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  1. This photograph I took of Black Country Blues was inspired by the work of Collin Gifford who captured the dying days of steam in his books ‘Each a Glimpse’ & ‘and gone forever’...
  2. A couple of shots of Diesels in the Duchy by Andy York...
  3. Duvet wrestling day, and Ocado delivery. How shall I cope with the excitement and stress? I will start by posting another shot of Thane of Fife, seen through an archway, and with a storm brewing in the background.
  4. And one of my favourite photos taken by Andy York. The stock from Diesels in the Duchy is seen on Black Country Blues. Heading back from the potteries back down south west to St Blazey and beyond...
  5. The latest SEF A4 is now just about complete and ready for going off to Geoff Haynes for painting. The hardest part of erecting the motion was cleaning up the lost-wax castings for the crossheads/slidebars. In fact, probably 90% of the time spent in putting them together. The lubricator drive was fudged from spare valve gear frets, and is probably over-sized. That said, when weathered it should be better, and it won't fall to bits (unlike some Hornby ones I've seen). It's also just attached to the chassis, not to any part to the body. The dri
  6. The Blyth and Tyne again today bwteen Winning and North Blyth over about 24 years. Winning 56127 coal to Blyth Power station Sept 87 J9298.jpg Winning 56120 up empties 21st August 89 C13717.jpg Winning 37410 down empties with brake van 26th Oct 92 C18079.jpg Blyth West staithes being demolished 4th Sept 95 C20511.jpg They were cut down to a few feet above the level of high tide. Alcan North Blyth 55022 Royal Scots Grey propelling wagons to be loaded 11th Apr 2011.jpg
  7. A selection of photos taken in Northumberland at Buston Barns, south of Alnmouth on the ECML for this afternoon. It's a place I visit quite often (though not this year), not too far from home and like many roads near railways in the county parking is very easy. I've been going there for 40 years, I've never seen another railway photographer there (except Dad if he had come out with me), if I'm there for a couple of hours I might see one or two cars go by. I quite often combine a visit there with a look at the harbour in Amble, or a walk round the castle or along the ri
  8. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Lets have a stern look at Misty? This picture has reminded me I need to get around to weathering those letters - one day.
  9. Here's a step by step ..... Out of the box......... The next step is a light dusting of Humbrol Dark Earth from an aerosol. Next we start with the powders. First up is Dark Earth applied using a fine brush to individual planks making up the floor and sides. Next is Iron Oxide. This is applied using a fine make up brush around each bolt head on the interior. This is also added to a couple of planks for contrast. Also added is white which is used to highlight a few planks. Also added are smoke, more dark
  10. This bright morning, we have a close up of a WD in typical New England condition.
  11. Colchester c1955 looking towards Ipswich. It's Sunday and engines on shed being prepared for the new week as an engineers train coming off the up main. Clacton bay platform on right.
  12. Came home this afternoon after a day out on the hill to find a parcel - something I'd been waiting for four years. Well. Robin has shown you his over on ANTB, so I'll show you mine. Only had time so far to take it up to the loft, extract from packaging, bung on the track and fire up the Prodigy. It looks pretty damned good, though I've had no time to examine the detail, but the immediate revelation was the performance. (I'd ordered the DCC-fitted one - Zimo chip I believe). I've never had such a smooth, responsive and well behaved loco before. It starts at
  13. Chevington and Widdrington North today, once again on the ECML in Northumberland. It used to be the junction for the line to Amble. Widdrington North Class 254 down Aug 80 J7128.jpg Chevington Class 47 up special Aug 85 J8335.jpg Chevington 43059 down Kings X to Aberdeen Feb 87 J8761.jpg Chevington Class 142 Newcastle to Alnmouth 16th June 90 C14552.jpg Chevington Class 91 up test train 1st weekend of electric trains 15th June 91 C15939.jpg
  14. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Its all about angles and my favourite one is low down looking up. Makes the subject not only larger but a more realistic view point. Picture seems to be slightly out of focus on the left side....odd. I also need to make sure it is on the base better!!!
  15. A selection from 11 years at Swayfield for today. Swayfield Class 47 up Jan 72 J2810.jpg Swayfield Class 47 up Dec 74 C1837.jpg Swayfield Class 47 down ex pass 13.00 Kings X to Edinburgh Jan 76 C2583.jpg Swayfield 254006 up May 78 J6131.jpg Swayfield Class 254 down Feb 83 J7820.jpg David
  16. The Bagnall heading past Newton Heath Works with clay for the weathering beds
  17. Evening all. I've had a funny old day.......... Outwool has been a bit delayed with the return of the J70 and as it happens, I didn't get the buildings out. This morning I decided to move on my 14xx and the two Minerva wagons, an open and a Modified Iron Mink. Why? I decided the sale would free up some capital. Space is an issue, with three 4mm Cameo layouts cluttering the place up..... However an exchange with Spams of the parish and a prompt from him, led to me taking the weathering powders to the Minerva open.
