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  1. When there's an update in sure it'll be posted. Last update from October it went to tooling so I would imagine we'd be seeing a physical sample soon.
  2. 19th of March according to this update: https://accurascale.co.uk/blogs/news/class-92-update-and-demo-november-2020
  3. It is but I can imagine there's a few others like me after seeing the first samples with the interesting colours used, though there were some good areas. No warning of low stock has been given yet so I hope there will be enough left when production models are shown
  4. More chance of a re-run. I can't see the model being put on shapeways. Probably be more expensive than the RTR model and it'll be tuned/detailed to the specific printing process. Rails are using. Plus copyright etc issues.
  5. Indeed and I want to see the final production liveries before placing an order as there were changes to be made.
  6. Any updated livery samples to see or a confirmed rep @Oliver Rails yet?
  7. I don't think they would retool the body this time round as it was only a DCC upgrade. They've been working on upgrading the chassis of their older models over the last few years. Of course there could be a surprise but unlikely. Awaiting probably means just that, where there is no known planned delivery date.
  8. Photos of the production samples of these have appeared in the latest Engine Shed blog. Trailers and Tenders: Hornby Hobbies
  9. More than likely that's the case as they haven't arrived yet
  10. Livery looks excellent. May just be me but the lighting looks way to bright still for the period.
  11. I don't know much about soldering but I would think you would have to heat it up quick to avoid transferring the heat to the buffer guides and melting them. Don't quote me but they look plated so solder may have trouble bonding.
  12. Hope that's not the case as I ordered the SECR livery version
  13. The Adams radial would have been its most recent condition before its repaint/the condition it was measured in.
  14. As far as I know these are the UK made 3D printed models that are painted, printed and assembled at Dapol In their UK factory.
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