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  1. Someone is going to have to go through all the suggestions and siphon out the sensible ones.
  2. If the 59 is not in production already then we are unlikely to see it before June next year. There is production time and transport time and also Chinese New Year to factor in. Unfortunately I do not see this arriving soon.
  3. I am just going to wait to see what it is
  4. There were none for me in the first batch either and I looked at renumbering options. In the end I ordered 37714 from the Heavy Traction Group but I will have to wait longer for that. I am expecting to take a bit hit on the second batch
  5. I sure when Gareth is finished the HST and the class 50, he will move on with the class 31. Although he may squeeze in a P2 for a bit of variety in the meantime.
  6. BR Blue

    New hst

    It is the coaches that let the current model down the most in my opinion. I know they have re-tooled the later versions but there was no mention of new coaches. They were comparing the old CAD of the power car to photographs and pointing out errors in position and size of windows, hinges etc. so it does look like there is going to be a fully retooled power car. It is not just internal changes for speakers and a change to the position of the coupling hook. We will be able to run a newly tooled model with ancient coaches including a mismatched TGS and vent-less buffet car. Hopefully coaches are coming next.
  7. BR Blue

    New hst

    They also featured a restaurant car with the missing roof vents - fast becoming a Hornby signature model. I hope they are re doing the original coaches as well. I suspect we will see a model of the HST prototype from another manufacturer and perhaps that manufacture might decide to do the production versions as well?
  8. There is no need to shout. There is no hidden text so don't bother looking
  9. I hope they are professional spellers too
  10. I think enough time has gone by to make another suggestion. A bit out of left field and I doubt if it has been suggested before, at least not in the last twenty minutes, but what about a HST?
  11. Kernow produced the models in their as preserved state. The roof of both 905 and 906 changed quite a bit over time. I cancelled my order and did my own.
  12. It is probably just a TTS sound fitted version of the existing Hornby ex-Lima 59.
  13. It looks like JHAs or similar bogies hoppers beside it. If Hornby are doing a new 59 we should know in early January. Edited Looking at a better picture further on in the thread, definitely not JHAs or anything similar.
  14. Really looking forward to this. The others in the series have all been excellent.
  15. Making the radiator fans in quite a challenge. You are right that none of the manufacturers make an etch for the 73/9. I have never seen a Shawplan roof fan that looks like this.
  16. I was surprised too. A lot of the 47s seemed to sell out on pre order. I would guess we might get more at the February announcement.
  17. There was a brief couple of seconds of Everard Junction in this weeks episode. Hopefully more in a future episode. It was a view of a Bachmann 37 but it was blink and you will miss it short
  18. Unfortunately I do not think the hoods are correct. There should be 2 ribs down the centre and it looks like there is only one. I hope I am wrong but I do not think there were hoods made in the way they are shown in the Bachmann photos. From another thread
  19. The winter announcements for 2021 are due soon. They were the 3rd November last year.
  20. Very true, especially in responding to the "are we there yet? are we there yet?" type queries
  21. I got an email when my was dispatched. About a week later I got a note from An Post with a reference number so I could pay the VAT. Once I paid that it took another day for it to arrive. So you should get an email from Rails when they send it. I think they are still sending them out.
  22. My sound version arrived today. I have not tested it yet as I am supposed to be working. Some interesting observations here that I will have to look out for.
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