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    Railways of East Anglia. Great Eastern Railway Society Journal Editor for 20 years. Currently building a c1955 4mm scale/OO model of part of Colchester approx to scale from BR survey drawings in a 7m x 3m shed. See photos.

    My Colchester layout appeared in Model Rail magazine No 264 Summer 2019

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  1. I've just finished the last of three of David's GER carriage bodies for my Colchester c1955 4mm/OO layout. The loco mess facilities consisted of four carriage bodies, three GER, two four wheelers and the one I've just completed a six wheeler. The fourth carriage body is a Ratio LNWR, which was last used on the M&GN.
  2. My local model shop, Buoys Toys & Models of Cromer Norfolk have released the following statement (no connection with shop other than a satisfied customer) 1 June at 06:36 · As you may be aware we are permitted to reopen from Monday 15th June. For this to happen a number of changes need to be made to the shop to make it safe for everyone. With this in mind we are working towards reopening on Tuesday 16th June. At this stage it's not possible to give a 100% assurance of this reopening date, so please look out for future updates. Obviously it's going to be a slightly different shopping experience, but our aim is to make it as enjoyable as possible. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all and thank you for your continued support.
  3. Living in Sheringham I help on the North Norfolk Railway and have concerns for the future. I hate to appear negative on the subject of reopening preserved lines, but given the current lack of a vacation cannot see how the preserved/tourest railways can reopen. Eurostar and airlines appear to be saying all passengers must wear facemasks, but the WHO have concerns with this policy. Most preserved lines run BR mark 1 stock, therefore how do you achieve 2m safe distance? So on a family day out, do you want to take the risk of a train ride or perhaps take the children to an open space and not the closed confinement of a carriage. Paul
  4. Speaking to Paul at Model Scenic Supplies this week, he said they were very busy, his main concern was suppliers such as PECO who had shut. Paul
  5. The North Norfolk Railway is also appealing for help. The M&GN Society has purchased from the NNR steam loco Ring Haw and the steam crane to provide the Company with funds. In addition to the appeal shares in the NNR are also available.
  6. Have you checked with either Yeadons or RCTS "green" volume? Paul
  7. Les, can you post a photo of the casting? Paul
  8. Thank you to the Editor of BRM for publishing the obituary in the April issue of the magazine. Paul Goldsmith
  9. The Bachmann BR standard 2-6-4T comes with a detailing packet, but no instructions as to what goes where. I've looked on the Bachmann web site, but can't see any information, not that it is the easiest site to search! All but two of the items are obvious as to where they go, but can anyone help as to where the items shown in the photo go, please. I have search through a few photo albums I have and looked at a few photos of preserved members of the class, but still non the wiser! Thank you Paul
  10. It depends on what other van Oxford could be planning?
  11. My farther-in-law Fred Blackman died on 22 January 2020 at a hospice near his home in Norfolk, with his daughters Angela and Judeth by his side. Fred had been involved with the design, development and manufacture of printed circuit boards in the 1950s, working with people who had developed the techniques during the Second World War. When the chemical milling process subsequently became available and the ability to double side etch, this gave Fred, a keen railway modeller, the idea to apply the techniques to model railways. In the late 1960s, Fred came to a weekly South East Essex Railway Society meeting In Leigh-on-Sea with the basic parts for an etched brass 4mm scale LNER Class N7 0-6-2T and some Gresley coach sides, however these ideas did not progress very far, until a move from Essex to Surrey in 1971. Moving to Surrey resulted a meeting with Pendon Museum including Guy Williams, Tony Reynolds and Paul Karau who saw the potential and numerous kits subsequently became available under the Mallard Models brand in both 4mm and 7mm scale, such as SECR birdcage stock, Gresley stock, LMS panelled stock, GWR carriages, Siphon H and Monster. At that time finding accurate historic information to produce accurate drawings was the main problem and the high number of GWR items reflected the involvement of the Pendon Museum. Mallard Models was very much a “cottage” industry. Fred’s youngest daughter’s bedroom doubled up as his design studio with drawing board, the tiny spare room was the packing room, where his late first wife Stella and daughters packed the kits and the loft space was the dark room. Later, he opened a model shop in Camberley where he also moved kit production. After a period in hospital in the 1980s, Fred decided to close the business, which was sold to his friend Dave Smith and the kits subsequently became available under the Blacksmith Models brand (Black(man) Smith!) which, was subsequently sold to Martin & Annette Breakspear, trading as Cooper-Craft and unfortunately the kits apparently are now no longer available. Fred was born in Bow, East London in 1935, but the family soon moved to Romford where he spent many hours at Romford Station. Therefore, he was most proud of his GER/ LNER Class D16/3 4-4-0 model, the very first 4mm scale etched brass locomotive kit, which he produced in the early 1970s. The design included a new concept of a separate chassis to the mainframes which pivots within them, with the aim to keep the driving wheels in constant contact with the track. The funeral service will take place on 24th February 2020.Details of the funeral and subsequent gathering of friends can be found at www.dignityfunerals.co.uk/funeral-notices/22-01-2020-frederick-blackman/ where there is also a link if you wish to make a donation. No flowers please. To help with catering please advise [email protected] if you plan to attend. Paul Goldsmith
  12. ..............it's a shame Hornby are proposing to produce the exact same wagon and with same number! Paul
  13. Very good news about the GER van and the 15t crane; Colchester shed had a Cowans Shelden 15T crane up until the mid-1950s. Colchester bd train c1954.pdf
  14. For someone with c1950s East Anglia interests, let's hope for something-anything to brighten the winter months, following the lack of new items from Hornby 2020! Paul
  15. We had a very enjoyable day at the exhibition on Sunday. Parking easy, at £2 all day very good value and next to the exhibition venue, which is very good, even carpet under foot! The layouts were all of an overall good standard, some excellent and our party managed to find a few things to buy. Lunch was at Wetherspoon's, a very short walk from the venue as catering wasn't as good as at some exhibitions. We'll done for a very good show and hope to attend next year. Paul
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