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  1. Looking forward to this one too, especially since Widness Vine Yard is on the line up. I've been wanting to see this layout for a few years and never got the chance. See you there.
  2. We had this special instruction when I worked at Bridlington where the block section included a through platform. If the up platform was occupied, special bell code was sent before allowing a second train to proceed into the section under the authority of a colour light calling on signal, (main aspect remained Red and the calling on signal showed 2 x diagonal white lights). In another box, we signalled trains into an occupied bay platform using a semaphore calling on arm below the main signal. The calling on arm was about 2/3 the size of the main arm and had a horizontal white stripe on a Red background if that makes sense? I will try and find a picture of the arm concerned to explain it better. In both cases, the occupation of a track circuit prevented the main signal being cleared. Cheers. Sean.
  3. I worked as a signalman for some years during the 90's at Bridlington South and looked out over bridge 17. I can assure you that the view from the box is much better than that from the bridge parapet! If one makes their way round to Station Road, the ascent of the bridge from Bessingby Road affords superb views of what remains of the station throat. Cheers. Sean.
  4. I'm pleased to see the tank seam has gone and the detail under the cab is sorted. The EP pictures look absolutely wonderful and if this is the shape of things to come I'll be looking for an excuse to run a 71! Cheers. Sean.
  5. Excellent! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these and numbering it as one of the Hull based loco's. Cheers. Sean.
  6. A very enjoyable afternoon "playing trains" Mike. Thanks for organising it. Cheers. Sean.
  7. Hi all. Not really model railway related and difficult to pidgeon hole on here, so here's a link to some pictures I took at Barrow Hill over the weekend. Enjoy..... https://thepenguinofdoomsblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/barrow-hill-diesel-gala-18042015/ Cheers. Sean.
  8. Never push a loyal person to a point they no longer care. Author unknown.

    1. trisonic


      Oh, yeah? Who says?

    2. Stevelewis


      Got that written on notive board in our Kitchen,although itens not with the word CARE but 'Give A Damn' I think it was placed there to keep me in my place!!!

    3. Mallard60022


      Sounds like my employment hostory!!

  9. Hi all. Well, I've finally completed the production pair of DMCs and below there should be a picture of them standing in the platforms on our latest club layout and also out in my garden..... And with that, my contractual obligations are complete and it is decision time. After the earlier issues, I agreed to post pictures of the ongoing projects once they were completed. In order to do so, I had to fight to get this thread unlocked but I have yet to convince myself that aside from regular contributers within this thread, my input into the forum is valued by others. With this in mind, I did some Penguin pondering, skimmed some stones over a pond and decided that I will, for the time being, keep updating this thread, but also build up a good stock of pictures and reference material within a new blog. The amount of unused pictures of my work that are left lying on my computer would probably choke up the forum, so it is nice to afford myself the confidence to post pictures etc at will..... So, for the moment, I will update on my projects here but will make many more pictures, thoughts and progress here..... https://thepenguinof....wordpress.com/ Please feel free to pop in for many many more pictures of the Trans - Pennine and other stuff. Cheers. Sean.
  10. Also, where the signals are worked in conjunction with track circuits, the occupation of the track circuit can also determine which arm can or cannot be cleared.
  11. It's a lovely day..... Watch someone go and spoil it!

    1. bgman


      Surely no one in their right mind would do such a thing, after all its Friday the 13th !

  12. It's a shame Dave as I thought we were beginning to get into a good natter about signalling, but I find this comment to be unnecessary especially given that my tutor is not here to defend himself. For the record, due to this extremely professional railwaymans efforts, I, (and many of my fellow students), passed out of block school with distinction which I'm sure you'll be aware is the highest accolade. Drawing a line under it, I feel my achievements speak for themselves but I was aiming to clarify your posts which appear to contradict post 19 so that those with less experience stood at least some chance of understanding what is, admittedly, a potentially confusing subject. Cheers. Sean.
  13. Hmmmn. I had the definition of a block section explained to me at day one of block school, but I take your point, (no pun intended as that would be a turnout). Cheers. Sean.
  14. I just re-read your post again Dave. I'm sure the "First signal of another" you mention would in most cases, if not all, be a distant signal. It is important to remember that the definition of the first signal to which you are referring is usually the "Home" signal, be it outer or inner etc and would usually be the second signal a driver would come across having entered the block section would it not? Cheers. Sean.
  15. Ah yes, I see what you're saying Dave. Without access to any rule books, (I handed mine back when I moved on from the railways - and that was some years ago), I was basing my information on the block sections I had worked over here in Yorkshire, (all worked from the box in rear). All the "section" signals I worked were plated up as "starter". Another example of local trends still extant from times gone by. Cheers. Sean.
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