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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.

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  1. There was a brief couple of seconds of Everard Junction in this weeks episode. Hopefully more in a future episode. It was a view of a Bachmann 37 but it was blink and you will miss it short
  2. Unfortunately I do not think the hoods are correct. There should be 2 ribs down the centre and it looks like there is only one. I hope I am wrong but I do not think there were hoods made in the way they are shown in the Bachmann photos. From another thread
  3. The winter announcements for 2021 are due soon. They were the 3rd November last year.
  4. Very true, especially in responding to the "are we there yet? are we there yet?" type queries
  5. I got an email when my was dispatched. About a week later I got a note from An Post with a reference number so I could pay the VAT. Once I paid that it took another day for it to arrive. So you should get an email from Rails when they send it. I think they are still sending them out.
  6. My sound version arrived today. I have not tested it yet as I am supposed to be working. Some interesting observations here that I will have to look out for.
  7. I think that is just one of those urban myths.
  8. You can have all the coaches in a rake at the same DCC address and control them all at the same time.
  9. From my limited research so far, there are quite a few options and routes for the Cartic-4s. From block workings so single sets in Speedlink trains, possibly even with Polybulks. Their length in service also makes them a great choice. I am looking at the mid to late 80s so I will be going for the ones with the protection panels added. Only question now is which ones, how many and what cars to use, They are going to look good behind a 47.
  10. Grrat announcement. on the other hand, Ben and Mike"s scheme to get me to remortgage my house steps up a gear.
  11. Complete longshot, it will never happen
  12. Just a couple of pictures from my delivery this morning
  13. I got a note today to say my order had been shipped. This model was announced earlier this year. Given all thats going on in the world, that is very quick.
  14. Off topic but I would go for 3rd / 4th radius over 2nd / 3rd regardless.
  15. Way too modern for me too but it is a very impressive repaint.
  16. Sets were indeed mixed. Also add blue grey and NSE branded blue grey to the mix. The lighter blue came first so the period you are modelling will also make a difference.
  17. An interesting new marketing approach that I have not seen before. I wish them well with it.
  18. TSO(T)s are Mk2cs. I am very hopeful they will be announced as there already is an NIR 2c in the IRM announced coaches.
  19. Correct. I have given up on Hornby doing a full set of HST MK3s for the 70/80s period to a modern standard and without the mistake of incorrect roof on the buffet, mismatched TGS etc. At least they have retooled the more modern versions but from the artwork for this set, the buffet roof looks to be wrong again. I have not seen the model itself however.
  20. Real coach heights vary slightly too. Wheel wear and reprofiling etc. make a difference. This is a total non-issue.
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