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  1. It's a few weeks since I've spoken to him but he's OK. He's had quite a lot on his plate and some tech issues. He is down at Gaydon show this weekend with his lovely little 009 layout.
  2. The side elevation shots are taken against a white background and it's far less prominent when on a layout and viewed from normal angles. There is some adjustment, one thing that hinders movement far fmore are the cab doors, if fitted.
  3. I'd installed similar in a kitchen with the same annoying results. I noticed that there was more heat build-up around the connector sockets than you'd expect. This tallies with the observed blackening. When we moved I put LEDs in and none have failed so far in 4 years.
  4. You've been taking a sneaky look at 'my' pole!! How very dare you? A salutary lesson there about posting pictures of your pole on the internet, it may come back to haunt you.
  5. I'd best not post any images of its magnificence and unusual attributes then.
  6. It would still be lost on some! (Fully paid up TPAS member having had 'Pole of the Month' once - pleased me more than a lot of stuff I have in the mags).
  7. All retail models will have disc wheels.
  8. I can wholeheartedly sympathise. The most bizarre incident I had was with an Australian retailer stealing one of my pics of a pre-production livery sample of a product for use for their eBay store to try and take orders before the item was even released. I asked for it to be removed and they complained to Warners saying that they would sue for me trying to damage their business; timewasters as well as being legally very dubious.
  9. Could we settle on cheese scones? I luv'em.
  10. That's irrelevant. Copyright still applies, the problem was a track record of him not respecting anyone's copyright; I chose to stop him doing it here.
  11. Well if you do exactly the same thing why would you think you'd get a different response. As Robert has said there's an existing topic and all you've done is cause unnecessary work to make exactly the same point as has already been done over and over.
  12. Everything past Gordano services is holiday territory.
  13. If someone else is making it I shall not argue.
  14. No, any manufacturers' images used on stockists websites are provided by the manufacturers for that purpose; not to help yourself to. There is no difference, all material has a creator or owner. Offering to remove something does not exonerate you. 'fair use' is a oft-wafted fallacy by those who think they know something whereas it has specific meaning - spend some time looking into it rather than using it incorrectly. Any material, text or images, is automatically the copyright of the creator or owner and it's the same as helping yourself to something that isn't yours. Your call but I don't like martyrs trying to make out they're hard done by when they do something they've already been told not to do.
  15. On the basis that you're not doing it wholly Kernowish it means you're an outcast from Table 1.
  16. We can keep it to two tables Table 1 - Side crimped + Jam first* Table 2 - Rest of the World *I'm with you lot.
  17. AY Mod

    Hornby APT 2020

    He can include some 'Mind your head' and 'Mind the enormous gap as we go round the bends' warning signs.
  18. It honestly didn't look like there was any depth there in the original picture.
  19. I note that images are regularly copied, edited and re-used with a 'will remove if required'. It's not on, it's breach of copyright as I'd bet you never sought consent beforehand. I've used your appropriation of one of my images to do this and ask you never to post the images you have stolen from anyone on RMweb at any time. Do it again with one of mine and you'll be getting an invoice or legal action.
  20. Please do not copy, edit and re-use my copyright images from the magazine. It is a 2-page review too. Not impressed at all with your post on those two counts.
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