  18. Places on the ECML in Northumberland whose names begin with A, B or C this afternoon. They are in order from north to south. Berwick upon Tweed 43157 York to Aberdeen 1st Aug 86 C7777.jpg Christon Bank 43109 and 43050 Edinburgh to Kings X July 90 J10997.jpg The nearest village is Rock but the nearest "railway place" is Christon Bank. Alnmouth 91023 down 26th Nov 94 C19879.jpg Buston Barns 142021 Berwick to Newcastle 16th Feb 91 C15578.jpg Butterwell Junctio
  19. As promised and here we have a few quick shots of my newly unboxed Dapol 43xx mogul. Hopefully I'll get time to do a proper shoot over the weekend. Although the destruction manuals says there's no need to run her in I shall put her on the rolling road first.
  20. Laminate 3 pieces of 5mm foamboard together, the size is arbitrary, whatever number of wheels you want to spray at any one time. Make hacksaw slots at intervals. Clip in wheels to be painted. From your favourite online market place, obtain O rings of the suitable size for the wheels, in this case, 12mm and 14mm, for wagon and coach wheels respectively. Put the O rings on the wheel flange. Spray with your favourite weathering concoction. Allow to dry and remove the O rings, and voila, the flange is clean. Hopefully the pictures are self explanatory.
  21. When I started my ECML layout a few years back I made a decision to use Kirk kits for the Gresley coaches and add some more details and flush glaze them. Other options were Hornby RTR and brass kits. Kirks basically won on price (even just a couple of years back you could get them for around a tenner on ebay - not any more). Also the variety of diagrams available is far more than RTR and the shape, I think, is better than the Hornby ones. To be honest once I have added detailing parts and metal wheels the price difference, even picking up the kit cheap is not that great so looking back I
  22. Time for that strange Grimsby-KX parcels formed of just two BGs. I have no idea what loco was rostered to it, but this evening Immingham is short of engines. This will have no problem with such a light load though. I don't know what the return leg of the diagram might be, but a J11 was quite a powerful beast, so I'm sure it will handle it. We also have another look at the B1, just a lttle further on its way to Grimsby.
  23. ROD class 3005 , another inspired by a Norman Lockett photo from the same book as the Austerity, makes it a Holy Trinity of freight locos for ANTB. This was an unexpected purchase from long time follower @A Murphy back in the spring. Partly due to Covid and plates allegedly getting lost , she's finally ready to join the roster on receiving coal, crew and lamps.
  24. Couple of 0-6-0s - 4F and 2251 Collett Goods sitting in Dewchurch Loco yard.
  25. WD getting closer again. and the shabby Immingham B1 is just beginning the trek back to Grimsby.
  26. After building a second Boxfile over two weekends I thought this photos might qualify for this section. J36 No. 65311 rests under the coal loader on my shed scene.
  27. The Bluebell Railway in the later 1970s for this morning's coffee time photos. Horsted Keynes USA 30064 Oct 76 C3080.jpg Holywell SECR Class C 592 Sheffield Park to Horsted Keynes Dec 75 C2549.jpg Sheffield Park GWR 3217 SECR Class C 592 Dec 75 C2539.jpg Sheffield Park U Class 1618 and Class P 323 Dec 78 J6364.jpg Sheffield Park SECR CLass P 323 Bluebell 26th Dec 78 C4227.jpg Sheffield Park LBSCR A1X 55 Stepney Dec 78 J6370.jpg
  28. OK, before we get too serious, here we have...just a plonk at twilight. Not an area with great architectural merit, but you see the layout warts and all. Sorry about the detritus. I like that word.
  29. No coal or crew as yet , especially noticeable with that Churchward cab but I thought you might like to see some mogul action and here she is on a down stopping train. It really is a photogenic model and I'm very pleased with it. All credit is due to Dapol. More anon.
  30. The K1 got its portrait took. I'd have got a clip round the ear if I'd said that at home when I was a kid. Anyway, it did. Handsome engine, and the GN heritage shines through. And while it rests, one of its ancestors runs through with a Boston to East Class F, minerals marshalled at the front for a change.
