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  1. My first post on this thread. I’ve just finished painting this A4 for Tony. It was originally built to work on the layout ‘Shap’ at the last Warley show hauling a steam excursion on an otherwise diesel railway. I painted it in LNER Blue, with o/h warning signs, as running in 1968, shown here on LB. However, Shap has been backdated so Sir Nigel became redundant, so Tony asked me to repaint it in BR green. I stripped the body paintwork and started again in LB era livery. It has been gently weathered to represent a cleanish ‘cared for’ engine. Hopefully Tony will take a bett
  2. I've not seen those three indicators before - are they for staff using the barrow crossing to indicate the proximity of an approaching train on each the three tracks? It's a lovely image for having someone standing there, so much more than just a picture of a train. Oh and on my way out of the FRM at Ally Pally 3 years ago, I took this shot of "Wood Green" now:
  3. Aw thanks Mikkel! I did think if I glued some kadee magnets to the track it might make a fun puzzle at an exhibition as it could be relaid and reconfigured at will. My friend Rae made the coasters on her laser cutter Thanks Martyn, here's the loco kit: https://www.shapeways.com/product/X2FXYYPYK/reduced-009-kerr-stuart-wren-enclosed-cab-4?optionId=59916658&li=marketplace Chassis here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Super-Mini-Size-Motorized-Chassis-TU-KOPPEL-A-Tsugawa-Yokou-14036-N-scale/363308303793?_trkparms=aid%3D1110010%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.DISCCARDS%2
  4. Wow that last one of the petrol garage would be perfect for LM. Just the sort of thing you would see in the olden days. Somewhere for the Reliant to fill up before it sets off on a delivery run. Squeezed into an awkward site as every where else is taken. Definitely a goer.
  5. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    I'm sure that it could be sorted, but it looks like one of those yappy handbag dogs with bulgy eyes...
  6. My third book in the Pen & Sword ‘Locomotive Portfolios’ series covering the 117 Class 17s is due to be published on 31 March, provided that there are no last minute glitches. This book is a 376-page monster, including 288 photographs, and covers the history of the Class from its ‘Standard’ Type 1 origins right through to condemnation and disposal. The whole subject of the ‘Standard’ Type 1 concept, together with the whole tendering process is discussed in depth using previously unpublished archive material. Problems with the Paxman engines are explored in detail using the minute
  7. So much for the theory - time to start the butchery. First cut with my razor saw went a bit skewiff, somehow I can never cut straight with them despite the stiffening piece along the back. But I had lurking in the tool box a set of etched? lazer cut? micro saw blades to fit a Swann Morton no3 scalpel handle - things I'd come across when AFV modelling but never used. The blade proved to be a bit flexible but I managed straighter cuts and the kerf was not a great as with the razor saw. Past the point of no return, the first body was cut up, and the completing part cut from the second.
  8. Found it! Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway No.6, later Furness Railway No. 102.
  9. Everything has arrived to continue with the Q1 so I slapped a bit of paint on Don't get too used to the grey though, as due to limited finances an SECR birdcage set is out of the question. Instead a light olive green is going on as befits a loco serviced at Ashford, plus coaching stock is far more affordable!
  10. Time flies! I had a jar of Tamiya bronze paint, a sort of metallic brown, which I'd decided to use for the fat pipes. But when the time came I found that it was dried up, so I prevaricated for a bit, then ordered another online. The painting is mostly finished now, although there's still some touching up to be done before I apply the lining transfers. I need to decide whether or not boiler bands are called for. I gave the driver a bowler hat. I'm not best pleased with it, but I think it'll be OK with some paint on.
  11. I take the update as good news, assuming the next paint EP is right.
  12. As there are a few forum members that have an interest in the London Underground, I thought the following might be of interest. Transport for London (TfL) and Siemens Mobility have today unveiled the detailed design of the new generation Tube trains for the Piccadilly line, which will soon be in production to replace the existing 1970s fleet. News article here
  13. I must say I am delighted with these responses, I have found out more in the last 24 hours than I have in the previous four months, fantastic, thank you all once again. I will check that Atlas out keefer, many thanks. Rivercider - Acton Wells Junction, a bit of a legend on Flickr, has also claimed that the sets were maintained at OOC and run out to the various loading points, Brentford, Northolt, etc. Amazing shot of a Class 50 doing that kind of work! The photos of Park Royal are outstanding, this is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for, cheers.
