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    Steam & green diesel in 60s Scotland, especially the Callander & Oban Line.
    Somerset & Dorset in 50s & 60s
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  1. Ah Ha! Sorry folks, I didn't realise that the date was wrong for the locations of the signal boxes as shown in the plans. Jim
  2. Legend, for a book with pics and related track plans of the S&D, I suggest you look for "The Somerset & Dorset - Then and Now" by Mac Hawkins. He covers the whole route and branches including odd sidings, such as the Co-op siding on the climb out of Bath. Try for the later edition from 1995 with the blue cover. Jim
  3. Penrith, if you can imagine the two plans joined together you will have the full picture. See the vertical lines A----A at right and left ends. Jim
  4. Matti8, just in case you are unaware, the centre axle on the Lima J50 is not connected to the coupling rods, it only free-wheels along with the outer axles doing all the work. To make matters worse, the centre wheels only have a plain boss and do not have provision to accept a crank pin from the coupling rod. Jim
  5. Stanley Baxter, an old Scottish comedian? Don't you mean Stanley Baker? Jim
  6. "On Highland Lines" by Robert Robotham has 2 good colour photos of the station area, including 1 with 1646 and train. The track layout seems to be very simple with 3 parallel tracks serving platform, run-round and the goods shed. There also were at least 2 other tracks coming off the goods shed road at about 30 degrees then curving back to almost parallel the others. Jim
  7. Peter, in this case could " Birmingham" be similar to "Moscow" i.e. a small village in Ayrshire? Jim
  8. Found another one! Page 94 of Robin Athill's "Somerset & Dorset Railway" shows 2897 leaving Chilcompton tunnel piloted by Jinty 7316(!) on a relief to the down Pines on 28th May 1949. Still not found the one I'm looking for. Jim
  9. Peter Smith's recollections "Footplate Over The Mendips" includes a photo of Crab 42922 heading the down Pines near Stalbridge one Saturday in 1949. It's a front 3/4 shot so I can't give you any clue about livery at that time. I'm certain I have another photo of a Crab somewhere so will try to find it but don't hold your breath waiting for a reply as I keep getting distracted by neighbouring articles! Jim
  10. Like a few others, my last shows of 2020 were Stafford at the end of January and Model Rail Scotland in February. I remember being pleased when MRS finished as my feet and knees were killing me after three days of operating. Oh to be suffering that problem again! At the current rate of vaccinations it looks like it might be August/September before everyone has had both jabs and restrictions lifted hopefully shortly afterwards. In the meantime do as the big Polisman in Hill Street Blues used to say "Take care out there" and we will come out the other side, happy again to be moaning about crowded aisles, rucksacks and all the other old favourites. Jim
  11. Not railway related but I still find it funny.....
  12. Thanks to PhilJ W and Ph for their replies about the mystery wagon. You were spot on Phil with your comment that it was a caboose with the "conning tower" removed. I should have realised that myself, especially with the verandas on each end. And Peter, your cutting from the Daily Hive explains clearly what it's doing parked on a main street. Thanks again, Jim
  13. Going back to my post on Saturday about the single CP goods van parked on the E&N line near Victoria West yard, here is another example we spotted last year. We had been down to the Roundhouse Museum in Yaletown and were wandering along Mainland Street when we came across this van sitting on a short length of track just east of Nelson St and next to a small park. When we saw it I wondered if it was a burger or coffee bar with the serving hatch on the pavement side but when I checked it was plain, just like the side shown. There was no signage on any face of it, e.g. to advertise the Roundhouse Museum or other attraction, so please does anyone know what its purpose is? I apologise for the sight of that poor derelict creature hanging on the the end of the wagon but my wife caught me in an unguarded moment! Jim
  14. Reading David Long's post I thought the photos were familiar. My wife and I were also in Victoria in May 2019 and we walked over the new bridge to allow me a scratch around the undergrowth to search out traces of the railway. Here a a few shots to illustrate:- First is a photo of the new bridge with its mouth open to allow passage of a barge and its attendant tugs. Next is the view from the girder bridge shown in David's second shot, looking to where he must have been standing to take his photo. Then is the point where the single track becomes double. Just beyond the curve was an access crossing into a building site and standing there was a solitary CP van in good external condition. A gate guardian for the site? We didn't go any further along the track (the trouble with having my wife accompany me on these trips) so I am kicking myself as it seems that the engine shed was only a small distance away. Jim
  15. If you look to the bottom of the spares sheet, part no. L5268 is a plastic overlay featuring some moulded on details such as brakes, etc. It also has 2 vertical slots adjacent to the front and rear wheels. these are intended at accept the pick up wipers and to hold them spaced away from the metal chassis. Hope this helps Jim
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