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  1. Hi Steve, I believe the Limpet kits originated with TPM and long predate the Farish model. cheers Ben A.
  2. This. Grahame has nailed it here. I think that the quality and range of modern N is better than ever - and has no shortage of existing and new manufacturers looking at it - but to really grow the market/scale we need to see high quality, aspirational layouts at shows to encourage new entrants. The recent Warley national model railway exhibition at the NEC was busier than I have ever seen it - maybe the Rod Stewart/Model Railway TV show effect - and to grab a share of that success N needs to have showcase layouts that really show what's possible. cheers Ben A.
  3. Hello. Alank, As John says, the table lamps in first work in all the models, DC and DCC, and are permanently on. Plug-and-play lightbars are available that provide full coach interior illumination for all the vehicles. cheers Ben A.
  4. Hello Bomag, The models arrived two days before Warley. The first people to receive their models were those crowdfunders who were able to attend the show and collect, but we also took the opportunity at the end to supply some of the trade orders and avoid posting. So far we have sent out around 25% of the customer orders, in order that they were received by us. The rest will be sent out over the next couple of weeks. cheers Ben A.
  5. Ha - last time I checked I could say anything I like about anything, barring specific and well defined rules around political opinions during the election period. Besides, any disciplinary panel would need to watch the damn thing, and I am sure that would be enough to dissuade even the most ardently indoctrinated middle-manager... cheers Ben A.
  6. Well... what a disappointment. I am sure the events depicted could easily have been told in two hours. Just bloated and boring. A real missed opportunity. I had been really looking forward to this but it was awful. cheers Ben A.
  7. Hello all, As others (including Accurascale!) have observed there are sound business reasons for offering these as a twin-pack. But regardless of that (and acknowledging my own OCD!) there is something rather pleasing about a pack that comprises the "complete fleet" of these wagons, with the right numbers and small differences in markings correctly depicted. cheers Ben A.
  8. Hi Opelsi, Yes, the decorated sample was on display on the Revolution stand and was photographed by the magazines. cheers Ben A.
  9. Hello all, The only image I have seen of the new livery is the graphic in this thread, but at first glance I like it a lot! cheers Ben A.
  10. Hello all, Just a little more on the sound situation, now I have recovered from the exertions of the weekend! This image shows the DCC blanking plate and the PCB. The removable weight in the bunker can also be seen. As can be seen from the CAD there is potentially a void of up to 21mm long to allow a sound chip to be fitted. It may be fitting a sound chip requires a degree of hard wiring; but the key to good performance in such a small locomotive is weight, and this is the reason the electronics have been placed where they have: to allow as much of the rest of the model to be filled with weight as possible. At the N Gauge show the model pulled 30 short wheelbase wagons up a gradient without difficulty. At the Warley Show this weekend, Sam (aka Mr Sonic) brought us the first factory-finished deco sample of the version in weathered BR livery. This is intended to represent a 56xx "workhorse" in their final years. The paint has flaked away from the metal coupler rods and wheel rims in places - please note that the production models will also have chemically blackened wheels. cheers Ben A.
  11. Hello all, Just to be clear, no one is making any claims about DCC Sound. The models have a DCC socket, and the weight in the bunker is removable to offer space for a speaker, but beyond that adding sound will be up to the customer. cheers Ben A.
  12. Hi Mel, No, Revolution have had no contact wth KR Models. The wagon they showed in CAD is a different type to the one we are proposing and not one used for the MoD submarine traffic, which is what we are interested in. cheers Ben A.
  13. DRS tell us that both the 2as and the 2es will continue in use; the 2es in particular are used on another train that requires escorting moving what appear to be refrigerated containers... Interestingly, the saloon windows appear to have been modified. cheers Ben A.
  14. Hello all, We will be at Warley this weekend and happy to answer questions about this project. Getting permission - and then access - involved jumping through a fair few hoops! cheers Ben A.
  15. Ha! I watched it (and really enjoyed it) and remember thinking "Wow - they've got the train right!" because the locomotive wasn't carrying a BR logo and the coaches were obviously older than Mk1s. Shows what I know!! Thanks to didcot for the link to the Ripper St fx video - fascinating! cheers Ben A.
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