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  1. If none of the above suggestions work, can I suggest that you swap the bogies between engines to see what effect that has. I see 3 outcomes;- 1) If both engines run through points without any problem then you are sorted. There's no logical explanation for this, just accept it and be happy. 2) If the original loco with the new bogie now runs through points and the other doesn't then the problem seems to be with the original bogie, wheels or swiveling arm. Concentrate on these parts. there will be something too tight, too wide or bent slightly causing the problem. it's just a matter of looking closely and comparing with the other bogie. 3) If both engines now have difficulty negotiating pointwork, it's nothing to do with me Guv'nor. Just put them back the way they were. Jim
  2. 17A, one alternative might be to go for an ebay 4F as Stoker suggested and keep your original as an un-powered dummy. Simply remove the armature face plate, armature, gears and pick-ups and the loco will happily be pushed along by any suitable loco which will do all the work. This assumes that the remains of your 45523 are all in good condition but by the length of your shopping list for spares this may not be the case. Good luck Jim
  3. Enjoyed my visit to Bonnybridge yesterday as expected. Pleased to see Blair Atholl again, always amazed and impressed with the work that has gone into the town buildings plus the variety of stock running on the railway side. Also enjoyed viewing Kinnaird, Eaglesham and Glasshouse Loan. The show seemed to be well attended yesterday so hope that today will do just as well and can't leave without praising the catering, especially the rolls on sausage! Jim
  4. Thanks for the details Bruce. Date has been added to my calendar so I don't forget. Jim
  5. Glad to hear that I'm not the only dinosaur on RMWeb Jim
  6. Which side of the backscene will these attractions be displayed? Jim
  7. The same image is on the cover of "On West Highland Lines" by Robert Robotham with the photo credited to Michael Mensing. 76001 is in absolutely filthy condition but with safety valves blowing ready for the climb out of Oban. Jim
  8. You never said a truer word!
  9. Tickets are valid for one day only and you will need the full day to go round the exhibition to be sure of seeing everything properly. Jim
  10. Thanks Richard for posting this delightful piece of film, not least because at 13:26 there is a very brief shot of Wick's Stranraer type coal tower showing it in all it's neglected glory in colour. I am just in the middle of building the Ratio kit based on this structure and I now have no excuse for wondering what colour to paint it - grotty black and filthy grey!. Thanks again Jim
  11. And for those exhibiting layouts with 8 weeks work still to be done, doors open 7 weeks tomorrow. Jim
  12. That's it! And I forgot to mention the old coach body on the platform which confirms the location. Thanks eastwestdivide for your help Jim
  13. Just watched this film last night. Apart from the indifferent plot and script, part was filmed using a preserved line as a typical English railway station of 2013. The stock used was a blue 101 2 car set but visible in some scenes were maroon Mk1s. The station building was red brick, 2 platforms linked by a steel panelled footbridge with a cover but open between the top of the panels and the roof. There was a wooden waiting shelter with green lower half on the secondary platform, a level crossing at one end and a road overbridge where 2 tracks became 1. Does anyone recognise where this was filmed please? Jim
  14. Hi folks, A few weeks ago I submitted a few photos from our 2015 Rocky Mountaineer trip from Jasper to Vancouver via Kamloops. Those only involved Jasper station so for anyone interested here are some more to complete the journey to Vancouver. Hope you enjoy them. As I still don't know how to link captions to photos captions first with hopefully the photos in correct order:- Seating on RM is airline style - all facing forward so the whole train has to be turned after each trip. This normally involves a turning triangle or "Wye" and the first picture shows the arrangement at Jasper station which is immediately behind the viewer. The rear track is the first leg and continues out of sight on a curve to the right. The seemingly very tight curve is the return leg with the lines in the foreground forming the final side. I have seen the reversal take place and it is carried out remarkably quickly and without any obvious sense of drama. This little Trackmobile was spotted in a depot complex just outside Kamloops. An Airfix girder bridge over the North Thompson river on the approach to Kamloops station. The track into the station turns East and away from Vancouver so another reversal would be required before we could depart the next morning. This is the Thompson River and most of our train. Our original 2 locos and 9 coaches had joined up overnight with the Banff - Vancouver train plus additional stock at Kamloops and now comprised 4 locos and 29 coaches. Not sure what this is. It looks like a burnt out space capsule sitting in a field. Any ideas? Crossing over the Thompson River with the front of our train on the bridge and our end still to go into the tunnel. Some PW wagons. Canada's answer to Wickham trolleys. Avalanche shelters and a tunnel in the area known as Avalanche Alley. Coming onto Cisco Crossing. We are on the original CP route with the other bridge just visible on the much later CN lines. The CN bridge at Cisco X 2 Selection of bridges at Vancouver. Jim
  15. Hi Graham, Brian Dickson's album "Diesel Days - Scotland" shows D5713 leaving Stirling on 8th August 1959 with a passenger train for Glasgow. The train comprises at least 7 ex-LMS coaches and may well be the one you refer to in your post as the loco is the same way round (4 wheel bogie leading) and the coach immediately behind the loco looks to be identical to the one shown in your photo. The loco discs display the code for Express Passenger and the working number seems to be 81. HTH Jim
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