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  1. Thanks to PhilJ W and Ph for their replies about the mystery wagon. You were spot on Phil with your comment that it was a caboose with the "conning tower" removed. I should have realised that myself, especially with the verandas on each end. And Peter, your cutting from the Daily Hive explains clearly what it's doing parked on a main street. Thanks again, Jim
  2. Going back to my post on Saturday about the single CP goods van parked on the E&N line near Victoria West yard, here is another example we spotted last year. We had been down to the Roundhouse Museum in Yaletown and were wandering along Mainland Street when we came across this van sitting on a short length of track just east of Nelson St and next to a small park. When we saw it I wondered if it was a burger or coffee bar with the serving hatch on the pavement side but when I checked it was plain, just like the side shown. There was no signage on any face of it, e.g. to adverti
  3. Reading David Long's post I thought the photos were familiar. My wife and I were also in Victoria in May 2019 and we walked over the new bridge to allow me a scratch around the undergrowth to search out traces of the railway. Here a a few shots to illustrate:- First is a photo of the new bridge with its mouth open to allow passage of a barge and its attendant tugs. Next is the view from the girder bridge shown in David's second shot, looking to where he must have been standing to take his photo. Then is the point where the single track becomes double.
  4. If you look to the bottom of the spares sheet, part no. L5268 is a plastic overlay featuring some moulded on details such as brakes, etc. It also has 2 vertical slots adjacent to the front and rear wheels. these are intended at accept the pick up wipers and to hold them spaced away from the metal chassis. Hope this helps Jim
  5. Sorry Matt, I know what you meant. Just as long as it doesn't chafe. Jim49
  6. Geoffers, thanks for the photo of Bailey Gate creamery. I don't think that I have ever seen the building from this side before. The structure on the right hand side looks very much like a "Stranraer" type coal stage that has found its way to the S&D. Is it really a coaling stage, presumably holding coal for use in the boilers or is it a simple tank, holding milk for the creamery's use? Thanks again Jim
  7. Markus, if you look back to page 1 of this post, on 14th Feb Jamie attached 3 photos which all show the area in question as it was in the mid 70s. Unfortunately what they illustrate is that the dock has been taken out of use and has been bulldozed, probably for extra parking. Regards Jim
  8. Hi Markus, I know what you are describing and I think it is a short dock, separate from the area with the oil tanks and only able to take 2-3 4 wheel wagons. The best picture I can find is attached but is too poor to make out the end of the siding clearly. I'll keep looking, Jim
  9. I remember Trix doing something like it many years ago but not much chance of finding one nowadays. It think it was described as a UK item but might just have been a Continental model tarted up to look British and sourced from Trix's connection to Lilliput(?) Jim
  10. Hi Bruce, sorry to hear the news about the show being cancelled. I was looking forward to coming over with the 57 Study Group and our new layout Malling Park but not to be. Maybe next year? The decision must have been a painful one but in the current situation almost inevitable with regard to the new legislation banning crowds of 100+ indoors. I hope it's not too costly and look forward to being there on one side of the barrier or other next year. Jim
  11. Hi Gazbo and welcome to RM Web. Try East Kent Models in Maidstone for Bachmann spares. He produced a list recently which showed wheel sets for the Class 4 4-6-0 as still available. Phone number is 07780 681405 but only seems to be manned between 11 to 3. To access the website just type in East Kent Models and search for the Bachmann list. Jim
  12. The plan looks very much like it has been inspired by "The Laird's" former layout Bradfield Gloucester Square, now with the Tring group. The differences seem to be fewer platforms in the station area, access to/from the visible carriage sidings restricted to just one track, requiring a shunt into and out of the tunnel every time and the 5/6 carriage sidings replaced by 2 sidings and the spread out engine shed and turntable. From the series of articles The Laird submitted on here covering both construction and operation it seemed to work very well for him and hopefully its new owners
  13. Thanks for the reminder Greig. As your leaflet says the show is a week earlier than normal this year. I will be over tomorrow helping out on "Loch Burn" Jim
  14. Thanks for showing this, you have given me an idea for improving the older 2Ps I have acquired over the years. Jim
  15. 34. are you still talking about random drovers here? Jim
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