always have a disc on each position and you change them for open/closed versions depending on the headcode you want. I don't know whether Bachmann supplies open and closed discs so not sure how they look in service, probably injection moulded so far thicker than the etched Suttons discs
  14. I'd say very likely they would be in the detail bag and unlikely that they work
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