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  1. No one remember the legendary 'Aunties in Allegros' mag then?? I spray name boadrs etc the appropriate colour, then lightly sand them back using 1200/1800 grit till the letters and frame are free of colour.
  2. I can vouch how nice this one looks 'in the flesh' having paid a visit to the local model clubs show yesterday. well done Alex, great work!
  3. There's a nice article on weathering tank wagons in one of the recent MTRJ's by Martin Welch. Very difficult to weather convincingly, especially if any iron work, ladders etc are left on.
  4. The paper looks excellent!
  5. One of my best runners is an old Tri-Ang L1! OK its been tarted up a bit, fitted with Romfords (remember them) and tender pick up to boot, and to bring it into the 23rd century I splashed out on a polymolendenum (or some such rare earth type) magnet on flea bay. For a couple of quid its given the old dog a new lease of life, perhaps I should try one myself.
  6. The piano player on your vids.........
  7. Nice to see the layout back up AND running CK. You got a special flat wagon/weltrol for the grand piano??
  8. Blimey that takes me back......one of my old instructors saying...... You cant but admire the sight of a sniper inching through the long undergrowth.....as long as its not the enemy doing the admiring!
  9. Can't beat an impulsive purchase.......... of which I have many. I'm out if the closet, no shame or guilt, no furtive smuggling of brown paper parcels........ Out, out, OUT I say!!! ( I've just bought a class 33 in green!).
  10. Certainly coming on now. One of the things I liked about the OO layout is how the trackwork seemed to flow around the town, or was it the town flowing around the trackwork?
  11. Great news Al, I loved seeing Paynestown, you really captured the atmosphere.
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