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  1. I'm sure someone of your modelling calibre Gerry will wave a magic wand over it and definitely work wonders on it. I think it's excellent value for money.
  2. Another wagon [Loriot L diagram G13] has been brought to my attention available on the Shapeway's website and has connections with RMweb member @chuffinghell https://www.shapeways.com/product/T53LEUCGS/gwr-loriot-l-machinery-wagon?key=9e1feccec426e3157b588bfde8f0402c
  3. gwrrob


    Is there a link anywhere where I can look at the product used please.
  4. Yes John, they had GWR on the plates and the Modelmaster ones have it etched. Fox and 247 do them but not all the range. They were filthy so you can't tell from photos regarding the white cross. 1930's view of 3008 shewing cabside plate.
  5. Good question John. Have you looked on the Warwickshire Railways site. I found 3012 near Birmingham when allocated to Pontypool Road shed. I'm sure they'll be others, it's an excellent site to browse. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrbg2281a.htm https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrt314.htm
  6. What a beautiful job you’ve done with that model. I’ve just noticed the 3 hole wheels after I fitted the spoked type .
  7. ROD class 3005 , another inspired by a Norman Lockett photo from the same book as the Austerity, makes it a Holy Trinity of freight locos for ANTB. This was an unexpected purchase from long time follower @A Murphy back in the spring. Partly due to Covid and plates allegedly getting lost , she's finally ready to join the roster on receiving coal, crew and lamps.
  8. The mogul will retire to the works whilst a new kid on the blocks enters the fray. I blame @NHY 581 and @BenL myself.
  9. The destructions for this kit suggests these were grey so does this apply to the underframe and w irons too.
  10. My notes have this mogul as Exeter based and seen in the South Hams in BR days. I don't know or can discern the number unfortunately. Lovely all the same, for all kind of reasons.
  11. Nice to see you posting again Phil but we won't mention the Argyle today .
  12. An unidentified 43xx 2-6-0 Mogul heads west on a stopping train.
  13. No coal or crew as yet , especially noticeable with that Churchward cab but I thought you might like to see some mogul action and here she is on a down stopping train. It really is a photogenic model and I'm very pleased with it. All credit is due to Dapol. More anon.
  14. As promised and here we have a few quick shots of my newly unboxed Dapol 43xx mogul. Hopefully I'll get time to do a proper shoot over the weekend. Although the destruction manuals says there's no need to run her in I shall put her on the rolling road first.
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