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  1. Digital cameras and artificial light can do weird things to colours, remember the EFE O2 in two tone green ?
  2. You need to read a bit further into the magazine, they are 3D prints to 1:120 scale to illustrate what could be possible.
  3. Lack of rolling stock doesn't stop anyone building a layout. Call it a diorama until the stock arrives.
  4. It's in the news item on page 522 of RM, fourth column : length 135mm , radius 323mm .
  5. Originally posted in the Peco topic , here are mine. N (148) and TT:120 (Corgi) N(148) - TT:120 - TT-3 - OO
  6. Wrong sort of NEM socket, Kadee don't make anything that fits this one, and they'd be too big. As Woodenhead says Dapol N gauge type would suit better.
  7. Evening all. It turns out I already have some TT120 models, static ones made by Corgi. So I've tried some comparative photos. N vs. TT120 As I haven't an A4 in 3 or 4mm some coaches will have to do. N - TT120 - TT3 - OO The established British scales - 2 , 3 & 4 mm
  8. It will be interesting to see the coverage in the next Continental Modeller.
  9. Note that the 2-8-4T minimum radius is 310mm, so will work with the planned Peco small radius (323mm) points, quite a feat. Has anyone noticed that this new stuff will come in cardboard boxes?
  10. It's not appeared on Zinio yet, digital delay?
  11. Could do with a N scale (1:148) model in that photo as well.
  12. From the pictures in the video it looks similar to N code 55 rail, so I expect those joiners will work in the same way.
  13. That makes sense, it would give the track extra strength. Real code 55 track would be quite flimsy. It also allows the joiners to be hidden below the sleeper tops.
  14. That last layout was from the Mid-Essex club, they are planning a show in September.
  15. That was always the case, it used the body from the TOAD E which was too long, hence the stretching.
  16. The change was the motor, I don't know when that happened. The new motor (X8966) can be bought from Lendons and retro-fitted to older models.
  17. They were in stock at Hatton's yesterday, so should be generally available now.
  18. From the first post: Should be ok.
  19. Available to pre-order now.
  20. You should probably remove the fish first before drinking the water.
  21. No need to visit facebook https://railsofsheffield.com/blogs/news/009-scale-4-wheel-ffestiniog-railway-coaches currently in production along with the SDR hoppers https://railsofsheffield.com/blogs/news/peco-wagon-update
  22. These are going to be of limited use unless Hornby sell them separately, any sign of that happening?
  23. Anyone using Bachmann 009 WD stock to model a WW1 supply line will be modelling in 1:76 scale in either France or Belgium.
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