  14. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    Very nice indeed. I will find a Dukedog I can afford at some point! Again, the attention to detail with the track is very noticeable. I collect all sorts of photos of old street scenes as inspiration for the fictitious street scenes in my paintings. I have always been fascinated by forgotten corners of towns and villages. I have a few here which might be of interest?
  15. I've spent the last couple of days reading this thread from start to finish, and must say that I'm hooked. Fantastic work Chris!
  16. More progress has been made and the cab control system for DC operation has been wired and tested. For some reason when it comes to control panels I don't seem to be able to keep things tidy. It's getting messy. In fact once I started adding LEDs to provide for route indication I got frustrated and had to step away from it for a while. I'll figure out what to do with it in a few days but in the meantime I decided to start work on the turntable. Generally the kit seems to be nicely engineered but it's not without its challenges. Some of the bits are a tad
  17. Here's one.. The searchlight head was from Barking. The King's Cross fault team came and borrowed it from my garden where it was working quite happily. It's back in the garden now with a bit more history attached..
  18. 62613 is seen again, having moved down to number 1 bay, and at the head of the 3.22pm to East.
  19. You'd like to think wouldn't you.......Nope this is as delivered by hand courtesy of Royal Mail this very afternoon. I suspect the damage was caused when the body was replaced into the plastic cradle. The ends are designed to abut the cabsheet. However, it won't sit in the same way as when on the chassis. There was no damage to the outer packaging or the box inside so we can draw our own conclusions. The seller has refunded a proportion of the cost so its actually worked out okay. But I was a tad miffed. As for chassis, yes, I had a blue Peckett and fancied a change
  20. Thanks Rob. The aim all along has been to re-create an iconic Ben Ashworth pic. At last I think we at the point of achieving that. Bar the addition of a few details, there's not too much more to do. But it's not easy to get people, and chickens, when there are no shows etc. I've also yet to actually work out how to create the chicken pen. However these are not key to reproducing that shot. Yesterdays photos were some of the best I've managed, but there are detail deficiencies. So I aim to have another go tomorrow.
  21. Very effective Rob, I prefer the green in the lower picture. Regards, Tony.
  22. Good evening John, Though it's true that most of Bytham's Pacifics haul very-long trains, there is the occasional running-in turn. This will be a loco fresh from Donny Plant, often something exotic....................... Like this. Scottish-based TUDOR MINSTREL (DJH/Wright/Rathbone) on a six-coach 'parly'. Regards, Tony.
  23. Hey, that's good. Before the paint it was bits of toy train glued together. Now it's a model locomotive.
  24. John, On some recent models, I've tried oiling the paper barrier, as you describe - I use cigarette paper - but found the oil must have wicked into the joint and I just couldn't get the solder to take. As a result, I've reverted to using the paper dry but with the part not being soldered chemically blackened. So far, so good. Dave.
  25. Many people I know were glued to the 87 event. I subsequently had the opportunity to sail a 12M (in calmer conditions), and they were quite a boat, and one that looked similar to something that you might find in your local marina. I think the Prada/Swiss thing is informed gossip at the moment. Adrian
  26. Thanks for your comments. I've been fitting magnetic couplings - great for coupling, but no automatic decoupling! I've put a decoder into 84, 'Falcon', and she's now on the roster. Another engine from harry Mulholland's Knockmore Junction layout, latterly he had her in a display case in the nursing home. She was originally a clockwork model built by Fred Graham in the 1950's. When Harry got her, Adrian Rowland of North Star Designs rebuilt her and she was professionally painted by Larry Goddard. Way back in 2004! Here a photo from 2010 at Knockmore Jun
  27. Hi There, Those blokes must be contractors foreign to Carlisle for not once have either of them said, "Eh, marra !" Gibbo.
  28. I do exactly what you have suggested. Put the articles that are of interest in a plastic sleeve and bin the rest. Then store them in folders according to subject. Stu
  29. I'm not sure how much influence on that sort of thing Simon has. Once Simon has decided a model is to be produced, it will be up to the design team to draw up the relevant specs, which will no doubt include cost and durability in the criteria for its design. Simon may well advise based on feedback he has received, but I doubt he would in his role be the final arbiter.
  30. Wowwwwwwwww........and what a layout too!! That viaduct..... and the couplers? Final scene with both trains timed to exit from view at the same time is genius!!!!!
