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    Railways of East Anglia. Great Eastern Railway Society Journal Editor for 20 years. Currently building a c1955 4mm scale/OO model of part of Colchester approx to scale from BR survey drawings in a 7m x 3m shed. See photos.

    My Colchester layout appeared in Model Rail magazine No 264 Summer 2019

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  1. Colchester c1955 looking towards Ipswich. It's Sunday and engines on shed being prepared for the new week as an engineers train coming off the up main. Clacton bay platform on right.
  2. Completely new model and very good by all accounts. Paul
  3. A bit quieter in 4mm scale on Colchester shed in 1955 than the real world in Norfolk today!
  4. Hi Steve I used HMRS Sheet 15 and accept the 6 is incorrect for the J68 (ie it should by like the B1 photo) but for other locos appears ok, as per photos. I'm sure someone on group will advise on font type. Paul
  5. On my CDC 3D printed J68, for the number plate I used black cartridge paper as the backing and individual HMRS press-fix transfers from their BR sheet, and thin coat of matt varnish. I'm not saying its perfect, but I had everything to hand and in the "good old" model railway fashion, effectively didn't cost anything! Since taking the photo I've glazed the cab and now awaits weathering. Paul
  6. Hi Peter Regarding my comment about the B2 being a COVID-19 mk2 project, the UK Government have announced further restrictions this morning! I haven't looked too closely at the bits in the kit, but have collected a number of photos, Yeadons and other books on the B2 when I do start. The B2 class were concentrated at Colchester for a time and it was a shame both Bachmann and Hornby decided to model a B1 and one of the companies model the B2. York Modelmaking have made for me windows for Colchester Jun signal box (I couldn't find anything of the correc
  7. That's the plan, but I've got a DMR Products kit from Chris at Phoenix. It's possibly COVID-19 mk2 lockdown project! Your loco is a good incentive to start sooner, it looks excellent.
  8. The J68 is nearly finished, just got front number and shed plates to fix, varnish and glazing. Although CBC say the body is ready for lettering I did give it a quick spray of black to cover the print shading you can see in the earlier photos. It has been enjoyable little project and gives me another Colchester based loco. Next project is a Thompson B2 4-6-0, which may take a little longer! Paul
  9. Following on from my notes above, I've now completed the Wills etched chassis, including wheels, coupling rods and motor. Wiring up for another day! I made the chassis as instructions for the motor to drive the rear set of wheels as for the Wills J69. This looked possible for the CBC J68, but ultimately motor wouldn't fit. So I had to cut out and move the centre chassis stretcher, to enabled the motor to run off the centre set of driving wheels. By also carefully reaming out the inside of the boiler/firebox the motor just fits, as seen in photos. Paul
  10. Colchester had an allocation of J68 including 68638 in 1955, one of the passenger loco with condensing pipes which CDC produce. By 1955 most of the class had the condensing pipes removed, LNE standard buffers fitted and bunker plated over all of which I've changed on the model. Other than the above, the photos show the model as received. I've obtained a J69 chassis and 15mm/10 spoke wheels from SE Finecast, excellent service with next day delivery. The chassis does need slight but very easy alterations, to fit the CDC J68 body. The challenge is fitting a m
  11. I'm currently working on the entrance to Colchester loco depot, the building on the right is a stable block built in the 1890s, but by 1955 it had been disused for many years. The building on the left is a water tank which feed the depot and railway laundry.
  12. I've just finished the last of three of David's GER carriage bodies for my Colchester c1955 4mm/OO layout. The loco mess facilities consisted of four carriage bodies, three GER, two four wheelers and the one I've just completed a six wheeler. The fourth carriage body is a Ratio LNWR, which was last used on the M&GN.
  13. My local model shop, Buoys Toys & Models of Cromer Norfolk have released the following statement (no connection with shop other than a satisfied customer) 1 June at 06:36 · As you may be aware we are permitted to reopen from Monday 15th June. For this to happen a number of changes need to be made to the shop to make it safe for everyone. With this in mind we are working towards reopening on Tuesday 16th June. At this stage it's not possible to give a 100% assurance of this reopening date, so please look out for future updates. Obviously it's going to be a slightly di
  14. Living in Sheringham I help on the North Norfolk Railway and have concerns for the future. I hate to appear negative on the subject of reopening preserved lines, but given the current lack of a vacation cannot see how the preserved/tourest railways can reopen. Eurostar and airlines appear to be saying all passengers must wear facemasks, but the WHO have concerns with this policy. Most preserved lines run BR mark 1 stock, therefore how do you achieve 2m safe distance? So on a family day out, do you want to take the risk of a train ride or perhaps take the chi
  15. Speaking to Paul at Model Scenic Supplies this week, he said they were very busy, his main concern was suppliers such as PECO who had shut. Paul
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