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    Railways of East Anglia. Great Eastern Railway Society Journal Editor for 20 years. Currently building a c1955 4mm scale/OO model of part of Colchester approx to scale from BR survey drawings in a 7m x 3m shed. See photos.

    My Colchester layout appeared in Model Rail magazine No 264 Summer 2019

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  1. I’ve got as far as I can with the wagon, as you can see in the photo. I’ve run out of GER buffers and asked Dan Pinnock if he has some. I guess the lettering is “GUARD TRUCK” and “BREAKDOWN TRAIN”, but it would be good to have it confirmed. Attached is a photo of the progress to date: D&S kit: ex GER Dia 533 brake3rd 62332 "Mess and Packing Van" Scratch built: ex GER double bolster 961658 "Crane Runner" D&S kit much altered: ex GER cut-down Dia17 high sided wagon as 961657 "Guard Truck” The last two vehicles to build/obtain are ex LD&EC Rly bk3rd 961515 "Tool Van" – Dan Pinnock is help with that. Hopefully an Oxford Rail Sheldon 15ton crane 961604 or if this fails to "arrive", I have a D&S kit in stock!
  2. Its a D&S GER 6-wheel kit. The GER double bolster is scratch built and the Guard Truck a cut-and-shunt, D&S GER 3-plank wagon. Dan Pinnock is also helping with the fourth vehicle, an exLD&ECR 6-wheel carriage.
  3. In July I understood that OR crane CAD was being finalised and they were working on getting the mechanism right as it needed tweaking. I have contact OR via their FB page but no response and interested to learn if anyone had any "news" of the cranes progress. I've nearly completed all the other four vehicles for my Colchester breakdown train!
  4. I'm slowly progressing the Colchester breakdown train and so far completed the D&S GER 6-wheel brake kit as converted to Mess and Packing Van, which appears to be only have been vacuum braked, and scratch built a GER double bolster wagon as converted to the crane runner, which interestingly from photos had both vacuum and Westinghouse pipes. The next wagon to build is the cut down GER Dia 17 open, and I only have two photos of the wagon, but in one photo (see above in first post) I have it clearly is labled: "LOCO E 961657 GUARD...............BREAKDOWN.........." Perhaps GUARD TRUCK and BREAKDOWN TRAIN?? I'm guessing before LOCO would be 10T (??), and can’t see it being rated any higher, and would that also be dual pipped/fitted?
  5. The second of the five vehicles which made up the Colchester c1950s breakdown train is finished, at last (!), a scratch-built GER double bolster converted to the crane match truck, 961658. The first vehicle completed was the GER 6-wheel Mess and Packing van, 961520 (D&S kit) and the next wagon, will be the other crane runner, a cut down GER Dia 17 open, 961657, also from a D&S kit. The final two vehicles are ex LD&ECR 6-wheel brake and a Cowans crane, which hopefully Hornby's takeover of Oxford Rail, won't stop its production (CAD drawings were well advanced in July), albeit no doubt there will be some ramifications! Paul
  6. Stewert, I made the following notes for the East Anglian 4mm Modelling document: "Three of the class were cut down to fit GE loading gauge. Ten of the class in 1951 temp allocated to Southend-Liverpool St workings when turntable OOU: 69835 Ilford 21/4/51. 69835/7/40 at Ipswich 5/1950. 69824/5 to Norwich May/June 1952 and 69829 to Norwich Sept 1955. All three to Lowestoft winter 1955/6 and back to GC Section in March 1957. 69815, 69824, 69826: 69829 at Lowestoft 4/1956; 69826 Reedham Jun c1955 no date; 69815 Whitlingham Jun no date; 69824 Norwich 7/08/1954. 69835 West Runton 21/06/1951. 69839 Stratford 17/04/1951. 69830 on Southend shed." Also attached extract from RCTS "green bible"
  7. The Ipswich Transport Society magazine goes back to the period you are interested in and reported on train movements. The GER Society website has various WTT for sale. John Mann's series of photograph booklets will cover the early part of the period of interest. These often come up for sale on the M&GN Society ebay site. Paul
  8. Very speedy service for some transfers for my breakdown train, ordered on Thurs 8th July, received on Tue 13th July. Paul
  9. Mess and Packing Van completed, just needs "aging "! Work now started on "scratch build " GER double bolster wagon used as the crane runner. I've used C section for the frame, and the floor and sides are copperclad. First wagon I've scratch built! Paul
  10. Bruan Vote for all six I've listed, with comments as requested. Your 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 plus a 13. Paul
  11. Hi Brian Following up from your email today, my vote - for my Colchester layout - would be: 0-6-0T 1 GER J67/J68/J69 albeit there are very strong indications a r-t-r J69 model will be out in the not too distant future; maybe even be two! Also happy with my CDC J68. 0-6-0 2 GER J17 (65500-65589) - the BEC kit is OK given its age, but I'd buy a couple if available r-t-r and probably the best GER 0-6-0 option for the r-t-r manufacturer, albeit with Hornby's J15, not a strong possibility. 3 GER/LNER J19 (64640-64674) Colchester had a number allocated to the shed, and no doubt like others, I have a PDK kit in the drawer to make one of these days. 4 GER/LNER J20 (64675-64699) A nice to have, but with its very long wheelbase, not sure its for the r-t-r market. 5 LNER J39 (64700-64988) Bachmann model is ok, so I'd prefer not to repeat an existing model, albeit that seams to be the way of manufacturers these days! 4-6-0 6 LNER Thompson B2- I can't believe they didn't get to Peterborough. Colchester had an allocation of eight and although I've a DMR kit to build, I'd buy a r-t-r model or two. Just a shame that both Hornby and Bachmann decided to compete with a B1. Paul
  12. Hi Matti The layout appeared in Model Rail magazine Summer issue 2019. I'm hoping to build a quarter of a mile of railway at Colchester Essex c1955 from British Railways topographical survey, produced for the Colchester Station redevelopment. The layout is also included in the Great Eastern Railway Society Model Railway Showcase, under "Layouts" https://www.gersociety.org.uk/index.php/home/modelling/showcase
  13. Glazing done, number done all single pressfix digits (!!), just waiting for "Mess & Tool Van" lettering, then a touch of weathering. Next is a cut down GER Dia 17 5-plank wagon. Just to clarify my note above, there were two bk3rd carriages and two GER wagons, plus crane.
  14. Although I've been unable to locate any good quality clear photographs of the GE 6-wheel bk3rd used in the breakdown train, I've concluded it probably was painted Stratford "brown", and here is progress to date. The roof detail again is unclear, in particular the roof detail over the guards area, but the vehicle appears to have been gas lit and had vacuum brakes only. The roof is not fixed yet , as glazing yet to complete.
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