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  1. Hi there, Interesting question. A Flickr search of Exeter-Chirk workings shows that 5- and 6-stack loadings are the most common. It is also clear that between each stack and at each end there is usually a gap of around a foot, though on occasion they are almost touching or up to 3’ apart, so there is considerable leeway. This image, admittedly taken at Carlisle and not of a SW train, shows the variation in gaps with the centre logs almost touching and a large gap at either end. The internal dimension of the model in 00 is 256mm, so averaging at 4mm between each stack and at each end suggests that for 5 piles an average load would have logs of 46mm if in 5 stacks, and 38mm for 6 stacks. cheers Ben A.
  2. Hi there, The 5-car set was offered first time round as a teaser to get people to support the project but in the final count the demand for 5-car sets was low. In addition, because it is just a single tray it needs separate packaging. This adds to the cost and means that in practical terms the price difference between a 5-car and full 9-car would be less than you’d think. cheers Ben A.
  3. Hi there, I’d just add that In theory EOIs shouldn’t worry people financially as we aren’t asking for a financial commitment, and generally we do try to space products out. We also offer differential pricing (EarlyBird, then Pre-Order, then Final MSRP) to help those on a budget. cheers Ben A.
  4. Ben A

    Farish N - 50 years

    Hi Andy, Great topic! I had a 00 set as a child, but had always been fascinated by the tiny N gauge models. As an adult, returning to the hobby, N gauge still appealed and my first Farish model was a Poole-made Class 33, which I repainted into BR Green and renumbered. I quickly became a fan of the unpainted bodyshells available for pennies direct from Farish in the late 1990s, and they enabled me to practice my airbrushing skills. However, compared to other comparable models I had acquired such as the Kato Eurostar I began to get frustrated with Farish’s toy like shiny wheels and non-flywheel, non-illuminated models. When it was announced that Bachmann had bought the company and was moving it to China I was delighted, and for me the brand has simply gone from strength to strength. As others have said, the latest models are sublime and there is more to look forward to. If I had to pick one “highlight” of the Farish products it would be the superb range of Mk1 coaches. They could’ve taken the easy way out and just modelled a basic brake, open and corridor, but the range has continued to grow to include NPCCS, Sleepers, a variety of dining vehicles and so on, meaning that even some of the most esoteric trains of yesteryear can be accurately depicted; and the models are superb, down to their prototypically accurate bogies and underframes. Without Farish setting the “gold standard” and providing a comprehensive range of coaches, wagons and locomotives Revolution would never have started. I once heard N gauge trains described, scathingly, as cake decorations. Those behind Graham Farish’s models of the last two decades have ensured such comments no longer have any justification. cheers Ben A.
  5. Hello all, Yes, just to clarify that the 313/314 are proceeding through CAD and as soon as the work is to a standard we are happy with we’ll be sure to publish images. The timber carriers samples have been held up a little in HK but will be here soon. The FB live was 50 minutes long when I finally ground to a halt; we don’t mention projects where there is no real news for time reasons! cheers Ben A.
  6. Hello all, Just for clarity neither Strathclyde PTE or Silverlink are confirmed but unlike Northern, FCC and plain white they are still in the running. Full explanation on our website, with explanation of how the twin deadlines will work, and we’ll be explaining (and answering questions) in our Facebook Live on Tuesday evening at 1900. cheers Ben A.
  7. Hello all, Just for clarity, the pantograph wells on all the 92s remained in the original blue, even on the reconditioned GBRf and Caledonian Sleeper locomotives. Cheers Ben A.
  8. Hi there, No, otherwise it wouldn’t be a deadline!! Honestly, with so many projects on the go right now, and plenty of other ideas for the next 12 months, this one has to force its way into the programme. Much as we’d love it! I am hoping that the news that it’s returning to mainline use on charter trains - so can, plausibly, end up on any electrified route - will give it a boost. cheers Ben A.
  9. Hello all, We are giving the 89 and Caroline until July 31st to succeed or fail. This gives the project time to be featured in the magazines and the N Gauge Journal, but means we won’t have either project hanging around indefinitely. If you know anyone who might want one please let them know. We aren’t looking for any financial commitment so there is no point in delaying. At the moment neither has reached the minimum threshold, but I think the 89 is closer. However my view is that both of these are *very* marginal models in N, and while I would love us to be able to offer both it is quite possible neither will make the cut. cheers Ben A.
  10. Yes - Leigh Collett is active on Facebook. That seems to be the most effective way of reaching him. cheers Ben A.
  11. Hi Jim, The unnumbered version is just that - fully painted triple grey body with electrification flashes, TOPS panels and small markings but no numbers, BR Arrows, depot plaques or other identifying features. Etched versions of the plaques, arrows and Chunnel rounders are included, but number and name decals will need to be sourced separately. I am not totally sure which retailers are taking stocks of these, and as ever due to cancellations etc we may have a flash sale in a few months of anything left over, as we did with the HOAs and IZAs. cheers Ben A.
  12. Hi Andy, This is looking lovely. Are the retaining walls on the curve where you’ve started with the conductor rail scratchbuilt? Also, Looking at the scale model scenery paving makes me wonder whether, given they are laser cut, it would be possible for a more flexible pack with a standard outer edge and then the inner edge cut to follow the individual slabs. The sheet could then include strips of single slabs cut in a similar way, allowing any width of pavement to be built up. If that makes sense! cheers Ben A.
  13. Hello all, It is unlikely the 92s and IPAs will be shipped together as they are not being produced in the same location, but they may arrive at the same time. Neither has left China yet though. Cheers Ben A.
  14. Hi Simon, There are plenty of places to be! Seriously, the best place to check is our Projects page - that is kept up to date even if we don’t get the chance to update every one of the myriad social media outlets/forums. cheers Ben A.
  15. The model has been designed such that if the Bachmann 90 degree chip is used it won’t be seen in the cab. There may be other similar chips that I am unaware of that are just as good of course. Cheers Ben A.
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