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  1. Reds my favourite flavour! And.....I often used to eat my brekkie in Liskeard box!
  2. Couple of pics of the Modelmates rusting solution.....
  3. Al.......interesting weathering effect there....... Three different techniques used here......... I now use Modelmates rusting solution ( there are other makes but I've not used them) which I now swear by. They give a surface just like what you have been doing but with the advantage that it's water soluble so if you don't like the finish you can start again. Once happy spray over the top with Citadel protective coating.
  4. This week, Oive been mostly making....... Airfix meat vans!
  5. I like the shoe polish idea........ one thing tho....... will any dust or debris stick to it?
  6. The spray, this way, lands mainly on my fingers! I can remember the good old days when Springside used to do shows ( they might still do) and you could buy all sorts of useful whitemetal wheels, tyres, lorry bits, oil drums, barrels etc from 10p a pop!
  7. The There’s a crane and forklift just out of shot. Theres usually a load on it..... you can see from the dust....
  8. Why is it quick jobs always seem to take ages......... Walls fixed down, and started to reblend in the scenery etc. I placed a few cows and the odd figure to try and get a bit more of an idea of where everything is going. Having said that........I might go for sheep looking at NHY's thread!
  9. Cow retrieved........ all's well! In fact it looks far better for having been up there......sort of vacuum weathering. So...........
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