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  1. I just got the feeling the mag was full of...,,,fillers. Understandable I guess, but 5 uses of wood?
  2. Top five uses for wood......? Hhhmmmmmmmm.
  3. Looking good...... I use a drill bit in a pin chuck to drill out the axle boxes...., usually the biggest that will fit in! Gives a little 'slop' so you can position it and tweak it round a bit so it looks, and sits right. I got the pin chuck thingy from Squires.....they have 4 different sized chucks...... so I bought 4 to save time swapping bits round!
  4. I don't go to my local newsagents to 'browse magazines', I go there to buy them. Thats why they are still a thriving local business.
  5. Great that the shops now open. Steve and Paul have been busy and basically refurbished and reorganised the shop during lockdown. A great range of all sorts and at great prices too. If you've not been then I'd highly recommend it! Great to see you back!
  6. Only just caught this up, very sad news indeed! A real stalwartbof the SWAG show and one of the few to compliment my taste in shirts! Youll be missed mate.
  7. Roof rack and bungees? For the passenger that is...... the extra board going on the front seat ......
  8. I've used a black 'rip stop' type material cut into very thing strips bit like the warehouse door above......like a very floppy tooth comb. The top strip is affixed above the yard entrance/ exit with double sided tape and the material adjusted so it's just BELOW rail height. It works fine in 4mm so I can't see 7 being a problem. Ive addd an extra layer now, and another under the overbridge.
  9. If its anything like Taunton.....there is NO hat Im STILL working out how I ended up with a Railroad Warship
  10. Such a shame we can't all get together this year...... even more so as this years shirt was, shall we say, 'rather special!' As I'm usually fleeced, sorry I mean persuaded to buy tickets, or bid for something I neither want or need in the auction, I'm delighted to be able to support the raffle. Going to miss the usual gang of reprobates and rascals. Stay safe all........ see you in 2021! Nelly.
  11. It's gone ' from strength to strength' due to adults spending rather a lot of money on their hobby. Sometimes serious money, I'm in my local Model Railway shop ( as that's virtually all it sells) a couple of times a week. Couple of hundred visits a year. I could count on one hand how many 'youths' I've seen in there. Even less under 10's.
  12. I've no idea where I'll be able to get a copy......but get one I will. You can sign it at the Cardiff show for me
  13. Gutted. Best social do of the year. Sorry for all concerned.
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