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  1. How do you know it was easily accessible to someone else? Would they not have looked there and got their answer if it was? From the comments on this thread it appears some are more interested in nit picking than helping a fellow human enjoy the hobby.
  2. I thought this website was a conduit to inform and exchange views. If somebody asks a question and somebody else knows the answer, why can't they just write a reply?
  3. So, if they make it into a container in Mid September they might arrive late October. Might see them by Christmas!
  4. I think I saw on Facebook somebody asked the same question and the reply was they didn't know. There appears to be a lot of not knowing in the world today. Some admit it, some don't.
  5. I met a lass from Consett and was introduced to her Grandparents. Granddad said something and I didn't have a clue, after the third attempt, the lass translated. "he says that he's heard there are a lot of jobs in London, could I take his wife and get her a job?" They never asked that in The Likely Lads!
  6. I am reminded of Easter's past working at Imrex and selling (or trying to) the products of a well known manufacturer of track. Yes Sir, the 3 way point will be available at Christmas! No sir I didn't state which Christmas! Happy Days!
  7. I believe FK 13476 was issued to the Eastern Region although the image on the website shows it as W13476. Should this not be E13476 and will the actual model be as such? Thanks.
  8. About two weeks ago I received an email from Oxford to say that the J27 in L&NER Livery with DCC & Sound was now in stock. I had placed an order some time ago with a retailer and expected that within two weeks Oxford would have been able to move stock from their warehouse to the major retailers. A quick search on line shows that nobody ( apart from Oxford) has it yet. Has anybody received theirs? Thanks!
  9. Be nice to see an Eastern Region coaches to go behind a Deltic.
  10. It would appear not! Quieter than a quiet thing that is quiet.
  11. Is it just me or has R3956 gone AWOL from the Coming Soon list on Hornby's website?
  12. On holiday! I'd keep that quiet or they will all be wanting one!
  13. So the good news is that they are ready to move on from the virus. Hatton's have been very considerate and the trunk service has been very useful to many people. If they are about to do a stock-take they will want to clear their shelves so there are no mistakes made with sold items being counted as being in stock. Being in the Colonies I have a desire that shipments are as economical as possible, but from time to time I have had to accept that a shipment is made before another item comes in. This is annoying but with today's shipping schedules, is only to be expected.
  14. Thanks! I take it that Geoff meant to say that the /1 were RHD and the /2 were LHD. They also had shorter chimneys to cope with the LNER loading gauge and some other differences. So I am happy to wait to see if a /2 version is produced later.
  15. Thanks Geoff! My Bank Manager sends his regards, as you have saved me some money ( for now!)
  16. I am being idle here, but are any of the current offerings of North East based locomotives? Thanks
  17. Do you expect the model to break down as often as the 1:1 scale version ?
  18. Hope this works, the lighting wasn't that good.
  19. It arrived across the water, weathering by TMC and I think it looks quite good.
  20. New site looks great but I think there are some pre-orders missing. Can't see a tab for completed orders either. Thanks!
  21. I still haven't seen an activate your account email. But I am in the Colonies and we only got electricity last week!
  22. You could say the Cauldron wagon did exactly the same thing. Where the HAA was different was the mechanical loading and unloading of the wagon and being able to get colliery and end user to install equipment to facilitate this.
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