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  1. Thats an excellent service all round Keith.You might get your new one Tuesday.
  2. Just for comparison purposes heres my renamed Bachmann version.Fox probably do the transfers Mark.
  3. How much do they go for on ebay Mark ? I've only done a rename to 7804 Baydon Manor and coaled the tender on mine .
  4. Yes the wheels are the same 5' 8''.I would also like to see a Bachmann upgrade on whats basically a Mainline model.I'm not sure I would be prepared to sacrifice a Hornby chassis on the Bachmann body though.
  5. The next one I do will be 6813 Eastbury Grange but its well down the list of models I currently want.
  6. John.I'm guessing its a take it or leave it attitude from some retailers and wheres the quality conrol in China ?
  7. Its surely going to be Lode Star.It makes sense.2010 the year of the GWR....
  8. Perhaps just a light dusting.
  9. That front coupling has got to go.
  10. Even though you are a Villa fan........ One renumbered Hornby model of mine and a prototype photo of 6814 taken at Newton Abbot in the late 40s.
  11. Quality costs Larry.How long would it have took for you to paint and line City of Truro in that livery.
  12. That WEP kit of Rays is absolutely gorgeous . :icon_drool: Oh to be able to model O gauge. :icon_sad:
  13. Bernard.I read yoyr post re 64 sold.I wondered whether thats the black and green versions together.My post was asking how many green ones they had at ??59.50 .
  14. Supply and demand I suppose.I see Rails have sold out of theirs at ??59.50 .I wonder how many they had.Do Bachmann prioritize these two sellers in releases or does everyone get a fair crack of the whip.
  15. I really enjoyed the article on building and especially weathering a 1/32 scale coal wagon.I believe the author,Adrian Marks [buckjumper] is a Rmweb member.The weathering on the Manvers Main wagon is first class. :icon_cool: :icon_drool:
  16. Your'e joking.Those new GWR toplights look fantastic........
  17. Heres the lined green version taken from the Hattons site. :icon_drool:
  18. Having said that ,will the new Castle be able to pull a rake of kit built [Comet] coaches ? I certainly agree we need more variety.
  19. I would settle for some of those Larry.I disagree on the B sets and Cententaries being passable.They might have been decent in the late 70s but not now.Just look how many crop up on ebay.
  20. I think so Jim.There was no official announcemment on them doing it.So whats next ? Lode Star
  21. Me I'm a bit stretched for funds, but am debating with myself whether the kids really do need christmas presents this year . Go on then, be a bad Santa Mikkel.
  22. You could always come out of retirement to paint some coaches to pay for it.
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