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  1. I've been keeping an eye out on eBay for a couple of different K's kits.......they are never likely to be mass produced ....... so kits it is. One thing I've noticed over the last few months is the price creeping up....... I wonder if it's because of the cost of rtr keeps going up, or due to the demographics of railway modelling, with people having more time on their hands? Over the last few months I've been building Parkside ( and others) wagon kits again and forgotten how much fun it is........ in some cases less than half the price of their rtr equivalents and the even come with a nice set of transfers now...!
  2. BlackRat

    Roy Jackson

    Very sad news, as is any passing. Always wanted to visit and see the layout having read and seen so much about it. Thoughts to family and friends.
  3. I would imagine the letter of apology is at the instigation of the plod.......part of the restorative justice process which basically means you say sorry and avoid prosecution!
  4. Blimey........I'm in a film on t'internet......... and I've actually got my clothes ON!
  5. Another fantastic day amongst A great bunch of people. Manynthanks to everyone who organised the event, everyone who exhibited and everyone who like me shirt! Next year it is........
  6. I'm going to be later than planned, but should still be there to help setting up etc. Shirt sorted, badge sorted....... See you rascals tomorrow ps Tim....I'll bring the P4 stuff.
  7. So sad to hear this, thoughts with his friends and family.
  8. I've used Ultrascales......but have also turned down Lima. Your wheels look very 'shiny'..which may well affect the pulling power.
  9. I usally take and carry a small backpack, I think it's 15 litres. A fraction of the size of some of the overhanging guts that have barged into me. How do you deal with those please?
  10. Humbrol anthracite ( or it might be charcoal)..... another name for very dark...grey!
  11. Its also quite easy to 'turn' or offset the front wheels, something which again makes the model look more realistic. Some rtr wire axles are fairly heavy duty, overkill really ( a throwback to the toy industry) but these are easily replaced with wire, or even platic rod. Glossy models are easily toned down by spraying with Games Workshop matt seal, but don't forget to maskol any glazing! Again there's a fair bit on Yewtube, including some interesting stuff on restoring vintage Matchbox, Corgis etc and tips like using Johnsons Clear to enhance plastic glazing.
  12. Hattons, Rails etc are shops, they sell the products of manufacturers like Hornby, Bachman etc. They now wish to cross over and manufacture for themselves........it's a dog eat dog world and if they want to take on the big guns........well Hornby have lost £30,000,000 and are still going. Hattons and Rails etc aren't even in the same league, so I'd suggest they have some care when trying to go head to head with a firm as big as Hornby etc.
  13. Spray them black, there's plenty of after market transfers that you can apply for departmental tanks, waste oil, water etc.
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