  31. Yippee, I've done some modelling and I can contribute to the well deserved BG love in. This one is a dia. 113, probably the most common type of LNER full brake, teak, turnbuckle, Fox bogies. At one time this was a Kirk kit from many centuries ago. It has had multiple bionic rebuilds over the years, until nothing is left of the original but the floor. The latest and final modification is a new brass body, now in rather uninspiring grey undercoat. It has also acquired a new set of buffer beams and new buffers in the extended position. It will be Bristol bound, running on the hoo
  32. Morning all. A work in progress but this is the current state of play with the Minerva open. Not finished but getting there now. Updates to follow. Rob.
  33. In 1958 there was still enough fish traffic for two trains from New Clee to be needed. Here is the second one, with an Immingham B1 this time. Within seven years, all of the fish traffic had been lost. Sunshine forecast tomorrow, so I might get some more photographs taken. I rarely guess correctly as to what will be very popular, which applies to the last image too.
  34. After several instances this week I'm getting more than a bit hacked off with people firing up the keyboard before talking to anyone who can do something about a situation. We are not Trip Advisor!
  35. A few more photos from Pilmoor today, on the ECML north of York. There is one black and white and four in colour, some don't have a train. However, they are all worthy of study, especially the ones showing the overbridge with its mix of brick and concrete. I hope the others will be of interest to those who like infrastructure, as well as those who need detail photos. They are in order from south to north. Pilmoor Class 43 43110 Kings x to Aberdeen Sept 87 J9270.jpg Pilmoor A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley special
  36. Progress on a couple of early Opens. @drduncan's 2-plank body (wagon body, that is!) is now a-rolling and has had some details fitted. The springs look a little too compressed, but I can live with it. I‘m using the Swindon drawing in Atkins et al for reference. I was tempted by @Compound2632's excellent drawing and a photo of a Saltney 2-planker in Tony wood's book, but couldn’t resist those lovely thick brakes in the slightly different Swindon drawing. I drew up the brakes, cut them on the Silhouette and laminated two three layers for thickness.
  37. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Excuse me can I moor here please.... I say, can I moor by the steps? Pardon? Sure but I don't have time for one of your yarns first!!!!! Can I tie up here please? You know what, I give up. Sorry to bother you but I shall try somewhere else.......
  38. I got it all together sooner than expected. It all works, too! Don't park here, if you know what's good for you...
  39. Absolutely delighted with mine which arrived late yesterday. Not really had time to examine it in detail - just unwrapped it and bunged it on the track. Performance is absolutely superb. (Mine's the DCC-fitted version, with Zimo decoder.) Starts at a slow crawl on speed step 1 (of 128) which it will maintain at that speed step, light engine or loaded. Runs through all complex pointwork with nary a click or clatter in either direction. Best performance of any loco I've had so far. Soon, if I can drag myself away from the two Slater's toplights currently on the workb
  40. A bus heads along Station road Dewchurch, viewed from the goods yard.
  41. KNP

    Little Muddle

    I expect every layout has a favourite spot for taking pictures and this is one of mine..
  42. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Back to trains.... Third Coopercraft cattle wagon built and finished. Here is a short cattle train running behind the Collett Goods, why that loco....well it was the only loco on the track at the time as the rest where in the storage box. I think that should suffice for now on the cattle wagon front, perhaps a few more GWR brown wagons, perhaps? LMS one makes a nice addition, a few more out of region ones needed.....another day.
  43. Bodywork all but complete................ Just the motion to make now. Time for a stiff drink!
  44. Back to trains, and another angle on the K2 as it approaches the bridge.
  45. While waiting for my Dapol mogul I've been revisiting my recent E95 brake compo. build. I was a bit dissatisfied with one or two aspects, especially the roof/sides join. I'd tried to disguise this with a false cantrail from microstrip but it came out rather less than straight! I decided it needed something more rigid so ordered some 1mm square brass strip from Eileen's. (Would have used nickel silver but n/s was o/s.) This has done the trick. I also found out that my plastikard representation of the roof board brackets had been fouling the cantrail, so I remove the
  46. I was grabbing images while the light held yesterday, and so didn't take up a lot of time marshalling trains. That meant Hermit got lots of attention. Here are the other two I took.
  47. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Foreign wagons completed. This was the first attempt at the bauxite colour which for simplicity I just used Vallejo Beige Brown. Though OK it was a bit bland to my liking with no planking detail. So we went back to paint shop and using a hint of Vallejo Sky Grey weathered the planks a bit by a mixture of dry brushing and washes. To my eye this gave a bit more relief to the sides As you might recall I ordered the wrong fish van as I brought a 1941 version but thanks to help from Paul (Worsdell for
  48. A well kept Immingham B1 has clattered through to the south, while a rather unkempt one waits to leave for Grimsby at 8.57pm. A passenger going the whole way will get there a few minutes before midnight.
  49. Just one from today, EMG to crewe with the first service to seaforth, had the MD travel with me too
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