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Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane (mk1 and mk2 Jib) announced!

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By the way, I recently spotted that one of the numberplates from the match wagon for one of the Midland's 1899 batch of cranes is in the collection of the Midland Railway Study Centre, Item No. 27766. Match wagon No. 116953 was attached to the crane successively numbered 31 / 247 / MP38 / RS1025/15 , initially allocated to Bristol but later at Warrington; then at Bletchley in 1942, Edge Hill in 1957, and finally Bletchley in 1961.

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21 hours ago, Andrew Thorpe said:

I'm hoping to get one of these which will get backwarded in time to ROD operations being as they had something very much resembling these. Colourwise im thinking they'd keep them black? Difficult to tell on B&W photos. Then build up a small RCC rake, should look rather different.

You must of read my mind on what I plan to do to mine ;) 

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On their Facebook page, Oxford Rail have updated on a number of their projects including that the "Cowans Sheldon crane is in development with more details to follow". 


I suppose any of us could have written that for them, but never mind!  They haven't forgotten it!  As I've already said ....... I'm just passing this info on as an RMweb member interested in Oxford Rail's products. !!


Thats me over and out now!

John Storey 

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28 minutes ago, stewartingram said:

Any more details for those of us who are non-faces?


No, the text quoted above is the entirety of the paragraph about the crane.

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