  31. John, Yes, standard 4s are ideal for our line. I am keen to promote the idea that we must have 80064 or 75027 ready to run by the time 80151's boiler certificate expires. But variety is the spice of life, so having one of the two U-class (or the Q-class) running is also sensible. Eric, Yes, a shame we couldn't afford the K. But when it was available in 1963 it was really a question of either the E4 or the K, and the E4 was cheaper. The appeal for funds to purchase rolling stock didn't raise enough money to purchase either. It was all down to money.
  32. The irony being that the Ks were withdrawn after the Bluebell was up and running. However, they were judged to be too large for the traffic that was then foreseen and other locos on the scrap line were given higher priority (as was purchase of the trackbed). Best wishes Eric
  33. Next is the 1.52pm KX-Doncaster. Apparently Grand Parade is still not sufficiently run in to be ready to be returned to Haymarket.
  34. What stay alive did you fit? I have a SPP-N PowerPack in mine and that seems to have fixed the running issues. Yes, I know I still need to keep it clean, but I think the PowerPack overcomes a lot of the problems. Roy
  35. O.K. Guys and Gals, I'm afraid due to personal circumstances Seven Mills is up for sale. It has been a hard decision, and one that I've been wrestling with over many weeks. but I'm afraid I had to make a decision and now I have made it. I will not be going into or discussing the reasons on here, but suffice to say it has to be done. I still have many Photos and Video to post on here and so they will be dropping on as normal for now. Thanks for all your support, and continued support until such time as it is sold. Wired for DCC only, Minimum room size 15ft x 7f
  36. Whilst I believe that making sure pickups work (as important as clean track and wheels) before fitting stay alive units, I have two locos in my exhibition roster of 40 locos or so with that particular aid. One is a sound fitted Hornby 08 (not the best pickup arrangement) that is "front and centre" on my layout and needs to perform faultlessly for 8 hours at a time. The other is a Dapol 73..... I could have fitted extra pickups, but I had the chance of fitting a SA unit as an experiment and it transformed the loco from a sow's ear to a silk purse
  37. Well, Thane Of Fife takes shape. I haven’t yet added on the extra parts, but hope to do so tomorrow. So here it is, with the weathering nearly finished - maybe a touch of black onto the driving wheels. But all trace of the horrid green is gone. I have redone, with transfers, the cabside numbers - they seemed just a bit too yellow to my eyes. Plates yet to be fitted, but I wanted to get this photo’ posted to show it in artificial light. I’ll try a photo’ tomorrow in daylight. Best regards, Rob.
  38. That will have been the spares they had a week or two ago won't it? This has a very small amount of paint missing off the bottom edge and so wouldn't be sold as new. It came with some yellow on it and I asked for a replacement, they didn't have any. So I scraped it off myself but ended up taking some of the grey stripe at sill level along with it. They then messaged me to say the spares were in fact available and so I explained what had happened and they still swapped it for me (good on them).
  39. Also, the 442 reusing old motor equipment would have either new wheels (the EMU motor bogie as used under different AC EMUs) with 3` (well, metric equivalent), or the old 3`3". Until the AC drive EMU came, BR standard was 3`3" wheels on a 8`9" motor bogie. The 317 upwards used 3` wheel on a 8`9" motor bogie with smaller wheels used with the unmotored bogies and 8`6" wheel base.
  40. Some got named but still without any yellow as Tulyar is here. Then in 1964 small yellow ends on a Deltic in York, you can see the water cranes still in platforms 14 and 15. Garry
  41. Initially they never had any yellow on the front or names as here on 14th April 1962. Photo: Charlie Verrall. Garry
  42. This is my first post of a short build log for my upcoming Hudswell Clarke kit I'm doing with Railway Mania, I've already shown off the finished model but thought this might help people understand what's needed to build the loco. I've tried to make it as easy as possible. Firstly the chassis, this kit uses the Bachmann class 03 chassis, importantly the newer DCC ready version, the old split chassis ex mainline version will not fit. The Bachmann loco has cab lighting, usefully the terminals for this are on little PCB above the decoder so an LED for CAB lighting or a headlight cab be
  43. If this was a competition that would be the winner right there! That definitely meets the realistic modelling criteria, it could so easily be mistaken for the real thing....it’s unbelievable to think that is an actual layout Well done Sir
  44. Na, Peco templates and wallpaper backing paper. Then plonk some track and locos on it to get the feel before popping down to B&Q and getting the baseboard materials. It did evolve into a working layout. "Another f'ing diesel depot" says the disgruntled punter........ Only 3 scratchbuilt locos on display.
  45. Yep, the old ways are best. The working drawing also uses Blu-Tak and map pins: What's not to like?
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