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  1. Hi David, I am not sure what detailing you need. The models will be supplied as shown in the CAD below with a working representation of the BR tightlock coupler, allowing them to be coupled to each other, plus control box details below the bufferbeam. Coupling to anything else will, as in the prototype, require some kind of translator or barrier vehicle. The Class 321s was designed some time ago and its tighlock coupler is cosmetic, however a standard N coupler is also being supplied with the model. cheers Ben A.
  2. Hi Steven, The IWAs you're interested in were built about 3 years before the twins offered by Revolution, and are to an almost identical design. The primary difference is that they are single wagons (my understanding is that the type offered by Revolution was made as a permanent twin by Duewag to take advantage of European grants for 4-axle wagons) and they don't have the characteristic solid underframe with four holes. The end framing and roof looks identical, though the doors have one extra panel each. There was a similar wagon by Minitrix (Hbbllins) released some
  3. If you're interested there is a full rundown of the various Ealnos versions on the Revolution trains news page. There are 100 VTG ones in the newer royal blue colour numbered 81 70 5500 654-753. I understand 30 (81 70 5500 704-733) were delivered with Cappagh brandings, but photographic records suggest the Cappagh branding has been removed on some or all, though I don't have a definitive list. best wishes Ben A.
  4. Hi Steve, When we open the order books we’ll illustrate them with CAD images of each variant, so it’ll be completely clear what you’re ordering. cheers Ben A.
  5. Hello all, Thanks for all the informed and courteous discussion. It’s certainly been useful, and we do understand how passionately we can feel about particular liveries - we feel the same! Also I am grateful to those who have, rightly, pointed out that our initial research was flawed re the end dates for the orange livery. But perhaps now everyone has offered their views and been heard now is the time to draw a line under the discussion. Our focus now is on approving the CAD drawings (and thanks very much for the kind words) and doing our best to generate the
  6. Hi there, Thanks! The Cartics were introduced in 1966. My research so far suggests BR Motorail used theirs until about 1978, after which they had the branding removed and were put into general use. From 1982 Silcock and Collings started applying side screens, then roofs, and MAT started adding mesh sides from 1984. STVA, on acquiring MAT in 1996, launched a refurbishment programme and the STVA branded sets started appearing. So any of the originals, and depending how early you're going, possibly the Silcock and Collings conversions. There are some we are not offerin
  7. Yinories? I'll get me coat. Again. cheers Ben A.
  8. Yes, quite possibly. I was surprised, I admit, but after finding a few like that I just assumed they’d lasted longer than I previously thought. We’re happy to accept that Strathclyde didn’t last beyond 2006. So yes, there is a gap! But the reality is that we know offering too many choices will do more harm than good. Really appreciate your comments, and I do understand your frustration: as you pointed out, my own favourite 321 didn’t make the cut either! cheers Ben A.
  9. Hi Scott, That was my fault. I had a quick look earlier and found some units in orange livery that were dated 2012 and 2013. It is quite possible that the photographer had recorded the date wrong. I won’t link to them all but here is one that claims to have been taken in 2012: More than happy to accept this, and the others, were wrongly captioned. It’s a pity because the Carmine and Cream livery is very nice. cheers Ben A.
  10. Sorry - we've no plans to offer this model in 00. Thanks for the practical information though - very interesting! best wishes Ben
  11. Hi all, Re the 314s: Photographic research suggests the Stathclyde livery lasted until Spring 2013, and the Saltire livery came in 2011. So there is no point at which all 314s were Carmine and Cream. I agree the Carmine and Cream livery is attractive, but the reality is the liveries on offer cover the lifespan of the Class in Scotland from 1983 until withdrawal. As Mike said, our experience is that if you offer too much choice in a niche market such as N EMUs, then it tends to 'split the vote' and nothing reaches MoQ. We'd love to do everything everyone wa
  12. I like the suggestion of naming them after female goddesses. Then we could call them Class ninety-shes... Can you grab my coat too please?? cheers Ben A.
  13. Hi Dave, My understanding is that they will be named after Roman gods, though I don't know if the line-up has been finalised. That isn't to say of course that ROG won't put some extra livery variations into the mix... cheers Ben A.
  14. Hi there, We decided against the cut down versions because just three sets were converted and they are very similar - in appearance, livery and use - to a variant of our existing IPA twin sets. cheers Ben A.
  15. Hi there, The initial order is for 10, with options on an additional 20. Plus the overall traction spec should make the 93 more versatile than an 88. cheers Ben A.
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