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  1. The plan looks very much like it has been inspired by "The Laird's" former layout Bradfield Gloucester Square, now with the Tring group. The differences seem to be fewer platforms in the station area, access to/from the visible carriage sidings restricted to just one track, requiring a shunt into and out of the tunnel every time and the 5/6 carriage sidings replaced by 2 sidings and the spread out engine shed and turntable. From the series of articles The Laird submitted on here covering both construction and operation it seemed to work very well for him and hopefully its new owners can carry on the good work. For the OP, it may still be possible to view those articles on here. HTH Jim
  2. Thanks for the reminder Greig. As your leaflet says the show is a week earlier than normal this year. I will be over tomorrow helping out on "Loch Burn" Jim
  3. Thanks for showing this, you have given me an idea for improving the older 2Ps I have acquired over the years. Jim
  4. 34. are you still talking about random drovers here? Jim
  5. Following on from pH's pictures of picture theme, here are some I took this May at Banff. The originals are in Banff station building but unfortunately have no captions with dates etc. Jim
  6. I would have thought that a good hot Bath might help, especially if you think you might be Combing Down with a Cole.
  7. Thanks JZ, that looks like the kind of thing I'm looking for. Jim
  8. JZ, thanks for your reply but when I click onto the link you supply it takes me back to Kitwood's home page. I am looking for a simple variable control to regulate the speed of the turntable to allow me to line it up exactly with the exit track. Thanks Jim
  9. JZ many thanks for uploading your video clip showing 453 being turned, I have a part finished version of Kitwood's Durango turntable which, like you, I intend to use as British outline. I use a small battery pack to turn the table as shown in the attached photos but currently only have a simple on/off switch to operate it so stopping the table in line with the exit/entry track is a bit of a performance. Could you please tell me a little more about the voltage regulator you use on your turntable. Also, when lined up to the exit track, what do you use to hold the table in position and stop it moving out of line? Many thanks Jim
  10. Firstly try the Hornby website. They have Service Sheets for almost all their models but you will have to identify whether yours is the original Margate type or the latter improved Chinese made version. I can't find the sheet for the original Margate model but believe that the Chinese made version was detailed in Sheet no. 218. Once you have identified what parts you need, try Peter's Spares as they seem to hold fairly comprehensive spares for both Hornby and Bachmann. HTH Jim
  11. Hi Cypherman, I'm sure there is a spelling mistake in there but can't think what it is. Jim
  12. Peter Smith's book "Footplate Over The Mendips" has a photo of Ex GWR Prairie tank 5522 and Inspection Coach sitting in the middle road at Evercreech Junction in February 1956. The photo was credited to P. Pike but no other information on how it got there or what routes were inspected was given. Jim
  13. If none of the above suggestions work, can I suggest that you swap the bogies between engines to see what effect that has. I see 3 outcomes;- 1) If both engines run through points without any problem then you are sorted. There's no logical explanation for this, just accept it and be happy. 2) If the original loco with the new bogie now runs through points and the other doesn't then the problem seems to be with the original bogie, wheels or swiveling arm. Concentrate on these parts. there will be something too tight, too wide or bent slightly causing the problem. it's just a matter of looking closely and comparing with the other bogie. 3) If both engines now have difficulty negotiating pointwork, it's nothing to do with me Guv'nor. Just put them back the way they were. Jim
  14. 17A, one alternative might be to go for an ebay 4F as Stoker suggested and keep your original as an un-powered dummy. Simply remove the armature face plate, armature, gears and pick-ups and the loco will happily be pushed along by any suitable loco which will do all the work. This assumes that the remains of your 45523 are all in good condition but by the length of your shopping list for spares this may not be the case. Good luck Jim
  15. Enjoyed my visit to Bonnybridge yesterday as expected. Pleased to see Blair Atholl again, always amazed and impressed with the work that has gone into the town buildings plus the variety of stock running on the railway side. Also enjoyed viewing Kinnaird, Eaglesham and Glasshouse Loan. The show seemed to be well attended yesterday so hope that today will do just as well and can't leave without praising the catering, especially the rolls on sausage! Jim
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