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  1. Truth is..I can't remember......but it happened... quite disturbing...
  2. Its worse at a show when they are on the next door layout for 2 days and never give up...just don't ask...
  3. If painted I suggest gloss rather than matt as this is easier to clean etc. I personally use a dark green I had mixed up to match as far as possible the Humbrol Dark green spray. I used 3mm ply which is relatively easy to cut, paint etc. away from the layout. Chris
  4. Just to reassure you - the stack is not fixed yet!
  5. More progress - transfers added and paint work tidied up. Cab just roughly in place. Buffer beams need a slightly more orange red added but nearly there. I've also replaced the "slightly" incorrect stack...I'd been ignoring it until I had a very diplomatic message from one of the regulars! It needed sorting so I'm grateful.... I won't go mad on final assembly until I've got a decoder, speaker etc in place. When everything is completed I'll replace that broken grab knob on the right side front steps. Not much point until its the last job.....it will only get broken again..
  6. A fair point - no evidence of vacuum pipes on 11101 but yes on 11102. I need to dig out my spares box....
  7. I can usually get better results with pressfix than waterslide but that's probably me...I've run out of "1"s now though so I need a new sheet! Loco I used for reference was 11101 but guess what...
  8. Hi Rob - I have a sheet of HMRS pressfix which seems to work well.
  9. I have also been weathering a few items of rolling stock for LDF. Bachmann RTR Dapol/Airfix Parkside
  10. There's more.....first side of numbering etc...I'm not 100% happy with the finish on the buffer beams but they will most probably be quite difficult to see in detail once buffers, couplings and cow catchers are in situ..
  11. Don't worry - I can still spoil them....
  12. The parts have had their black coat.
  13. Funny you should say........
  14. Some progress has been made. Indeed all was ready to prime when the shell decided to dismount from the painting cradle and self destruct on the garage floor....a new body has been purchased and slightly more care taken...fortunately all handrails etc were recovered and re-used...the old body has been used for paint trials! This was a test of a finishing primer over the initial Halfords coat.
  15. Although I build mainly single fiddle yard efforts I have added a second FY to the other end of my current effort for run through traffic such as DMU and will be using one again. I will configure the next layout so the new FY2 for layout 1 can act as FY1 for layout 2......modular mini anyone? It has the additional benefit of allowing a meaningful run round in the design if desired...
  16. For those of us who don't pay attention (sorry) what are the dimensions, criteria etc?
  17. Sorry to hear - from the photos and words I don't think you did anything wrong. I did get mine out and try the wrong cable etc but the handset still worked - unlike yours. Chris
  18. The part in the photo has power input (at top) the UTP does not. RRR is correct. Chris
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